Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2nd Class PAS members

FMT - PAS wing to school DAP, MCA, MIC on Act 355 changes (extracts):

Malaysian Graeae

PETALING JAYA: The PAS Supporters’ Wing (DHPP) is prepared to “school” non-Muslims, including politicians on proposed changes to Act 355.

DHPP Information Chief Balachandran G Krishnan said Act 355 should not have been politicised as the law’s implementation is the Muslims’ right, and that non-Muslims should not oppose such matters.

“We can explain it to (MCA, MIC, DAP and the non-Muslims) and tell them why Act 355 should be respected.

“Why has this issue become a problem?

“The bill to amend Act 355 was tabled personally by the PAS president (Abdul Hadi Awang).

“I think that this matter has been politicised by certain parties,” Balachandran said.

“DHPP has been taught about why the amendment to Act 355 is necessary.

“We want to ensure that non-Muslims understand and respect other religions just as we want others to respect ours,” he told FMT.

I wonder why there are dumbos who like to be 2nd class members of an Islamic Party (or of Pribumi Bersatu). Are they happy being some sort of Graeae?

BTW, the Graeae in Greek Mythology were three very old sisters who shared one eye and one tooth among themselves, wakakaka. I recall their names were Deino, Enyo and Pemphredo.

Anyway, our local Pemphredo of the DHPP (wakakaka) instructed us non-Muslims to understand and respect other religions just as we want others to respect ours.

I have no issue with that. But what PAS wants from us is more than respect for their religion. They want acceptance if not support for more than their religion per se, namely, the passing of a piece of legislation which will destroy the current status quo between the superior civil courts and the subordinate syariah courts.

As an example of the difference between the Malaysian civil and syariah courts, the civil courts can deal with many aspects of law (civil, criminal, constitutional, commercial, etc), pass the death sentence (which I hope will be abolished one day) and award a guilty person the full quantum of punishment such as life imprisonment, and with its legal jurisdiction all over the nation of Malaysia.

OTOH, a syariah court is limited in its power to deal with exclusively Islamic laws, having jurisdiction upon only Muslims in each separate state in Malaysia because Islamic and Islamic laws are exclusively states' rights.

Furthermore, the syariah courts have jurisdiction only over Muslim in the matters of family law and religious observances, and not, for example, in criminal laws.

The syariah courts are further restricted to only pass sentences of not more than three years imprisonment, a fine of up to RM5,000, and/or up to six strokes of the cane.

Above paragraph has been the clearest legal indication of the superiority of the civil courts over the subordinate syariah courts.

Another indication of its narrow judicial scope is that no non Muslim may practise as a lawyer in a syariah court unlike a civil court. In March 2016 (this year) the MM Online reported:

PUTRAJAYA, March 24 — An Islamic council’s rule that discriminates against non-Muslims by barring them from practising Shariah law in the Federal Territories is constitutional, the Federal Court ruled today.

The apex court’s judges said this discrimination is allowed, as it will enable the Shariah courts to effectively act against lawyers who have breached Islamic laws and rules.

The Federal Court highlighted that the Shariah courts only has jurisdiction over Muslims, and pointed out that Victoria Jayaseele Martin who had sought to be a Shariah lawyer is a non-Muslim.

Though the syariah courts' practice is religiously discriminating, it is still constitutional, further testifying to its its narrow and limited judicial scope. But it is gratifying that the Apex Court has ruled once again that syariah courts have jurisdiction ONLY over Muslims.

Notwithstanding the reality that the syariah courts have transgressed many of its limitations, like passing judgement on matters involving and affecting non-Muslims such as body-snatching, naughty non-Muslim parents becoming Muslims overnight to misuse and exploit Islamic laws regarding parental control over children or regarding inheritance of property (when the correct solution should have been passed forward to civil courts), the current judicial status quo is important because it tells us, and any Doubting Thomas'es or Ta'perchaya Taufik's, that Malaysia with its superior civil courts is undeniably, irrefutably and convincingly a secular nation, no matter what unilateral bullshit then-PM Mahathir might have said in 2001 and 2002 about Malaysia being a fundamentalist Islamic nation.

And the fact that Pak Haji Hadi Awang's Bill to amend Act 355 was tabled personally by him is also undeniably a political motion, as all Bills would be, and that's within Pak Haji's prerogative as a politician, and did not involved god.

So our local Pemphredo must have missed his turn at the 2nd class members' rotational enjoyment of the 'one-eye-one-tooth' facilities when he said the issue surrounding Pak Haji's Bill has been politicized by certain parties. He was blindly and toothlessly talking cock, perhaps forgetting Pak Haji himself is a politician.


  1. A question wrt Act 355.

    What happens to the constitutional right accorded to the various sultans as the head of the state's Islamic judiciary?

    Ain't these sultans have absolute authority over the Islamic affairs of the states under their administration?

    What r the decree of the council of the rulers over Act 355?

    R they abjuring their rights over this issue by remaining silence?

  2. 'pak haji himself is a politician'.. correct, so let the politicians say yay or nay la to pak haji's private member's bill. it is pak haji's parliamentary and constitutional rights, eh meh?

    and whatsoever you may say about toothless talking cock... perhaps you are forgetting you yourself ah.. is one damn good tokkok too lah! ha ha..

    1. my objection or if you wish to call it takkok wakakaka is the nerve of DHPP to tell us that since the Bill to amend Act 355 was tabled personally by the Pak Haji Hadi Awang, other parties should not politicize it and let it pass. What utter nonsense. Pak Haji is a PAS politician attempting to pass a Bill, and it's entirely up to MPs of either persuasion to either support or object to it. Why should we automatically allow it to pass? wakakakaka

  3. Dewan Perhimpunan PAS have their own views, which I do not agree with, but its childish to go around calling them names like dumbos, or sneering at them as 2nd Class members.

    It is as objectionable as UMNO Red Shirts who jeer at Malay DAP supporters as 3rd Class DAP members (the DAP Indians they consider 2nd Class DAP members)

    Its better to engage DHPP to point out how they are wrong. For example, PAS and other Islamists have a proven history of extending Islamic restrictions and punitive actions against Non-Muslims using Local Government and other civil regulations or government decrees.

    Restrictions and punishments to Everything from
    *the right to earn a living (no unisex barbers and hairdressers; severe restrictions on running any type of business considered "entertainment")
    *the right to dietary preferences (its getting very difficult to buy Pork and other non-Halal meat in Kelantan)
    *the right to legal entertainment and relaxation (you can't watch a movie in a cinema under Kelantan PAS; no outlets for 4-digit or other games of chance allowed; getting very difficult to buy alcohol or consume alcohol in a public place in Kelantan)

    1. in DAP every race can be a member, and indeed the party has shown that in spades, whether a person is a Malay, Indian, Chinese, Eurasian or East Malaysian (Iban, Murut, Kadazan, etc) he or she can apply to be a member, a full member, and not a bullshit support group member as in PAS or Pribumi, and which has been why I deem those silly fellows as 2nd Class members, which in truth they are