Monday, October 10, 2016

PAS' desperate appeal

FMT - PAS: Straight contests if Amanah doesn't fight us

PETALING JAYA: Straight fights with the Barisan Nasional is a sure thing if Amanah does not contest in seats PAS is gunning for, Takiyuddin Hassan said.

The Islamist party’s secretary-general, however, said the problem is the fact that the PAS-splinter party is insisting on contesting in the general election.

“You can’t expect PAS to give up the seats that are traditionally ours.

“We will not contest in seats that traditionally belong to PKR or DAP, just like in Teluk Intan during the by-election.”

In the 2014 polls, DAP named Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud as its candidate.

Takiyuddin was commenting on Amanah Communications Director Khalid Samad’s statement that straight fights in the impending GE cannot be realised as long as PAS does not perceive the ruling coalition as its enemy.

Khalid also claimed that PAS would have no problems if the BN retained Putrajaya.

Nice try, to blackmail Pakatan Harapan and Pribumi Bersatu into keeping Amanah out for PAS' cooperation in straight fight in the next general elections. But the real point is PAS is shit scared of Amanah as the latter is far more intellectual intelligent interesting party for Malays, with the exception of the elderly in the Heartland.

But Khalid Samad has been correct, that PAS is already stuffed with dedak from UMNO. If Takiyuddin is still mimpi, he should check with Pak Haji Hadi.

PAS also knows it'll be punished kau kau in GE-14. It will be sent back to Kelantan, no more a federal force, wakakaka. At most it will play a spoiler role for BN in 3-corner fights.

In bullshitting about not contesting in seats that traditionally belong to PKR or DAP, considering PAS has already avowed to fight DAP to the last and its MP for Temerloh (last win for him there), Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan has threatened other parties not to ally themselves with DAP, Takiyuddin was actually making a last desperate appeal for PAS' own survival.

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  1. ha ha... bila muflis idea untuk rebuttal.. yang paling mudah ialah gunakan klausa serkap jarang "stuffed with dedak". oh orang intelek konon.. pi lah!

    as RPK puts it "Santa Cause is not coming to town in the next general election. If PPBM wants any seats it will have to fight tooth and nail for them. So be ready to get massacred! The next general election is going to be the bloodiest in Malaysian history with no prisoners taken".

    and who is shit scared of Amanah? ha ha.. shouldn't it be who is shit scared of losing the election? ha ha..sekali lagi!

    btw you are right khalid samad.. for pas members, winning election is not the top agenda but winning and retaining Allah's grace is.