Thursday, October 13, 2016

PAS supported an unworthy priest

From FMT:

PETALING JAYA: Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria wants changes to the law proposed in PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang’s Private Member’s Bill to cover the whole of Malaysia.

Speaking to FMT, he added Thursday, that he was not rooting for the Bill to be passed only in Kelantan, but for the whole of Malaysia.

“I am not a politician. It is not that I am a supporter of PAS or anything like that. Hadi put up the motion, I support it,” Harussani said when asked why he had not spoken on the matter before.

The Penang Mufti said otherwise, that Pak Haji Hadi's Bill is NOT God's law. Muslims only need obey God's laws and thus are NOT required to support the Bill automatically. They can if they want to, but if they do not, it's not a sin.

no lie or fabrication in the eyes of Allah swt 

But this time the Perakian priest is sure far more ambitious than just bonking on the back of a camel in the way of his Arabs, which is why we must NOT support Pak Haji Hadi Awang's Bill to amend Act 355.

If the Bill is allowed by Parliament, and the syariah courts are allowed a revised penal code of increased punishments to flog wrong doers kau kau, it puts into question the secularity of our nation's law and social order, and the superiority of the civil courts, though in some cases, the civil courts have already surrendered kau kau on issues bordering on both secular and Islamic areas, an ambiguous constitutional demarcation which is precisely when those civil court judges are most needed, and which their act of unconditional surrender is termed 'unconditional capitulation'.

Some civil court judges, retired or otherwise, would be more suited to be syariah court than civil courts).

In 2006 in Perak that mufti told a blatant, nay not just blatant, but a SEDITIOUS lie (by SMS) which nearly caused a civil riot between outraged Muslims and innocent clueless Christians, on a fabrication that a church was conducting mass conversion of Muslims.

We heard the late Sultan of Perak (who was then reigning) was so angry that HRH snubbed the lying mufti. He was persona non grata for the SMS lying scandal which duped angry Muslims into a near RIOT. That was why HRH was right royally pissed off.

Shortly after that SMS wildfire fabrication, SIS programme manager Norhayati Kaprawi said:This is not the first time the mufti has made careless statements and allegations.”

She cited a number of previous statements made by the mufti, including in February [2006?] where he claimed that between 100,000 and 250,000 Muslims had renounced Islam.

She added: “To date, he has not been able to substantiate these claims, except to merely state that these were obtained from ‘reliable sources’.”

The so-called chief priest couldn't substantiate his wild reckless claims because he was probably talking cock in the first place, to invoke fear and hatred. Once he visited Australia where he told Malay-Muslim students there he hated the Chinese - the story was relayed back home by a few of those Maya student who were disgusted by his venom, so poisonous for a so-called holy man, so unlike the late Pak Haji Nik Aziz.

I once wrote of him: Incidentally, HTF did he became a Tan Sri when he was the man responsible for nearly causing religious-racial violence through a seditious SMS in 2006 ...

Worse, when the sh*t hit the fan he blamed the whole seditious crime on a woman. F* pathetic coward!

blaming a woman is a religious tradition of old misogynistic priest

Sherina, it's for Islam that you take the fall for me

Anyway, in that irresponsible seditious scandal of the wildfire SMS, FT Gerakan asked for the priest's sacking.

Guess who came to his rescue? UMNO?

No, it was PAS.

As I posted in BolehTalk's PAS not seeing woods for the trees? in April 2007:

In PAS: Gerakan biadap I discussed PAS’ anger at the FT Gerakan’s resolution calling for HRH (the late) Sultan of Perak to sack Harussani Zakaria as the State Mufti for inciting religious agitation and hatred, with potential dire consequences.

PAS told Gerakan to stay clear of Islamic areas, the sole prerogative of Muslims.

I raised the query as to the total absence of any move by Muslim political groups (with the brave exception of NGO Sisters in Islam), both in government or PAS, to call the seditious Mufti to account.

The Mufti has been notorious for his extreme right wing views but his folly in 2006 was very dangerous to public security. He was then a threat to society with his recklessness and irresponsibility.

And disgustingly, he didn't even have the backbone of his religious conviction because when it was a case of accountability's push becoming a shove, he blamed a woman to avoid answering for his own responsibility for the lie.

Now, what followed was the funny part.

FT Gerakan panicked and back off from the resolution, claiming it was only a personal proposal of Gerakan FT chairperson Dr Tan Kee Kwong (son of the redoubtable late Dr Tan Chee Khoon, a founding member of the original 1969 Gerakan Party and a fearless but courteous and charming politician, respected even by UMNO).

Wasn't FT Gerakan just like that mufti, blaming someone? Wakakaka.

At that time the Star Online also clarified that it carried an erroneous report. Wakakaka again.

Obviously the Barisan Nasional kicked into play 'Ops Retreat' as Islamic issues could well be damaging to UMNO’s battle for the Malay heartland in the coming general election.

Dr Tan in defiance of Gerakan demanding his resignation for accepting a job in 2008 with the Selangor government to head a task force on land issues.

Tan sneered “If they sack me, the public is not going to like it. But if they don’t, Umno is going to be very upset with them.”

Of course at that time, with BN in 'Ops Retreat' on the resolution to HRH of Perak to sack the seditious lying mufti, and blaming it as a personal resolution of Dr Tan, PAS sensed it had a political winner, and thus began to labour on the issue for as long as possible and for every sweet drop of political propaganda, calling for the FT Gerakan and Dr Tan to retract the resolution and issue an open apology.

PAS FT acting youth chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad said the party would still press for Tan to retract his remark despite the clarification by the Star (that it reported erroneously).

Kamaruzaman stated: “Whether or not the call came from a resolution or Tan is now irrelevant. The remark should not have been made. He has no entitlement to that remark.”

He then made a police report.

Now, the part where PAS showed its double standard, was when Kamaruzaman, with great irony that he obviously didn’t realize, remarked:

“This is a sensitive issue among Muslims that can stir discord among various groups.

... stir discord among various groups ...?

But what about that Mufti who nearly caused a racial riot with his irresponsible wildfire SMS lie?

Why shouldn't that mufti be sacked for seditious agitation? And why didn't PAS initiate the demand for that in the first place, which would have preempted non Muslims from calling for his sacking?

Shouldn't a trouble-making seditious mufti be sacked?

In the end, PAS was no better than UMNO, exploiting religion for its own grubby political benefit instead of seeing to the justice and integrity that Allah (swt) intends for the Muslims to practice.

If I had been kind, I would just say that PAS’ stand was a case of not seeing the wood for the trees. But if I wanted to be nasty, I would declare it as not unlike the moral in my poem Magic of the 100th name of God, where God was incidental, but Man’s interest at that time reigned supreme.

At that time, PAS was undeniably opportunistic instead of being truthful to the teachings of Allah swt, where truth and integrity should have been upheld while an unworthy priest ought to be removed by royal sacking.

That's the shameful credentials of PAS when it blindly supported a man just because he's a Muslim but who had been a seditious trouble maker and who was a coward as well for shifting blame on to a woman, as Adam blamed Eve for eating the forbidden fruit, and Jacob alluded the conspiracy to deceive a blind Isaac to his mum Rebekah.

blind support - wakakaka

Such blind support for an unworthy so-called ulama could only spell trouble for a Malaysia and indeed for the glory of Islam in Malaysia. Ironically, it's not unlike the blind support of Zionists and the Christian Right for an oppressive neo-Nazi Israeli government.

And that's the so-called type of mentality and policies we'd get from a PAS-led government, without even taking its hudud legal system into consideration yet.

Wasn't it also Divine-decreed padan muka for PAS when in mid November 2012 the SMS Priest had the thick hide to pontificate about the what should be done or not done by Muslims (did he exempt himself for sheer fabrications?) and then, wakakaka, accused the late Pak Haji Nik Aziz of being slanderous for branding UMNO as apostate?

No no, stay out of Muslim affairs, I don't care if he has been seditiously lying or has blamed a woman for his irresponsible reckless remarks


  1. a rabid article by kt, an athiest who thinks that hudud is a prelude to an Islamic state. kt believes that secularisation and deculturation is the only option for the malays/muslims, especially for pas and the heartlanders. nevertheless, i would disagree with the Perak Mufti that the hudud bill should be implemented for the whole country, simply because pak haji hadi is only answerable to pas and the constituents whose interests pas represents in parliament and the whole country.

    1. I didn't say Malays should be secular or deculturized.

      All I said was (a) do not support Pak Haji's Bill unless you want to - there is No such mandatory requirement, and (b) the perak mufti should have been kicked out but PAS for all its claimed Islamic values failed to see his unworthiness

  2. seragamkan undeng2 keluarga islam dulu & diikuti dgn mempertingkatkan ekonomi orang2 islam.

    1. aisehman, kenapa orang Muslim terutama ahli2 PAS mengelakkan hal post ini, yaitu mufti perak berbohong dan menuduh perempuan untuk menyelamatkan diri sendiri

    2. I think it is a fair comment. We should focus on the murtad issue and NOT the source of the sms. How many yang sudah murtad in this country?

      "Mufti Perak, di Berita Harian 25/11/2006:

      GEORGETOWN: Kerajaan perlu menyiasat dakwaan ramai orang Melayu di negara ini murtad seperti didakwa wanita dikenali sebagai 'Raja Sherina' dan bukan menumpu kepada siapa yang menghantar khidmat pesanan ringkas (SMS) mengenainya. Mufti Perak, Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria, berkata siasatan lengkap termasuk mengenai berapa ramai umat Islam yang dibaptiskan perlu dilakukan segera bagi mengelak kebimbangan umat Islam.

      Katanya, pada masa ini siasatan lebih tertumpu kepada siapa yang menghantar SMS mengenai dakwaan itu berbanding isu asalnya iaitu murtad yang membimbangkan ramai umat Islam di negara ini.

      Apa yang patut kita lakukan bila dengar khabar angin itu, kita siasat lah. Kita kaji betul ke tidak (dakwaan) murtad kerana ini bukan benda kecil, sebaliknya boleh menimbulkan kekacauan.

      Bila kita (umat Islam) terasa terancam, mereka bertindak," katanya pada sidang media selepas menyampaikan ceramah bertajuk 'Islam dan Cabaran Semasa' anjuran Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) di sini, semalam.

      Harussani yang enggan mengulas lanjut, menyerahkan perkara itu kepada pihak berkuasa dan menasihatkan orang ramai supaya jangan bertindak sesuka hati dalam menangani isu berkenaan."

    3. I think Unknown had hit the nail on the head when he said 'a rabid article'.

    4. it's expected of die-hard PAS supporters to ignore the iniquities of the mufti because of the silly belief that all muslims must unite, regardless. but many muslims like SIS had criticized him for being a dangerous batu api, one without facts nor correct info

    5. SIS? Likewise, are you not 'shifting blame on to a woman, as Adam blamed Eve for eating the forbidden fruit,' too?

    6. how did I blame SIS wehn I wrote above:

      I raised the query as to the total absence of any move by Muslim political groups (with the brave exception of NGO Sisters in Islam), both in government or PAS, to call the seditious Mufti to account.

      I described SIS as brave

    7. Why r u insisting of clarifying yr takes with religious zombies?

      Better spend yr time with the liberals. The end result will be better.

      These zombies r behaving exactly like Art & SakmongkolAK47's ummat zombie description.

      Biarkan lah perkara tu. Bail ke, zalim ke, semua OK. Semua adalah di buat atas concept satu ummat, satu bangsa Melayu zombie!

  3. One should not paint a misleading picture purely blaming Hadi and PAS. It takes 2 to Tango.

    Naachi and UMNO are just as culpable.
    The Hudud Act 355 getting 4th place in the Parliament Legislative Agenda this session is no accident. It would have required the connivance and approval of Naachi.