Friday, May 03, 2013

Who I will vote for in GE-13?

On 05 May 2013, just two days away, we will be voting for our preferred political party or coalition to govern our country for another parliamentary period.

In the usual Malaysian style of political campaigning, there have been and will be, until the very last permissible second of the campaign period, obscene quantum of pork barrelling by politicians on both sides of the political fence. Most of the campaign promises and pledges will likely not see the light of day in their supposed implementation.

‘Pork barrelling  is a marvellous English term simply for its connotation of non-kosher stuff because that is exactly what the political campaign pork barrelling actually is, chiefly non-kosher (haram), where public money is recklessly gifted back to the tax payer but with the pretence (or expected impression) that it has been a gift from the political party (or coalition) and with the expectation that due gratitude from the rakyat in the form of their votes should be forthcoming.

Some aspects of pork barrelling have been outrageously mindless and if implemented, are likely to lead to national bankruptcy, thus we may expect these to be not fulfilled.

But I dare venture that most Malaysians TRULY want only one assured avowal from the politicians, that of public security and safety.

We Malaysians want to be safe and secure from threats to our lives and property and we request for this requirement, nay, even appeal for it, because not one of us currently feel safe and secure as we go about our daily lives. We are not even referring to the intrusion by Filipino terrorists into Malaysia.

We have seen a mother, Irene Ong, slain before her daughter’s eyes during a jogging run. We have read of a number of public members being shot at, with a recent fatality in the person of Shaharuddin Ibrahim, the Royal Malaysian Customs Deputy Director-General, while he was being driven to his office.

Nurin Jazlin Jazimin
Who killed her?

Young girls like Nurin Jazlin Jazimin and Preeshena Varshiny were evilly murdered, and a young woman in a northern state (Kedah?) disappeared while jogging and is yet to be found. We may presume she has fatally fallen prey to wicked person or persons.

Preeshena Varshiny
Who killed her?

Women were killed through violent falls caused by ferocious bag snatchers. Robbers, burglars, murderers, assassins, gangsters, thugs, rapists and molesters plagued our daily lives.

Just a few nights ago, two young students attending to the visit of Prime Minister (PM) Najib Razak at Southern College were molested allegedly by Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters, right in the presence of the PM and the security personnel, namely the police. Obviously those alleged molesters did not fear the law. For more, read Malaysiakini's BN supporters molested us at Najib event, claim students

What happened to our once safe Malaya-Malaysia?

allegedly BN Mat Rempits molested 2 Southern College students
who were in attendance to  PM Najib

Who were those molesters?

Has the Malaysia Boleh spirit even imbued and motivated those nefarious villains as well?

More importantly, the Malaysian Police has failed the public miserably. Its claim of decreasing crime rates has obviously been a lie.

And we have Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein brazenly informing us that violent incidents would worsen during the campaign period due to police shortage.

His predictions have certainly come true but his casual abdication of responsibility or non proactive strategy to address his forecast violence is lamentably disgraceful. If he has any self respect or filial regard for the names of his illustrious father and grandfather, he should have resigned then.

There will be violence leading up to the elections
but I'm not worried as I have my Panca Warisan and
the entire Police Force to look after me

When the domestic security of Malaysia has become so scary to the public, it becomes obvious the ruling party for the last twenty five years, BN, is unlikely to fulfil our most urgent expectation of a ruling government, that of a secure and safe Malaysia. Those BN politicians and their families and friends can live safely under escort and bodyguards and in gated communities, but what about us ordinary rakyat?

It also concerns me greatly when Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) took on board a former Inspector General of Police (IGP) on its so-called security advisory panel when it is well known that the crime rates during the tenure of this former IGP were shocking. PKR’s lack of judgment in allowing the former IGP to join its security advisory panel is equally shocking.

Musa Hassan & Md Hashim Hussein

Dei Waythamoorthy, it's okay to criticize Musa as he is with PKR 

Forget about the obscene and nonsensical pork barrelling of free this and free that. I will give my vote to the party which can convince me it is likely to ensure a rejuvenated police force to ensure the security and safety of the Malaysian public, and a police force which will not be a ‘pagar makan padi’, one which neither extorts from nor oppresses members of the public.


This post has also been published in Malaysiakini as a KTemoc letter titled Forget pork-barreling, vote for public security


  1. Quote: "I will give my vote to the party which can convince me it is likely to ensure a rejuvenated police force to ensure the security and safety of the Malaysian public, and a police force which will not be a ‘pagar makan padi’, one which neither extorts from nor oppresses members of the public."

    I have mentioned before in your blog both BN and PR can implement it, it is within their means to do it. As for now, BN had the power to do it, but no will to do it. PR will perhaps try to do it, if they are in power on 6th May. This is yet to be seen and there is hope in the horizon. BN is unwilling and PR can promise.

    I have said that BN will never be able to do in a million years that is to eradicate corruption, eradicate nepotism and cronyism that will never happen in BN rule.

  2. I doubt BN has the will to do it. The last time it tried, or specifically Abdullah Badawi tried, they ousted him. Mahathir and his ilk will ensure no such reforms take place. Najib is giving the excuse he needs your mandate to carry out reforms.

    PR, specifically PKR may not have the will also if UMNO remnants within it have their way.

  3. After 5th May, i see more gated and guarded housing estates coming up for those who could afford these relatively safer havens. For the rest......they just have to take their chances as they go about their daily activities. Just because the MSM no longer report these crime happenings does not mean the crime rate are decreasing. We are on our own now......not much point asking for help from the authorities. To survive, we have to teach our young ones to be more alert and savvy at all times.

  4. In 2008, when the then Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim was talking about government’s effort to introduce judicial reform, his fellow UMNO MP Mukhriz (son of DrM) chided him, according to the Hansard of 22/5/2008 : "... Saya ucapkan tahniah kepada Yang Berhormat Menteri. Setelah dilantik menjadi menteri terus bergerak untuk merealisasikan manifesto pembangkang dan bukan manifesto Barisan Nasional. [Tepuk] [Dewan riuh] ".

    So if BN is still in power, the likes of Mukhriz (probably acting on behalf of DrM) will derail any talk of reform from Najib.

  5. did it irk you with the massive cheating using CIMB phantom voters by your venerable NAJIB, THE CHEAT?

  6. Calling someone "Dei Waythamoorthy," ??

    Did not your mother teach you any manners ? For a person who tries very hard to present himself as a erudite or as I say a almost renaissance man , this language is very unbecoming. A typical chinaman shithead kayeete !!!!


  7. Make way everybody.Get out of the way mates.The foreigners(phamtoms) are here.

    Malaysia's dirtiest elections are here.History is in the making.Mat rempits,hired thugs,gangsters,Filipino Taulog warriors,the kitchen sink,toilets,line and sinkers.Everything goes.This is a no holds bar contest.May the fittest survive and be victorious.

  8. Now explosives and bombs are being used to blow up DAP's pondoks too.How bad will it have to get before the rakyat say's enough is enough.When innocent women and children get mained or blown to pieces?

  9. I can't stand the thought of Anwar Ibrahim becoming Prime Minister.
    I vote for Barisan Nasional.

  10. at one time I had that same feeling but I think the greater villain is the person behind him, namely, ONE BLUE-EYED BOY.

    If Anwar becomes PM, that bloke will be a great concern

  11. i think dap mass rally is a wrong strategy.

    1. in event BN wins by large majority it can in a way show the dodgy-ness of the polls

    2. maybe u r right, dap aim was never about win, only to expose bn.

    3. c'mon HY, of course DAP wants to win though I fear it may be difficult with the rotten EC laying monkey tricks for its UMNO master

  12. DAP (Chinese) should never be given power in Malaysia to do anything. 5000 years of history or shitory tell me that. All the ills of Malaysia can be traced to at least one chinaman let alone to the descendants of Ghee Hins, Hai sans and chief shit of all- Yap Ah Loi. The one specie that is single handedly responsible for almost all corruption in Malaysia are the chinese. No giver no taker and it is the chinaman that is the main enabler. Any vote for DAP(chinese) is a vote for the destruction of Malaysia and all the civility in it.

    Kayeete.. your blog is prime example of a master spinner. Plucking a bit of stuff here and there, throwing in a bit of the ancient , classics, morbid and contemporary .. wallah ...kaytee speaks. Any moron with half a brain can do that. Just for a moment think.. what if someone unjustly categorise you how would you you feel ? I think it is too much to ask a chinese shithead like you!!!

    1. Stop masturbating (syiok sendiri), okay? wakakaka.

      BTW, guess the ethnicity of the people who brought Malaysia today to its lowest depth, people like Mahathir, Anwar, Shahrizat, Nor Mohd Yakcop,etc?

      No, they're not Indians nor Malays. You're right, they're CHINESE, wakakaka!

    2. Elan Govan, oh Elan Govan .......cakap manyak.....spewing toxin in 11 lines and promptly got demolished by the blogger in just 4 lines ! Aiyoyo.......pordah lah....continue masturbating lah dei !

  13. Stop your condescending attitude. You are a typical pseudo intellectual kayeete. Shallow and irresponsible. But you have a right to be DAP(Chinese) shithead.

    I rarely point a finger at a person (excep kayeete). But people like Mahathir, Anwar, Shahrizat, Nor Mohd Yakcop exist is because of the toxic breed of DAP(Chinese) who are the ENABLERS !! Kapsih ? The DAP(Chinese) are the fucking enables who has set this country on this destructive path.

    It is in the DNA and what more example you need ? Just look the the middle kingdom! The strain of DAP(Chinese) we have in Malaysia is extremely toxic and virtually resistance to redemption. The ones that got shipped over are the lowest of the low, the likes of Yap Ah Loy and the chinese secret societies - Gee Hins and the Hai Sans. Their descendants are the one that is infecting Malaysia and regrettably the Malays have fallen victim. Those half-breeds(not used derogatory) your mentioned are the CONSEQUENCES not the CAUSE. Feast on that kaka boy!

    And one more thing. Your point a finger at me when I point the finger at you. What kind of a bloody defence is that kayeete ?? I am sure there is a fancy name for that kind of fallacy somewhere. It is your burden to wipe that shit not sling that shit back at me. I am not the euride or the almost renaissance man here. I am simply a Wyatt Earb of modern time. Tombstone should be familiar to you.

    And let give you something chew before your next almost entertaining post.

    Here is the dilemma. If a chinaman in a ditch and very badly hurt,almost at the point of death but a Samaritan finds him, nurses him back to perfect health then hangs him till he dies. Do we still call him a good samaritan ?


    1. Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, wakakaka

      As for your Samaritan, we should call him Paul (or Waytha, wakakaka), as in Saul a.k.a Waytha who went to Damascus (Putrajaya, wakakaka) and saw the BN light and now back-stab Pakatan

  14. Do you now now see why I said you are linear, serial and parallel thinker (almost a thinker). All I have to do is just peal you back one layer of your logic and you are cooked. Absolutely no substance or integrity in your commentary but that is what makes you an ardent supporter of DAP(Chinese)

    Newton's 3rd Law pretty much sums your mentality. While Newton gave us mathematical realtionships that helps us understand the force of action and reaction in the physical universe it has the opposite effect in the social universe. It does not resolves anything in the slightest.

    It was well said by a man of Waytha ethnicity that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. But that is precisely what you have been doing in you post Kayeete.

    Newton's 3rd Law in the social universe makes everyone blind. The prevalence of your kind of mentality Kayeete is precisely the reason why DAP(Chinese) should be at all cost exorcised from malaysian politic.

    I bet the DAP(Chinese) that postulated the the Second law of thermodynamic and they will not rest until Malaysia reaches the state of maximum entropy, a time when there is nothing to matter anymore. Given to their appetite Malaysia will be a wasteland. Why ? It is in their genes collectively.

    No matter what happens tomorrow the Indian will come out ahead. The hedge will work. The Future of Indian lies a partnership with NON-DAP(Chinese).

    And you have a good day Kaka boy !


    1. Newton's 3rd Law means opposing forces will be in balance, whereas in your sad mind, it's about destruction. Difference between you and me, wakakaka

  15. Kayeete:

    Yeah right!! Why don't you drive you car into a wall at 100 mph and see how much balance you can get.


    1. since you are the one with the destructive mindset I'll leave that to you, wakakaka

  16. "No matter what happens tomorrow the Indian will come out ahead..."

    I leave here a quote from Will Rogers “There are three kinds of men: The ones who learn by reading and the few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence and find out for themselves.”

    I dont find it problematic if one want to go personal with our host as i did it from time to time. Yes some Chinese give bribe, some Malay take bribe, and some Indian dont give or take bribe. But it’s not because they are Malay, Chinese or Indian, but because, respectively, poverty, lacking education, lacking conscientious toward rule of law and etc etc. Is this good justification to harp on the entire race just because some issue we disagree? I hope some readers and our host take note as well.

  17. Kaytee:

    If you don't fully understand the implication of you analogy in physics then be humble enough and learn from you ignorance. Don't write like a damn fool.


    At the core of my contention ,it is not strictly a race issues but a notice on the DAP(Chinese) predatory mentality. I am sure as a chinese you know damn well what I am talking about.

    Give the DAP(chinese) equal opportunity they will at every instance "sapu" everything. In my opinion they have real tendency to make slaves of those they exploit with impunity. Indians and Malays are not safe in this kind of economic onslaught, It is in their nature like a scorpion to sting. Read about chinese colonialism in africa in the name of friendship and economic cooperation and you want to puke your guts out.

    When a chinese person is poor he is a good neighbour and a good friend but when he grows in wealth he quickly become one bloody shitty protopalsm.

    This is what UMNO(Malays)are worried about and true nightmare that can come to pass. Mahathir knew this problem all too well and if you read his book, the Malay Dilemma he explains the real problem of equality in a society where one group has the propensity to decimate the other through economic exploitation. Granted Mahathir is no angel but his points and fears are as valid today as they were written in 1970.

    Kayatee style of touch and go writing without a proper understanding of the real position and views of whom he attacks, criticise, mock and undermine need to be checked. Read his response to my comments..simply ridiculous and laughable. He has no concept of cause and effect. Now that is a real deficiency in any person.


    1. from DAP Chinese predatory mentality to Chinese colonialism in Africa, and this bloke claims he is not speaking about a race issue, wakakaka.

      when he first encountered me at Malaysia-Today he tried to pose as a sophisticated civil debater, but since then has shown his true Hindraf colours (excuse the unintended pun) by degenerating into an abusive commentator, a lamentable feral cybertrooper, wakakaka

    2. "Read about chinese colonialism in africa in the name of friendship and economic cooperation and you want to puke your guts out."

      I think it depends who you listen to and where, Western (and perhaps India) sources is quite predictable, Africa sources is mixed, but what to you call a Western company that pay Chinese and Indian USD 5-10 dollar an hour and sell the finish product at 5-10 times back at ther country, imperialism or colonialism? What China did now is mainly the exchange of raw material via infrastructure, unlike the West that insist to export their version of "democracy" and "values" to the country they invest, may i know what sort of magical path you have in mind for the poor Africal country to progress? Having said this, i dont know how this is relevant to us Malaysian, hence u r right it puke my guts out.

      I disagree with your take on Mahathir but we can debate more on this later if you wish to, but your writing "When a chinese person is poor he is a good neighbour and a good friend but when he grows in wealth he quickly become one bloody shitty protopalsm." show that kt could be right, most of us see this as class issue irregardless of race and ethnicity while you sound like it only happen among the Chinese, most probably your intention is to insult and abuse.

      PS/ i am fine if your writing is solely to refute KT bec i too disagree with many of his pov wrt some Indian, but i thought most of his critical opinion is limited to some personalities, not Indian. However unlike you, there is possibility i fail to fully grasp his message since i am not Indian.

  18. Kayette:

    "it is not strictly a race issue but a notice on the DAP(Chinese) predatory mentality"

    I said NOT STRICTLY. What does that means ? It includes but not all of it. You can't even read kayatee. You spin to save your skin. You label me when you "tidak ada modal" to refute. You can only "klentong" with your less sophisticated reader. You will NOT see my comments anywhere except here and a few times in MT.

    I have been reading your blog for a long time but I think I should take you to task when you with impunity label, categorise, mock , humiliate, tear down and exercise blatant disrespect towards other who want to be heard in a fair manner just as you except for yourself from others.

    You are as I have described.. a typical DAP(Chinese)! I have never voted for BN or any political party in my entire life. I hate politic and even more political spin mongers. In my book progress is when all the politician and spin mongers like you are tied at the bottom of the ocean but unfortunately the consequences are as unacceptable as the cure!

    My sole intent in writing here is to give what the sly fox deserves. The proverbial hair that broke the camel's back is his unfair categorisation of hindraf struggle. It could have easily been other things. But the sly fox can at anytime cut me off if he feels the heat at the end of his colon is way too much for him to take. My intentions is to give kaytee a strong dose of his own medicine and enlighten him of how unfair and damaging his spin mongering is. .

    It is time for a real rebuttal infused with color and pungent heat befitting a chicken shit who cannot deal with real issues but respond with some ANECDOTAL snippets amounting to nothing.

    I can be civil and I can be brutal but in this instant I choose to be the later. Welcome to OK corral.

    Tell me there is no truth in what I have been saying.

    1. un fair categorisation fo Hindraf struggle?

      I posted this in my other blog on 01 Dec 2007

      but wakakaka, when the bug-headed Uthy went about insulting Dr Rama as a mandore I also posted this:

      you're just like Uthy, full of vile and venom and lack civility

  19. And just because I resent kissing you stinking literary ass then I am full of vile and venom and lack civility ? How convenient is it for you kaka boy ! But What can I expect from the likes of you ? Absolutely NOTHING.

    I figure you are scraping the barrel for an intelligent response or you have nothing else to say. I have done my best to mitigate the bull you have been crapping all over your blog. And now and let the chips fall where they may. The day is done. And as the host you may have the last word.