Monday, May 13, 2013

Cause of disunity

(Booniama) - The result of the 13th general election which has triggered the issue of national integration has given rise to calls for ethnic cuisine to be changed to a national cuisine based on Malay cuisine to strengthen national unity.

The calls were made by academicians who were of the opinion that the problems of racial unity in the country were caused by an unacceptable diverse range of cuisine, with the issue compounded by the existence of more than one form of ethnic cuisine.

Food Unik Cuisine Kreativiti Universiti (FUCK U) pro-chancellor Dr Abdullah Ramana Aisha said multi-ethnic food developed at a faster pace and that only 10 percent of non-Malays partake of national cuisine. He stressed: "You are what you eat."

When asked for examples of national type cuisine, he said: "Nasi lemak".

"Dr ... Dr, don't Chinese eat rice too? and Indian cuisine can be quite lemak. There is an Indian rice dish called nasi minyak which could be mistaken for nasi lemak".

"Nasi Briyani then."

"Isn't that Pakistani cuisine?"

"Well they are bumi as well but I see what you mean. Er ... Nasi goreng!"

"But that's Chinese cuisine, their way of converting uneaten rice into something delicious before it turned stale."

"Nasi kosong?"

"Worse, Chinese are already eating that everyday with bah kut teh and the Indians with curry."

"OK, I was just playing around with you reporters. As a matter of fact, FUCK U has just developed an 100% national food called nasi kang kang!"

"Now, can anyone tell me that's not uniquely a national dish?"

p/s next week we'll do mee noodles, followed by roti and then ice kacang.


  1. It is the ordinary woman who sells at the Chow Kit Market who has a surer grasp of what is ‘nasi kangkang’: A fabulation of charm to hypnotize the allegiance of the man to an idiotic cause.

    Beware you guys… the quaint exotica of ‘nasi kangkang’; the answer to a heterogeneous community and National Integration. In three months time it will be Hari Raya. There will be a lot of open houses.

  2. Isn't the call to disallow vernacular schools bordering on sedition? Wasn't Mark Koding prosecuted for saying similar things (in Parliament too and which didn't protect him from being charged).


  3. I feel so angry and let down by the betrayal of the Chinese in GE13.

    I think I need to stay away from my Chinese friends at least a few more days until I cool down, otherwise I might say angry words which are difficult to take back.

    I feel like Chinese are people who smile at you and pat you on the back before they drive the dagger into your spine.

    1. The Chinese make excellent punching bags

    2. Wakakakaka.... supposedly Chinese support Chinese like Ah Nuar, Kah Lip, Lok Gulu, Loh Fi Zi, Har Li Ah Wang.. just like boycott everything Chinese.... Now bloggers say, Annuar had agenda with USA/CIA to check China. Therefore, we support & love China... Apa masam2? We must be living in a Matrix. Hanya Keanu Reeves boleh selamatkan raykat Malaysia!! Spin-spin sampai tiba ke bulan... Ooops... dah lupa, PAS bulan, dan roket kena hantar orang Amerika ke bulan.

    3. Let me are not a supporter of the opposition coalition. Btw, why so angry at your chinese friends ? There are at least 20% chinese who still vote for BN....and these chinese friends of yours could very well be in this group. And btw again....may be you should stay away from these people forever, they might be so angry at you for the betrayal of the UBAH cause which to them is to ensure the country won't become another Zimbabwe.

    4. Anon 844pm,

      You have the exact words that Najib would have said. It would only backfired to Najib, as a PM not for Malaysian but for UMNO only. A bad quality of a PM.

      When you do good, you do it willingly without asking for reward. Well, Malaysia need Chinese to tell the other races that "lu tolong gua and gua tolong lu" does not work in politics. We are only interested to tolong Malaysia to recover from the illness, the disease is UMNO.

      Anon 844pm, you need to say a big thank you to the Chinese in the brave attempt to save Malaysia. In the past 50 years, Chinese do not even bother about politics. UMNO just helped to awaken the Chinese.

      Say "Thank You!", please.

  4. "I feel like Chinese are people who smile at you and pat you on the back before they drive the dagger into your spine."

    People with the likes of Kaytee are simply unable (almost impossible) to understanding what that your sentence means but they will be the first one to shout the loudest and play the victim role(punching bags).

    And when they do ( I means really understand your sentence) then perhaps one day, there may be a slight possibility that this genetic defect can be repaired and integrate into humanity.

    Even if we put them all in a hugh punching bag and go at it for a while it may still be an exercise in futility.

    It is not without reason that this DAP(Chinese) are toxic wherever they are.

    It is like asking a scorpion why do you stink. Do I abhor this creature for being itself, true to its nature ? Now that is tuely a real dilemma !


    1. Vango quote: "It is not without reason that this DAP(Chinese) are toxic wherever they are."

      Kindy state your case where, what, how and why? I would like to support your standing with evidence and proof. If you need to dig your arse to find it, please do so, it is a national service. I do not mean the arse digging, the info please. Waiting eargerly. ;-)

  5. Fukadylic Sukadick8:22 am, May 14, 2013

    The animosity and recriminations the general elections have brought about is clear indication that love is lacking among the various races.

    So, besides bridging the chasm between the ethnic groups with a national cuisine, which actually might not help much or even at all, how about taking the bull by the horns - and get really horny - by having regular countrywide love-ins ala John Lennon/Yoko Ono style.

    At such events, everyone from all the ethnic groups are invited to assemble at the town padang all over the nation, strip off their clothes and then have a "go" at each other, doing what comes naturally. This should put a beatific smile on everyone's face and, most important of all, national and communal cohesion and bonding couldn't get any more closer and tighter!

  6. according to the fantastic logic of all this "fuck u" (hmmm...where is this u located? or you mean fujian university wakaka) professor, it is only a cause of disunity when we vote pr, otherwise, everything is fine.

    similarly we read many blog that cite whatever suit their agenda, pr is dominated by non-muslim / non malay, 53 in total and therefore become a chinese pr versus malay bn, and suddenly all indian n dll disappear, i suppose vango must be very mad wakaka.

    1. First, Malaysia now needs to institute a racism law like the UK. However, we know why this will never happen. If it happens, then we can put in check loose talk. This will also put in check bloggers & MSM that try to stir trouble.

      Second, Malaysia is an open democracy. If a bulk of Chinese (and progressive Malays) would like to vote opposition, so what? They also supported Tun M & Badawi when they were facing a crisis. Just because they did not vote UMNO & esp. MCA & Gerakan, it does not mean they are ungrateful.

      Third, the non's are being pushed into a corner. RPK may hate to hear this but Chinese are pragmatic. He thinks its a excuse. Really? Then why did they vote PAS out in Kedah? Even in Titiwangsa, where the MP has said, he does not need non-Malay votes, they supported him against the PAS radical.

      Although not all of us accept or like DAP, they are starting to play a new role in a new era. They are sounding reconciliatary and hopefully, LGE will learn how to be a better leader.

  7. KT,
    Are you sure it is not nasi "kang kang" that is supposedly served by someone called FLOM?

  8. Wave33:

    I hate to disappoint you because I am not into the ass digging business and it strictly exit only. I leave that craft to you and the host of this blog.

    Perhaps a little enlightenment is in order. Reason is not proof.

    You can be perfectly reasonable and still be wrong in the same way as you do everything right and still be wrong. Sadly this beyond the grasp of the DAP(Chinese) as a whole. They think they are right because they are reasonable. DAP(Chinese) money might is not right!!

    The DAP(Chinese) core assumptions of invincible ignorance is firmly based on their absolute maxim that MONEY TALKS AND BULLSHIT WALKS or NO MONEY NO TALK. Contrast this the Malay saying HUTANG BUDI DI BAWA MATI. And this will explain the current state of affairs between the DAP(Chinese) and the rest of us.

    The natural outcome from this kind of mentality confirms the general observation that "Chinese are people who smile at you and pat you on the back before they drive the dagger into your spine." I see this everyday.

    If I were to adopt the DAP(Chinese) paradigm I can amass more filthy lucre that all the worth of tea in china but than that would make me as toxic as those I seek to contain.

    Appreciate favorable views of your friends but don't dismiss those who disagree with you. And please for the love of god, stop looking for proof in the arse. It ain't there.


  9. Vango you talk in language I do not understand. What is it you are saying? Things like reason is not proof and you can do everything right and still be wrong. I cannot fathom the world you are coming from.

    Can we have this discussion based on commonly accepted principles like 1 + 1 = 2. I mean can we have our feet down on earth? Can we all stand on earth?

    You cannot be always right abd still be wrong on this earth.

    1. Anon 10:15, no need to fret over this Vango's huge merajuking which turn an indian, he's among the sprinkling of the indians who just could not get over kampung buah pala isuue. Although Umno has practically cast the whole indian community aside for 40 years, it is easier to blame DAP who ruled for only 4 years in their twisted and illogical minds. So they carry around the big hurt running down the chinese for all the ills that they have ever suffered. Just ignore these type of people, it's a sheer waste of time to even attempt to reply to their out of control tirades.

  10. "WHEN criticising laws and policies in this country, one of the stock answers that one is faced with is that the majority voted for the government in power, therefore, they are obviously happy with those said laws and policies. The majority rules after all.

    I’d like to see anyone try that line of argument with me now. Not since 1969 has Malaysia had a government whom the majority of voters did not choose..."


  11. "Can we have this discussion based on commonly accepted principles like 1 + 1 = 2"

    1+1=2 is not a just a commonly accepted principle. This is based upon a mathematical structure called GROUP. For a structured to be a GROUP it must have an identity element, an inverses, be associative and closed under a binary operation.

    And if you are by chance Malaysian educated then I really feel sorry for you. Malaysian Universities, both public and private treat their students like mushrooms. The keep them in the dark and feed them shit.

    I know it is hard for you to understand that there are other systems where 1+1 is not equal to 2 or 2 X 3 is not equal to 3 X 2. So in you narrow world view there is no place for deep introspection especially when the only proof needed is the possession of money and thus the DAP (chinese) absolute maxim that MONEY TALKS AND BULLSHIT WALKS or NO MONEY NO TALK is the only way of life.

    I can only make it simple but not simpler!!

    My feet may stand on this earth( this is sometimes questionable) but my thought are at the edge of the universe. If your "simpler" mind cannot comprehend my statement then I suggest you make a wise investment in education not college degrees.

    This is the reason why Kaytee can bullshit all day long and very few that can put him in his place. The kinds of DAP(Chinese) shit he is ditching is reaching almost toxic levels.


    1. what an abusive little fella Vango has turned out to be, probably his true nature in the 1st place, just like Waythamoorthy and his pack of Mir Jafar's wakakaka

  12. Kaytee:

    I have to measure out an exact treatment for you, SMALL minded BIG fellow

    You say the nastiest thing in the nicest way, it is OK but when I say the nastiest thing in the nastiest way, is not OK ? kaka boy ?

    Waythamoorthy did the right thing. In spite of all your venomous, spiteful, and twisted spins, he is still in the game to do some good for his people. The rest of the fucking Indian champions have bitten the dust. While fake Indian lover like is still out at large.

    Be a man and take it like a man not like a fucking sissy. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Of all people you should know this better.


  13. hmmm i think what that anon meant is our conversations shd stay grounded in the reality and not in a form of mental masturbation that might not serve much purpose beyond making ourselves feel good. is this not taught in a non-malaysian universities?

  14. If vernacular schools have contributed racial disunity problems, then how about the followings:
    -almost bumiputera only MRSM and UITM
    -non bumi got no chance to be the vice chancellor of local universities and CEO of government GLCs.
    - non bumi got no chance to be the ketua jabatan or ketua pengarah of any government departments
    - non bumi got no chance to submit tenders that are solely for bumiputra
    -rich bumiputra are still entitled to discount (actually subsidised by non bumi);
    - permits for bumiputra only in certain area;
    -% of government scholarship awarded to non bumi;
    -slim chnace of promotion oppurtunity for non bumi in government dept;
    -civic service (except in education)that is almost 100% made up by bumiputra;
    -the role of bureau tata negara in instilling ketuanan melayu concept to bumiputra students in MRSM , UITM and staff in government depts;

  15. Hy:

    Nope. They don't.

    We do the real thing and gladly leave any form of masturbation to your kind.

  16. i guess so, but at least they teach u how to copy n paste by changing a few words, and still thinking that u r constructing a sentence, like what our malaysian kindergarten taught.

  17. The DAP(Chinese) consider other forms of school to be inferior. Meaning they view Malay language school as deficient, inadequate and inferior to that of their language. But view English language school education as part of western culture to be far superior than their education system.

    The DAP (Chinese) consider Malay doctors, lawyers and other professional vocation held by Malays as NOT IN PAR with their Chinese counterpart. Chinese prefer a Chinese doctor to a Malay doctor because they view Chinese doctors are much more competent.

    To some extend the Indians also hold such views.

    IS THIS TRUE ? DAP(Chinese should come clean with this, Would they ?)

    If this is true:

    Then vernacular schools do contributed greatly to racial disunity.
    Then MRSM and UITM must be bumiputera only.

    Then non bumi should not be a vice chancellor of local universities or CEO of government GLCs

    Then non bumi should not be ketua jabatan or ketua pengarah of any government departments.

    Then non bumi should not get to submit tenders that are solely for bumiputra

    Then rich or poor bumiputra should be entitled to discount.

    The government scholarship should be awarded to non bumi only

    Then there sshould not be any chance of promotion opportunity for non bumi in government deptment.

    Then civic service should be almost 100% made up by bumiputra.

    Then bureau tata negara must instill ketuanan melayu concept to bumiputra students in MRSM , UITM and staff in government deptments.

    Why must this be so ?

    To preserve the Malay species from be enslaved by the predatory DAP(Chinese) species.

    YOu cannot have your feet in 2 boat and still maintain balance. Either abolish all vernacular schools or be prepared to live with the current system. UMNO ( no matter how corrupt it can be) is still the champion of the Malay. Fuck BN!


    1. Vango says: The DAP(Chinese) consider other forms of school to be inferior.

      I say: Vango is a gone-case alcoholic who is in the grip of an alcohol-fuelled rage and when he wrote that.

      Alright, both the above statements are wrong. In my case, because I don't even know who Vango is, least of all whether he is an alcoholic or not.

      So, in line with this, we need to ask of Vango regarding his statement above - Who are these DAP(Chinese) you referred to? Do you know them personally? Can you name them? What makes you, Vango, think that you know what these DAP(Chinese) think and the opinions they hold? Did you ask them? Have they confessed to you?

      This clearly shows that Vango is merely making a sweeping generalization based on his prejudices. His opinion, therefore, is worthless and unfit for further contemplation.

  18. Mahafiraun:

    It is not my intention to cast pearls at swines but further contemplation clearly requires an IQ slightly above room temperature.