Sunday, May 19, 2013

Khalid Ibrahim backstabbing DAP?

Is Khalid Ibrahim now turning around to bite DAP, an ally which together with PAS have supported him against an Azmin Ali power siege in Selangor?

In the last couple of weeks Azmin Ali, supported by his frontmanwoman Zuraida what's-her-name(?), was seen to be laying claims to the Selangor MB position, perhaps in a fantasized wet-dreaming belief that the Selangor politico-CEO position belongs solely to PKR, and for the party to award to one of its state ADUN's, presumably himself, wakakaka.

Azmin had even alluded sneeringly (insultingly) to Khalid as a lame duck pollie not worthy of leading Selangor state.

Post the recent state elections, PKR has 14 ADUNs compared to PAS' 15 and DAP's 15. On the numerical basis of ADUNs that PAS and DAP each has, either party has the rights to claim the MB position though both have been gracious in supporting Khalid to continue in the State's political CEO position.

It must be admitted in practical terms, DAP might not qualify, purportedly because the state constitution and probably HRH's preference would require the MB to be a Malay, though we shall soon read of a constitutional legal expert disagreeing with the former, the constitutional issue, which has probably been a politically perpetuated 'myth'.

Mind, it is still HRH's prerogative to have the final say.

Hmmm, I wonder whether any "Malay" version would do, meaning does it have to be a Malay Malay to be the MB? Or will a Mamak Malay or Kong Kali Kong Malay like Ann Wan Seng or Ridhuan Tee do?

Ann Wan Seng, the King Kong Know-Nothing

For more on Kong Kali Kong Malays, wakakaka, please see my earlier post 3 Revelations on 'Keling'.

Mind you, on the issue of the mandatory need for a Malay MB, in 2008 after Pakatan won majority rule in Selangor, it was alleged that Muhammad Munir Bani, HRH’s private secretary, had advised Khalid Ibrahim about the palace's ‘preference’ for a Malay (and, alas, not a Malaysian) deputy MB.

However, when further queried Muhammad Munir belakang pusing-ed like Speedy Gonzalez and denied reports that HRH wanted ‘a deputy from a particular race’ (meaning 'Malay'), and instead added (meaning he started to spin) the sultan was the religious head for Islam and Malay culture, and thus the MB has the task of assisting in these duties, which in his absence would also have to handled by his deputy.

Thus, in that most unbelievable zigzagging explanation, Muhammad Munir, after denying HRH wanted a Malay deputy MB, in the same breath averred that it was only proper a Malay (not a Malaysian) be the deputy MB.

It was obvious that what he uttered in the first instance had nothing to do with HRH but was of his own interpretation, based on his personal prejudice.

Mind you, he hasn't been the only one who misused (and still misuses) HRH's name in order to get what he/she personally wants or is personally biased towards. I am sure you have read what one particular PKR (female) pygmy claimed in HRH's name recently about the required racial make-up for the state exco.

After the 2008 Speedy Gonzalez zigzagged away to safety, Malaysiakini reported in Expert: No legal need for Malay deputy MB that Prof Abdul Aziz Bari, a constitutional expert who had then lectured law at the International Islamic University Malaysia, was consulted on the matter.

Dr Bari

Prof Abdul Aziz dismissed Muhammad Munir’s claims that the deputy MB should ideally be a Malay to assist the MB in Islamic and cultural duties.

The Prof said: “The Sultan of Selangor does not need the menteri besar or the deputy menteri besar in matters pertaining to religion and Malay custom.”

According to the Prof, the sultan, as the head of Islamic matters and the Malay adat, was (still is) in fact THE PERSON in charge of such matters in the state, and not the MB or his deputy.

He said: “Matters cited by the palace are entirely within the sultan's jurisdiction. As the sultan may act on his own discretion on these matters, the constitution provides that a council may be appointed to assist him. This is what is commonly known as religious councils or majlis agama, which looks after the religious department or the jabatan agama. In the other four states and federal territories, the Agong will have the same establishment.”

Prof Aziz also commented that a prolonged delay in the appointment of a deputy MB was unnecessary and might even be unconstitutional.

But when asked whether the appointment of a Deputy MB had been postponed or scrapped altogether, Khalid Ibrahim side-stepped the issue by stating the need to explain the matter (what?) properly to the people (who?), and that he would do this after the executive councillors had been sworn-in (why?).

And had he ever done that?

That had been one of Khalid Ibrahim's greatest shames. Whether he was under pressure from his party or acting in his own interests remains unanswered till today.

Nonetheless, out of respect for HRH, regardless of whether the allegations attributed to him were true or otherwise (we know some PKR pygmies have had a bad habit of dropping big names including HRH's for their own agenda), the triple-C (Chabor, Christian and Chinese) Teresa Kok was not appointed as deputy MB in the previous DUN session.

[Note: recent talks have it that it was not Teresa Kok proposed for Deputy MB but rather Teng Chang Khim, but this seems unlikely as Teng was appointed as the Speaker of the Selangor DUN in the last term]

Yes, indeed recently we know of some in PKR who have been fond of “dropping” HRH’s name to assert a certain position, such as HRH wanting more Malay faces in the exco etc. I personally doubt that HRH would have said that and those wet-dreaming wannabes in PKR have been misusing HRH's name.

Now, on reading The Malaysian Insider's After PKR’s MB kerfuffle, Selangor DAP now disputes exco list you would appreciate why I asked in this post's opening sentence: Is Khalid Ibrahim now turning around to bite DAP which together with PAS have supported him against an Azmin Ali power siege in Selangor?

Selangor DAP deputy chair Tony Pua said that Khalid Ibrahim and Selangor Pakatan Rakyat ― represented by state DAP leaders Teresa Kok and Datuk Teng Chang Khim, as well as state PAS leaders Khalid Samad and Dr Rani Osman ― had agreed in a meeting last Thursday that the DAP would get four spots in the state exco, while PAS would get three.

But Khalid in a tweet last night (in the usual PKR manner, that is, announcing Pakatan policies unilaterally a la a Pearl Harbour attack without informing its Pakatan allies) reduced the DAP’s exco share to only 3.

Tony Pua lamented: “Last night, we found out a different set of names. We want to know why; there was no problem on Thursday. It was a quick half-an-hour meet.”

“We’re surprised by Tan Sri (Khalid). What’s the point of the meeting then?”

Indeed, what’s the point of having an agreement and then reneging on it WITHOUT first going back to the parties that arrived at the agreement to re-negotiate and re-agree.

Khalid has already acquired a wee notoriety of running away from sensitive issues or hard decisions, especially when it affected his own political hide. Apart from his lack of spine in the 2008 deputy MB position, he was also seen to be indecisive in coming out to defend Eli Wong when the latter was the victim of a horrid abusive invasion of her privacy - for more, see my UMNO's Nazri supports Elizabeth Wong, PKR's Khalid Ibrahim equivocates.

I hope Khalid Ibrahim is not going to misuse HRH’s name to inform everyone HRH wants more Melayu faces as the reason for his reneging the agreement with DAP and PAS.

Khalid, don’t betray your allies by showing through your political DNA you are no different to your PKR pygmies. Don't prove to us that PKR is a party of political pygmies.

In fact you're already pissing me off.


  1. TS Khalid vehemently denies being a lame duck. So we wait and see if he has spine to stand up to his lot.

  2. I fully agree with Ktemoc.
    All the PKR top guys are pygmy idiots.

    I would only add that DAP's top guys are not any better.

    Dumb vs. Dumbo.

    I'm afraid the voters of Selangor made a very bad mistake, and they will suffer badly until the next elections.

    Next time vote wisely.

    1. So vote for MIC/MCA/UMNO next time? Please la.......

  3. From vary reliable sources,Khalid was inform by the sultan that he want 6 Malay muslim exco.
    Since DAP dont have a malay state assembly,they will geet only 3 exco seat.2 other Exco Malay will come from PKR.
    To resolved the issue,DAP will get the speaker .The other exco from PKR will be an Indian.

    That is why the Khalid tweet that the number of Exco will be 4:3:3.

    I think the DAP is fully aware of the situation.

    1. reliable sources? another name dropping?

  4. In the runup to GE13 One of the most damaging charges thrown by UMNO against Pakatan Rakyat was that it is a "Cap Naga" coalition i.e. the Chinese (DAP) really called the shots in decision making.

    It is not true but out in the backroads where people mainly access and believe Utusan , TV3 and RTM as the Truth, it sways many votes.

    I'm not saying that DAP should give way, but everyone needs to be aware of the implications surrounding how political positions are distributed.

  5. can we imagine what would have happened if pakatan were to form the govt.......

  6. the mean machine9:32 pm, May 19, 2013

    PKR politicians should learn from their political "big bro" sibling,the DAP's Lim Kit Siang or Karpal Singh.Learn to treasure your balls as they are real balls.Or maybe they do not have real balls afterall.

  7. the gaffe guy who know's10:15 pm, May 19, 2013

    Men who do not have real balls are after they have been sent to the vet for neutering.Maybe a sex change in the offings fot these PKR pollies?Hehehe.

    1. No la... The state government should make some money by privatizing them and pack them to the Sahara Desert to build canals on PFI basis.. wakakaka

  8. Aiya....most of the Melayos are like can talk until you run out of words, but nothing will change....that's why I quit Malaysia...

  9. apa beza 5 melayu dgn 6 melayu la....ish ish ish pkr.

  10. come on ktemoc...

    who cares which party get how many exco??

    we rakyat voter PR as a collective...
    We Dont care ... in the end if the government performs, its good enough, the personality is not important....

    Go to more important issues, the economy , GST and election fraud...

    Ini subjek ikan bilis....

    1. many care because if a man or a party does not live by its own words, it shouldn't be trusted, least of all to govern

    2. You mean just anwar only.......aiyaa

  11. All the 4 PAS Exco are sure to be malay, one can safely assume 2 of the 3 from PKR will be malay - that makes 6 out of 10 of the Excos - thats 60% which is proportional to the malay ratio of M'sia's population - " Apa lagi Sultan mau ? ". But I don't think HRH is so unreasonable.

    1. as mentioned, there are people who misuse HRH's name. I am inclined to believe it's not HRH as shown by my example in the post

    2. It could be PKR or UMNO for all you care but I am equally pissed because time & time again DAP kenna played out. From the number seats contested, to the allocation of exco position. I believe if DAP contested 20 seats, they would have sapued all.

  12. Race, race, race, nothing but race. What is wrong with the country?
    Sick to the hilt.

  13. Khalid Ibrahim = Lame Duck
    PM Najib = Lame Duck
    Paul Low = Lame Duck even before 1st Cabinet meeting
    Anwar Ibrahim = No Leg Duck

    Wah...Malaysia has many Lame Duck leaders....