Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Selangor's acid test for Anwar Ibrahim

The excitement leading to the 13th Malaysian elections should by now be over, but with the known results and its consequences of dissatisfaction among both UMNO and PKR leaders, we are now experiencing new excitement. But let's leave Mahathir and Anwar to their eternal vendetta and look at Selangor.

I won

Guess who said that? wakakaka

The PM has been sworn in, CM and MB of states have been sworn in as well BUT with one significant exception, that of Selangor.

Ironically this time, contrary to our worries, it's not PAS making an avaricious grab at the post in spite of the solar-powered bible salesman playing the batu api (agent provocateur). Both PAS and DAP have supported Khalid Ibrahim to be the MB as they believe he has done a damn good job in the previous term.

Opposition to Khalid becoming the MB of Selangor for the new state assembly term-ship comes from within PKR, that bloody nest of vipers. The best known secret for years has been Azmin Ali desiring the MB post for himself.

Thunderous applause for the Political Pygmy please

We have heard and read of his 'involvements' in PKR internal politics, the consequences of which have seen Zaid Ibrahim, Jonson Chong and a host of others leaving the party in utter disgust. We know Wan Azizah, Nurul Izzah and Khalid Ibrahim have been consigned, naturally or deliberately, to a camp different to Azmin's.

All these and more are known, yet tolerated if not approved by Anwar Ibrahim, who somehow seems totally beholden to Azmin's ambitions or captivated by the latter's charm ... ing personality.

Currently it's downright embarrassing for Pakatan as Malaysia's so-called premier state, won by the coalition with more than 2/3 majority, is now in an appalling state of leadership limbo, waiting for the announcement of who is to be the MB. PKR is the heels dragging culprit as it indulges in the shadow play within its ranks.

isn't more pleasurable to look at sweetie than other PKR leaders?

Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia-Today wrote in his latest article titled The expected happened about the whys and wherefores of the delayed announcement of the Pakatan MB:

There is currently a tussle going on between Team Khalid and Team Azmin for the post of Menteri Besar. I have, in fact, written about this a few times in the past.

PAS and DAP have both issued statements endorsing Khalid Ibrahim. Azmin Ali, however, insists that he be made Menteri Besar and if Khalid is given the post instead then he will leave the party together with his supporters.

Anwar Ibrahim is now in a dilemma. First of all, his wife and daughter support Khalid and not Azmin. Secondly, most of the candidates in the recent election were handpicked by Azmin. Hence many of the 30 PKR Members of Parliament are his people.

Hence, also, if Azmin leaves with, say, just 15 of this supporters and they declare themselves as ‘independents’, then added to the 133 Members of Parliament that Barisan Nasional has, Barisan Nasional will now have a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

So, either Azmin is made Menteri Besar or else Barisan Nasional will get its two-thirds majority in Parliament.

It sounds like blackmail. And as we know, blackmail once appeased develops a dangerous voracious appetite that can never ever be satiated. There will be no stopping it.

I opine that Anwar should allow Azmin Ali to leave with 15 or even more of his inner coterie, and yes, let UMNO have that 2/3 which seems to have obsessed Dr Mahathir.

Other than possible further Constitutional amendments, perhaps to:

(a) deny Chinese the rights to vote, wakakaka, and let the mahjung games begin,

(b) increase the voting age to 35 and above, to prevent young Malays most of whom are pro Pakatan, from voting, and

(c) legislate to honour Dr Mahathir in a new position (in recognition of his extraordinary service which has been 'beyond the call of duty' to UMNO) as the Sultan of Sabah (an amended Constitution can do that),

what difference would it make, considering UMNO is already leading the new Malaysian government.

If Azmin plus his 15 defect to UMNO, I guess-timate they will last at most 5 years before most of them will be swallowed up by UMNO, with their bones spat out by the time GE-14 arrives. I'll provide the toothpicks.

Of course my opinion won't count. But Pakatan in PAS, DAP and those PKR ADUN supporting Khalid have made their choice for MB, with only Anwar as Pakatan Leader left to persuade PAS and DAP otherwise.

Will he?

This will be a wonderful test of Anwar's leadership qualities and his commitment to Malaysia and Pakatan as to whether he will let his personal ties to Azmin override what is obviously the greater good for both Selangor and the coalition.


  1. my england no good, is there a term call belated bullshit? read mt & rpk % kt then u know what i mean. bullshit us before election result announce la.

  2. Kaytee Kia,
    Say what you like about najib and BN, but at least they are focussed and organised lot. These ad hoc type of cooperation will always have its pitfall. A lot of wayang, brutus et al.
    Oh another thing, please lah, stop talking about Anwar. Tg Rambutan refused to admit him because no psychiatrist able to diagnose nor cure this mental hypchondriac case!

  3. Focused & organised with meddling from a previous PM. Najib may be wondering how he ended up fielding the 2 Perkasa top guns in a disastrous outing. And the UMNO Youth head will not get any post even with sterling performance this time.

  4. My my... Such a big threat from Azmin Ali?

    Is the 15 MPs really like zombies, follow every instruction that Azmin bloated out.

    Can't wait for the last episode of the season.

  5. Anwar and Azmin share the same woman..hehehhe...that's why Anwar is so beholden to Azmin.
    Things that Azmin knows would bury Anwar forever...

  6. Kaytee,as I have always said as long as Azmin is or soon to be leading PKR and the desigated PM'ship,if PR wrestled federal power,that day will never come.Let that useless power hungry stupid lembu go where he wants to go.

  7. This is spring cleaning season as well. Let those that are working for themselves whittle away. Azmin Ali had been so quiet this whole GE13 and suddenly becomes MB? All those in the Stadium last night will now know who they voted for - the enemy within.

  8. Why not have a MB elected by Selangorian, not by politicians?

    That would be fair. If Malaysia have the Prime Minister elected by the people. Najib would be out of job because his failure to mention the word 'talaq'. That is the reason why party election is the mother of all election for politicians. The ex-dictator would not have stayed for 22 years, if given the choice for Malaysian to vote direct for a premiership.

    If we Selangorian gets to vote for our MB, my vote goes to Nurul Izzah followed second by Khalid Ibrahim.

    Azmin Ali? Tak kenal pun.

  9. Sorry, technical glitch. Nurul Izzah not qualify for MB post, her only qualification is the first female Prime Minister.

    Sorry got carried away by her charm, MP cannot be MB. Hai... short lived excitement.

    1. even if she qualifies to be MB, I believe you should get carried away. She is still fairly green and inexperienced for either the MB or PM job. Perhaps in another 10 to 15 years.

    2. Have to agree with the blogger here.....Nurul have miles of road to travel still..... very unfair to the rakyat as well as to her to put such burden on her young shoulder when she's just simply not ready. But she has potential, thus she ought to be properly groomed and nurtured to achieve future greatness, and now it is most important the inside buayas don't gobble her up first, wakakaka

  10. Kaytee, sakmongkol's blog has been hacked and sullied.

  11. After PAS and DAP's public support for Khalid Ibrahim to continue as Selangor MB for the 2nd term, Azmin Ali has been checkmated.

    Last night, Azmin Ali was conspicuously absent from the giant Mega gathering in Kelana Jaya Stadium which had all major Pakatan Rakyat leaders. His tweet called for PR to accept the election results and move on, also a swipe at Anwar's "failure".
    I think he is
    a) Openly showing his displeasure at losing out as Seleangor MB
    b) Making his first moves to quit PKR.

    A lot of us worked our hearts out to help Pakatan Rakyat's campaign.
    Even as we protest the unfairness and the fraud during the vote count, there is no denying a majority of Malaysians by the numbers voted for Pakatan Rakyat.

    We absolutely cannot allow this pigmy to destroy the hard work that has been put in.

    1. as my post says, let him go, then I bet you PKR will become a great party

    2. Kaytee,
      I agreed to let him go but the questions would he do a samson act by bringing along all his men. Anyway, it doesn't matter if he does that.
      Khalid Ibrahim will make a good MB & possible he may be the next Finance Minister if Pakatan really win GE14. And if there is a GE14.
      Now I am looking at the composition of exco members within 3 political parties. Would it be the same as last time? Regardless of what, DAP should have at least 4 exco members.
      With 2/3 majority, Selangor can amend the constitution that allows state secretary to be selected upon the advice of MB. If possible, Khusrin fella must be sacked. The second thing has always been my wishlist. That's to do away with criteria that MB must be a muslim & a melayu.
      As for the rest......I will post it in a seperate comment

    3. I know what you mean and feel but I wonder, when we assess everything objectively, what has Khusrin done that deserves his sacking? Have you heard anything?

      Secondly, I'm not too fuss about the req for a MB to be Muslim, not at this stage anyway. Perhaps in 10 years time we need to re-look at the issue. 10 years should allow Bangsa Malaysia to mature!

    4. I heard from sources a deal has been made within PKR.
      Khalid Ibrahim gets his second term as MB, but Azmin gets the say with selecting PKR Exco members.
      There will be no Non-Malays in PKR's Exco Selection...apparently DAP's share already leaves "Too Many" nons......PKR better remember they won on multi-racial support and they still claim to be multi-racial.

    5. he's just filling all the appointments with his own people. Putting Malays in the exco is just an excuse.

  12. Kaytee,
    Kedah's loss is pretty much expected although I cringe the notion that Mukriz would be the MB Kedah. Of course, PAS never admit the fact that it's the infighting between Phalarozi & Azizan that causes the loss of this state assembly. I have mentioned that Kedah needs a moderate MB. Mahfuz Omar would be the best candidate. Culminating the fact that Azizan has bullied his erstwhile ally, PKR which in turn bullied DAP
    If only PKR can release Gurun, Kulim & Bakar Bata......Perhaps, Pakatan may have won. Of course adding one more seat. Pahang side also the same problem. Notice that Koh Boon Heng has not been sacked because of the bullying tactics by PKR Pahang chief Fauzi.
    Frankly, it's not just Azmin Ali's problem but more or less PKR got too many indian chiefs.....Kamarul Abbas have problems in controlling his gang in NS......If only PKR realises that DAP is in much better position. Aspan Alias may have become MB of NS

    1. PKR is a selfish party - as you say, there's too many chiefs and too few places

    2. Pakatan Harapan Rakyat or Pakatan Kecewakan (Kelentong?) Rakyat i.e. PKR.