Saturday, May 11, 2013

GE-13 is over

It's nearly a week after the election, and I believe both BN and Pakatan ought to get off their bloody backsides, shut up about the issues of Chinese, Bangladeshi or Zulu tsunami, and get back to work.

One week is enough time for elated indulgences, wallowing in self pity and scapegoat-ing.

Anwar Ibrahim also ought to cease having rallies as these aren't the correct process to address his complaints and grievances about polling irregularities.

I believe Anwar most of all did himself a disfavour when he twittered "PR has won. We urge UMNO and the EC to not attempt to hijack the results" at around 1900 hours on Election Day evening when there wasn't even any result yet for a single federal parliamentary seat.

In this he lost much credibility in the same preposterous manner as he did back in 2008 when he claimed Pakatan had a mandate to form the government with 82 federal parliamentary seats against PM AAB's 140.

The obscenity of his 916 nonsense was his unconscionable attempt to suppress the choice of the voters for his own glorification. 

Hearkening back to 2008, in Malaysiakini's Takeover a 'political lie', says Pak Lah AAB was right smack on when he described Anwar’s stunt as:

"... It is mere dreams. If at all it is true, (Anwar) would have announced it by now. The whole world would have known."

"Do you think he would ask for a meeting with me to discuss a transition? He would storm into my room with hundreds behind him, shouting victory. This is Anwar's style."

Indeed, the international press would have been summoned to learn of the crossover and his backdoor-acquired mandate to rule.

AAB sneered at Anwar, adding “… but the people will continue to be fascinated by him. This is a waste of our time. It is a game of political lies by Anwar Ibrahim and the people are choosing to believe him”, obviously a swipe at Anwar’s adoring followers.

AAB revealed that even the letter he received from Anwar had NOT even mentioned anything about the so-called 'peaceful handover' of power, but just general topics ...

... so what purpose for a meeting with AAB other than to continue his bluff.

And remember those pre 916 rumours that Muhyiddin Yassin was about to defect to PKR?

In Malaysiakini's Muhyiddin: Anwar uses my name to woo MPs Muhyiddin described that rumour as a cheap stunt by Anwar which was both immoral and senseless, informing reporters:

"This is a ploy (by Anwar) ... by (putting) my name on top the list (of BN defectors), hoping to garner support from other BN MPs. This is a desperate attempt by Anwar. Anwar is power crazy.”

So ... please lah PKR, just report any polling irregularities in accordance with the law, and stop agitating the people continuously in what will be a senseless destructive series of protest rallies.

And I hope what RPK said about more plotting a la 916 may be in store, if true, won't be supported by DAP and PAS. Enough lah of such nonsense!

Once, Anwar's most supportive journalist Terence Netto penned The link between Anwar and Dickens for Malaysiakini, in which he drew absurd parallel between Charles Dickens and Anwar Ibrahim.

I have known a vast quantity of nonsense talked
about bad men not looking you in the face.
Don't trust that conventional idea.
Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance
any day in the week, if there is anything to be got by it.

Netto claimed Dickens to be the supreme artist of democracy and Anwar Ibrahim as the Pied Piper in the modern age of government by consent of the governed ... and the latter was a man who had resorted to the 916 bull?

While I had agreed with Netto that Anwar is certainly a Malaysian Pied Piper, my impression of the Pied Piper is not the version Netto has in mind. My Pied Piper is the original one in Hamelin, whom the Germans call Rattenfänger von Hameln.

The original story of Rattenfänger von Hameln was one of horror, but the tale was subsequently converted into one which had rats and whatnot. In the original tale, the Pied Piper hypnotized and led many many children to their deaths.

No, I don’t suppose Netto had this impression of Anwar in mind.

Fast forwarding to now, I have to admit I had my concerns about the Kelana Jaya rally but I am glad nothing untoward happened. But we cannot push our luck too far. Besides, it's not healthy for our society.

The Penang Hokkien term 'mm kaam muan' means a resentful dissatisfaction, one usually likely to lead to vengeful acts. The story of Rattenfänger von Hameln was about his sense of 'mmm kaam muan'.

I urge Pakatan people, especially those in the DAP, not to follow the seductive sinister siren tune of the resentful Pied Piper.

Get back to looking after and managing well the public roles you have been entrusted with, as well as your party affairs [eg. Selangor!].


  1. As much as you say there is no permanent friends in politics only permanent interests, there is no such thing as chivalry. I am beginning to wonder if you are really a CB Penang Lang.

    How would you feel that your right to elect a legitimate way had been robbed by dubious means in 2009, rig the election & tell us straight in the face to accept Zambry as MB.


    You can be Annabelle Chong but I can't.......Hence, time to frustrate Najib/UMNO at every turn till he mampus


    1. what r u ranting about 2009 and Zambry? When did I ask u to accept Zambry? R u nuts?

  2. Yes, there is proper avenues to raise complaints about voting frauds but with the state of judiciary and the EC we have here in this country, none of us are holding our breath that upright and righteous judges will spring forth to give fair judgements.

    Nevertheless, one rally is more than enough. Let's make the kelana jaya rally protest the last one, to show that we are no pushover and partner to criminal voting frauds. The message has been given in the thousand-strong rally but god forbid that we have to witness another shameful 916 again !

  3. PR has got more than 50% of the popular votes. He is not that wrong, is he?

    By the way do you not think that the existence of a corrupt government is a crime? Does it matter who the Pied Piper is? Does it matter what type of Pied Piper one must choose when one have to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea, huh?

    1. It's not a presidential race but a Westminster style election. Popular votes don't translate into majority rule because of (i) weightage in favour of for East Malaysian states and (ii) gerrymandering. For example, Putrajaya only has 15,000 voters to choose an MP, while Kapar has 145,000 voters to select also one MP - an obscene imbalance of 1 to almost 10. That's an example of why Pakatan won the popular votes but has less seats than BN. Until we correct the gross gerrymandering which BTW is legal, we will have to accept that imbalance.

    2. seputih has abt 80k voters & ms kok won with a majority of abt 51k. 10k to 15k majority shd be a comfortable win and excess of 36k to 41k to me is a waste. why not transfer the 'excess' (not in seputih alone) to east malaysia, then only pr has a chance. can or not?

    3. that's cheating; dap don't cheat

    4. Until we correct the gross gerrymandering which BTW is legal, we will have to accept that imbalance.

      ok what?

    5. "Until we correct the gross gerrymandering which BTW is legal"


    6. there'll be a delineation exercise at end of year which requires 2/3s majority in Parliament to pass. That's when Pakatan can use its numbers to leverage some concessions out of BN - obviously some horse trading will be in order - that's what politicians are for

    7. ask the author abt how. when i said transfer the 'excess' i mean 'pindah tempat mengundi' from peninsular to sabah & sarawak. mursyidul am pkr can finance the exercise if he is still ambitious despite his advancing age. dia tanam pokok mungkin anak dia dapat buah. isn't gerrymandering legal?

    8. "That's when Pakatan can use its numbers to leverage...?"

      which numbers? the 100k in both kelana jaya n batu kawan or solely the 89 mp? u think which is harder to handle? the 89 or the millions?

    9. if you had read my comment, you'd have noted that the delineation exercise requires 2/3s majority in Parliament to pass. BN doesn't have 2/3, and must engaged Pakatan to approve the exercise.

      What can rally do except drive the crowd in to a frenzy mood of divisive hatred

    10. Kaytee,
      You really believe you can leverage out some concession hah. Till now, then you still believe BN play by rule of law. What the fuck you are smoking? You can abhor violence but protest will go on. Even Mandela did that & win

  4. Replies
    1. [sigh] yet you keep coming back - shameless hussy, wakakaka

    2. i am being honest. i state my opinion on an written article. i dont simply do personal attack unless need to.

    3. and so you support continuous Anwar-ish agitations where politicians, instead of doing their work for which they have been elected, focus on these useless activities

    4. how is that useless? who told u we will continue to do this for the next 5 years? how to we tell the spr, court n govt this is a rakyat exercise to ensure a fairer election and not to let writers like u n rpk to divert the issue to politician alone? u think jam for 3 hours very fun?

    5. rallies are useful prior to elections because they carry political-campaign messages to persuade and convince voters. Post elections, what use are rallies? You think people will remember the messages 2 years or even 1 year from now on?

      so carry on the useless activities

  5. Do u really think that 100,000 attended the rally bcos they pity anwar/pakatan or they were influenced by pakatan's pity mongering? Many ppl were devastated bcos bn won again. In many instance they were actually hoping for someone to do these kind of rallies. Ie the rakyat using the politicians to do their bid, instead of the other way hard to believe meh? Now with social media and all anything's possible incl extreme democracy.

    Another issue is that many believe bn will never change. This is proven by recent statements of our newly mandated pm. Ie racial politics n media biasness, etcetc. I have no faith at all in bn. I believe they will use this 5 years to implement more fraudulent acts to ensure they wont lose again forever. Eg. Intensify project ic in sabah n elsewhere since sabahans christians n chinese have rejected bn. They did it before bcos of this same reason. They also probly wont stop gerrymandering n other stuff which does not even have a name yet to defeat the oppos n ppl.

    1. haven't we changed the politics in the last 7 to 8 years?

    2. Changed to FUCK what, Kaytee? All I know there is one guy called Najib & another guy called Madhater. They are able to plot, scheme & get away with it while idoits like you playing chivalry in politics. Aaargh, yes, I have forgotten you are just a bystander, oblivion to whatever that's happening around.

      To kaytee, it's business as usual. Doesn't it matter since he's nestled himself thousand of miles away from Malaysia. I am not that chivalrous. Nowadays, to me anything goes so long we can get rid of Najib/Madhater.

      If Mukriz can be MB now, he can be PM in next 5 years. To kaytee, it dones't matter........Evil always prevails right

  6. your last few articles is nothing but damage control to paint chinese as opportunist, and give all sort of stupid reason why we dont give our vote to bn. all pr ceramah have one theme ...tak kira melayu, tak kira cina, tak kira india, tak kira iban, tak kira kadazan....and this is the true cause every one strive for, not bec of anwar, lge, or hadi, the chinese wouldn't give the vote to bn even bn recognise uec so stop the nonsense.

    i never feel so proud of the chinese in 505, we work along with our fellow malaysian and outrightly tell bn we reject racism, we reject bad governance, we want to get rid of the fear that haunt us since 1969. this is the true meaning and significance of zhongyong .... doing what is right!

    and sorry to tell all my friend, man or woman, in penang attend the rally, not for anwar. so pray tell who is one that are shameless hussy writing shit at behind, not even dare to state what is the right values?

    to be honest again, u n rpk write shit!

    1. you are weird or too confused to even suggest this but you're entitled to your personal opinions which are too full of prejudice and hatred, a privilege which you, alas, would not extend to others

    2. sorry i dun know what u talking about. please be more specific.

    3. you made some fairly wild and reckless accusations against me but I allow you that were your opinions, but not necessarily correct - which has been why I considered and still do that you have been too confused

      Take it from me, you aren't the type for western style democracy - you're the anwarista Bush-type "either you're with us or against us" Myrmidons.

    4. Hello HY... no need to enrage KT la. 'Feck' it somewhere bro.. In this controversy I remain your passionate supporter, still. :)

    5. To Kaytee,
      Everything got to be in black & white. And if it's not, then supports those who is in power especially those who are established including Madhater himself

  7. There were easily 25-30 Parliamentary election results which were dodgy and highly questionable, enough to overturn the results of GE13 if confirmed to be fraudulent. Ballot counts accepted which were without Form 14 (counts witnessed certified by all parties) , refusal by EC official for recount requests which were entitled by law, ballot boxes which magically appeared from nowhere.

    I'm not even talking about the gerrymander, which is fait accompli, and an unfortunate product of Barisan Tipu's long-held 2/3 majority.

    Of course, Pakatan will launch all the necessary legal challenges in the weeks and months ahead. But it is not just a legal matter.

    It is politically necessary to rally our collecitve rejection of the dodgy results in so many of the seats. Otherwise many will just dejectedly retire to their homes and maybe won't even bother to vote again in GE14.

    Yes, I had my wories as with any mammoth political rally that agent provocateurs could cause bloodshed, but thankfully, nothing happened. And I'm glad the DAP leadership did not agree with the line of thinking espoused in this blog.

    1. re your last line, which proves I'm independent and tho' am a supporter of DAP, do not automaticaaly toe the DAP line

    2. Nah! Kaytee is just like Humphery, a moral vaccum who believes in processes. Kaytee believes in ways. If the ways not right, then abandon it. If it's from the outside, can't help it. It's not kaytee's problem

      Delineation process would kick place end of the year. I bet BN will do it such a way that BN will win forever. See! how Kaytee's ways can save the day.

  8. You see this is only one incident where SPR cheated for BN

    The fact is that people especially Madhater ain't chivalrous & cheating every corners. Else how BN can win all the time. What's the fuck is Kaytee's solution?

    How to win like that? Even GE200 also can't win