Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ketuanan PKR

K: Amp... ......, I have the committee list.

H..: Only one? I thought there would be two.

K: That's only for public consumption. The list shows a 6-4 ratio.

H..: That's racial. Why must a committee be made up by racial proportion? I don't like it. You know I am against racism. Many are aware I have a very multiracial inclination.

K: Of course of course, but it's a way of curbing, constraining and cowtim-ing those rocket people. They're very aggressive.

H..: Aggressive? or do you mean assertive. There's a world of difference between the two.

K: Yes, yes, amp... ...... I mean assertive.

H..: So what's the problem. Bulan takes 4, Rocket takes 4, you take 2, and there you are, your 6-4 ratio.

K: Yes yes amp... ......, you are absolutely right. But ... er ... that means I'll have to leave out from the committee a favoured hard-working Chinese from my own party - she's totally reliable, 101% loyalty, and even went to Taiwan on our leader's bidding, an activity very much against her human rights grain.

H..: Then there's not much of that grain, is there?

K: Yes yes amp... ......, you are absolutely right. But I really want to have her in the committee as a show of my multiracial credentials and commitment.

H..: Well, make up your mind whether you want a 6-4 racial split or a multiracial credential? You can't have both at the same time. Sticking to the previous 5-5 which worked rather well would have solved your problem.

K: It's politics and I know you once mentioned most emphatically you are not and will not involve yourself in politics. It's about keeping the rocket people in manageable numbers in the committee.

H..: You know what they say about you being lukewarm towards this woman in your party when she was in trouble? You distanced yourself from her when she was a victim of an unscrupulous scoundrel who betrayed her trust, as if she was the scoundrel instead of the victim. It had to take two from the opposite side of the fence to come to her defence. And now you insist on her being in the committee at the expense of your ally, whom you also want to control in their committee numbers. I just cannot understand you.

And when you were in trouble with the Talam issue, who spoke up for you but those rocket and bulan people, Your own party was deafeningly silent. And now you want to stab rocket in the back.

And what is this I heard you want an un-voted person from Kedah in the setup, in fact a failed politician who couldn't even answer questions about the conduct of your last party polls and who now want to postpone the coming one? In fact in his previous political allegiance he was a thug in an international forum.

And don't forget you are already the chair which is always worth at least two in the committee. You now want to deprive your so-called ally of one to give your party 3, which makes a total of five for your party. Isn't that excessive, greedy and unreasonable when your party performed the worst among your allies?

Then I noticed in the last two weeks your party people behaved arrogantly to stake an automatic claim on the chair of the committee as if this State belongs to you party. And that woman had the nerve to tell your allies to back off on the choice of the chair, confirming your party's mistaken belief that the position is your party's birthright. This smells of ketuanan nonsense. Don't forget who I am.

K: Yes yes amp... ......, you are absolutely right. Politics is so dirty which has been why I dare not burden sire with its shoddy complexity.

H..: Since you claim to be multiracial, what about an Indian from your party? I heard the previous one has being dropped?

K: My ally is putting one up so there'll be one Indian in the committee.

H..: So thanks to the rocket, and no thanks to your so-called multiracial party, there would be at least an Indian in the committee. In that case, why not leave it to your so-called ally to put up the Chinese as well as the Indian, and you concentrate just on Melayu?

K: Amp.. ......, I really want to have one Chinese from my party in as well.

H..: One Chinese from your party, or is it THAT particular Chinese?

K: T...... is so perceptive and absolutely right.

H..: I don't like the way your party treats Indians as if there are your mandores. But well, do what you think is right. I have had enough of your nonsense.

K: Menjunjung kasih, but may I drop your name here and there, if only to deter my ally from making too much noise?

H..: Boy, I am glad I am not in politics. You bastards make me sick with your treachery.

FMT - Jangan heret istana kemelut lantikan Exco Sgor

... Mohamad Munir [Setiausaha Sulit Sultan] berkata Sultan Sharafuddin pada 14 Mei lalu telah menitahkan Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim mengemukakan senarai Exco untuk diperkenan.

Selaras dengan peruntukan undang-undang, Abdul Khalid telah berjanji untuk mengemukakan nama-nama Exco setelah berbincang dan mendapat persetujuan daripada ketiga-tiga parti komponen dalam tempoh satu minggu.

Mohamad Munir berkata, Baginda pada 20 Mei lalu telah menerima surat mengandungi senarai nama Exco semasa Abdul Khalid bercuti membuat rawatan di luar negara.

You must have Eli Wong, even at DAP's expense
What about Xavier if you are really multiracial?
Don't worry, DAP will look after the Indians as you PKR people never do anyway

“Menteri Besar Selangor hanya menghadap bagi mendapat perkenan Sultan Selangor pada Isnin 27 Mei lalu selepas beliau kembali ke tanah air.

“Oleh itu tidak benar tohmahan oleh seorang Ahli Parlimen Selangor yang menyatakan kelewatan pelantikan Exco disebabkan memenuhi kehendak Sultan Selangor,” katanya.

Kenyataannya itu dipercayai ditujukan kepada Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam Khalid Samad yang mendakwa kelewatan itu kerana Sultan Selangor mahu melihat nisbah Exco yang berlainan pada kali ini.

HRH is not happy with you

Now who's been naughty to HRH and fibbing to DAP? Khalid Samad or Khalid Ibrahim?


Dr Utterly Frustrated & Shafted

What I wrote as a comment over at Malaysia-Today on the topic of Xavier’s supporters gather outside Anwar’s house prior to the announcement of the Selangor exco lineup:

PKR has the MB and 3 exco positions which will be filled by Elizabeth Wong, Rodziah Ismail and Daroyah Alwi..

Actually HRH can still get his 6 Melayu with PAS' 4 and PKR's Rodziah Ismail and Daroyah Alwi, on top of a Malay MB in PKR's Khalid. And DAP could still enjoy its deserved 4 excos.

But that would mean leaving out Eli. That won't be accepted by Khalid who coincidentally is the only one to speak with HRH, so God knows what's spoken between HRH and the MB?

Be that as it will be, the fate of Xavier is the fate of Indians in PKR - eg. Kalla, Gobala both of whom were once bodek-ers of Anwar Ibrahim but which didn't save them. PKR is just another UMNO who sees Indians as mandores or lapdogs.

However, there is a kaytee solution. Take for example the case of Eli Wong, a fave of Khalid Ibrahim because she is 101% loyal to him like Faekah, hardworking and a commendable exco on the portfolio of environment. She even sacrificed her reputation by going to Taiwan to chase after potential frogs for Anwar in the 916 Great Shame.

Imagine, a great human rights advocate and sweet lady like Eli chasing Anwar's frogs all the way to Taiwan!!! If that's not dedicated blind loyalty, what then is? So PKR's appointment of her to the exco is only to be expected, and f* anyone who stands in her way

Because PKR insists on having her in the exco, it has to be done at the expense of DAP, without touching HRH's 6 Melayu excos provided by 4 PAS ADUNs and PKR's Rodziah Ismail and Daroyah Alwi.

Thus, to have Eli Wong in the exco on top of the PKR MB and 2 Malay excos, DAP is forecast to have to give up one of its exco allocations to Eli.

Indispensable and f**k DAP

The solution for PKR and Xavier is to get DAP to give up another exco position. In fact, why not take all exco positions from DAP. That way, Xavier and 2 additional PKR ADUNs (perhaps Nik Nazmi and Azmin Ali himself) can all be in the exco too.



  1. Kaytee,
    Where the fuck is Hua Yong? How the fuck he's going to explain this? By the way, I won't kiss HRH or Khalid's feet even if Hannah Yeoh were to be given the datukship. Datuk hah, got value meh?
    You know she is appointed as selangor speaker. Sound very ground breaking. To me, SO WHAT, FUCKER? Appoint Teng Chang Khim as MB Selangor, that's earthquake shaking
    It's fucking strange that a sultan from a neighbouring state don't even bother about the racial lineup.

    Perhaps, DAP must watch the whole series of FUCK YOU BUDDY. To those who are being insulted by those terms, FUCK YOU BUDDY is a board game invented by John Nash, GRAND FUCKING MASTER of GAME THEORY.

  2. Kaytee,
    You know what! Remember what the fuck Nik Nazmi say. I want this CB to eat his words. Take a look the racial composition of entire selangor

    "Selangor has the largest population in Malaysia at 5,411,324 as of 2010.[3] The state's ethnic composition consists of Malay 52.9%, Chinese 27.8%, Indian 13.3%, and other ethnic groups 6%"

    Ah so according to HRH/ or is it Khalid's calculation

    0.529 x 13 = 6.877

    But wait a fucking minute, how many melayu in the lineup? 4 from PAS. 2 + 1 MB from PKR, 1 deputy speaker, which is the CB Nik Nazmi. That means

    4 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 8

    That means 61 fucking % lei. Which is 10% more.

    Nik Nazmi,
    Apa the fuck? Macam mana sikarang? Not to mention your fucking party get 14. Let do simple maths. Tell me 14 greater or less than 15.

    As for Indians, go ask Khalid......Please!

    Syed Husin protested that Perak state exco must reflect racial composition. Ended up we have 2 retarded excos who jumped ship a year after. Screwing the PR. No thanks to your fucking boss called Azmin Ali.......Hmmm.....WHERE THE FUCK IS HUA YONG?



  3. KT,

    I am a simpleton

    Sorry who is H.

    Kindest regards

    1. It's not H but H-dot-dot or H..

    2. Dear anon simpleton.....when we address royalty, don't we always start with "His Royal Highness" ? Hope by now, you get the meaning of "H". Moreover, it was mentioned that "he" abstains from being involved in politics....that's what royalty is deemed to do. And lastly, who is Khalid's boss in Selangor ? Who the MB reported to ?

      Hope all the above hints are more than enough for you....

  4. So Khalid is giving more amno to UMNO bloggers... the photos of them always in close proximity (with her..) is not good even how both may be talented in their own ways... Yes, he said, that he wished that are DVD's made of him but it only goes to shows there are pets including Hannah's appointment. We are not sexist but she is only a 2nd term ADUN.

    Methinks, Malaysians should just go back to the Mamak shops, watch MU or Arsenal or Chelsea kick the ass out of other teams & shout at the top of our voices. Turun padang? Mungkin politikus Malaysia bukan matang lagi. At least football or the next badminton match will unite us more than the clowns...

    Malaysians have a wonderful way of just relaxing... then get excited before match day.

    GE14 predictions - so called "red beans" will be irrelevant, pro-BN bloggers halfed and muted since money cannot be spent like what it use to be. Bersih committee will pursue other causes, some will leave country. Penang will still be run by DAP but by smaller margin. Old guard will need wheelchairs to go to the next night rally and new generation will still be clowns talking about Chinese & Indian equity while Orang Asli & East Malaysians continue to be f$#%@ big time. Selangor will be hang adun with Khalid going to private sector to be consultant. Hannah will have third child & calls it a day to be full time mother....

    Kadir Jasin's latest posting is very relevant. Rakyat has send a message to BN especially UMNO. If they still pursue their path, Malaysians will take note but may we add, Malaysians will also take note of PR's performance & dallances like in Kedah and partially in Perak.

  5. Kaytee,
    I have just lost everything I have typed in but never mind. I am glad to hear that Zairil helmed the Kedah DAP leadership. It's time to expand wings in Kedah. Of course, I believe it's not Zairil intention of snatching Kedah MB in GE14. Mahfuz is a good man. (In fact, Mahfuz should have taken over MB Kedah leadership long long time ago by forcing azizan to retire.
    Anyway, it would be great that Zairil can nego with Mahfuz to get 6 state seats to contest in kedah in GE14. 2 should be kulim & gurun & Bakar bata. One from close by areas. That would be Zairil task

    Meanwhile I hope that Anthony should rope in Aspan to help out on .......To be continued

    1. looes, do you have to use the word 'helm'? Most news used this word, way too excessively if I may point out, thus I really hate it. Once I wrote to MKINI about it and was assured the news media would bear this in mind,wakakaka.

      Why not use 'head', 'captained', 'has taken over' - for more, see

  6. There's no need to feel sorry or get angry on behalf of DAP Selangor.
    Exco positions are only the most visible positions in the State. There are plenty of others. I'm sure DAP and also PKR's Indian wing will be erm...compensated fairly.

    Selangor state has billions of Ringgit GLCs fully or partially controlled by the State government. There are many board and various management positions which the State government gets to directly appoint or influence the appointments. It also spends hundreds of millions of Ringgit on all kinds of project awards annually.

    Its the richest state in Malaysia, ya ?

    I'm sure Khalid Ibrahim has sorted out appropriate deals to keep DAP on board. Don't get too caught up with all the talk about DAP being so clean and principled and that kind of bullshit.

    They are all politicians....remember ?

    1. I suppose you know all this from the way BN operates

    2. KayTee Kia
      Now I know why BN is so boring!

    3. One has to bear in mind BN is the opposition in Selangor and for the past 5 years, BN has been watching like a hawk for any hanky panky from the state government, nothing escapes its gimlet eyes for any straying from the straight and narrow....see the way it pounced on one poor chap on the suspicion of grand larceny of rm2400, enough to send him flying out of the window 14th floor above. BN is so desperate to want the Selangor state back into its arm and will now be more watchful than ever. So for PR, even if there are those who are tempted to reach for the cookie jar surreptitiously, they first have to slip pass the 'goalkeepers' from BN who had at least 40 years of invaluable corrupt twists and turns 'jalan' to transform public funds into own-pocket funds. That is why BN makes the perfect opposition in this sort of scenario.

    4. Teoh Beng Hock was murdered. Many know who is the murderer


    What another bullshit statement from the chief propagandist called Terence Netto. Like I say before, either he's an incompetent buffon or a scheming fella. Seriously, HRH's demands of majority of excos to be melayu is a non issue by just highlighting the fact that in the 2008 lineup, there are only 5 melayu excos. Of course, together with MB, it's 6 against 5.
    Anyway, you can get what you really want with HRH especially if you know your constitution well. First of all, all bills matter is related to legislative assembly in which PR commands the majority. One can armtwist his ahem by just twitching his expenses. You can always remind him that PR got 2/3 majority. With the prowness of Malaysia chronicle & terence netto, PR can contain any onslaught from HRH's counter attack. Especially it doesn't look good on him if he does because he's creating a constitutional crisis.
    Which brings to the fact if this crisis is created by PKR including Khalid Ibrahim. Which extremely piss me off because It's not fair & unjust. There are precedences that such actions may resulting in Selangor in failing back to BN as in Kedah & Terengganu. It seems that PAS never learn their lesson & PKR is bending towards the path resulting masses suffered because of their follies. I do wonder those FUCKING CB such as HUA YONG ever understand the implication or not.
    Poeple may say why argue over this matter. To me, it's extremely important that fairness must be there. Else, what's next? Khalid abuses his power by appointing Saiffudin as economic czar. Some PKR cronies installed in selangor GLCS.
    These fucking CB PKR Ketuanan must be stopped at once. Else, DAP should go alone

    1. Terence Netto is Anwar's tame journalist

  8. I think the article below is a much more level-headed analysis of the whole Exco appointment episode.

    I personally think Khalid Ibrahim did well to navigate a difficult situation which would not really satisfy anybody, no matter what the outcome - DAP, PAS, competing elements in his own party, PKR.

    I would have been very surprised if Xavier Jayakumar had been retained. No solid proof, but there is a lot of underground rumbling from within PKR about Jayakumar. A bit like Ronnie Liu, who was dropped from DAP's candidate line-up altogether..

    Please don't knock Elie Wong just because of your narrow mindedness.
    Elie is a bright, solid, hardworking Exco who gets a lot of work done. I wish there were more ADUNs like her. A lot of us young, educated professionals look up to her.

    I'm quite sure Khalid Ibrahim has ways to keep DAP Selangor more-or-less happy, as someone pointed out above, not in any corrupt manner (that's a big NO) but within the State government's legitimate powers and prerogatives.
    Guan Eng's speech "DAP shall move on and hopes that Khalid will adhere to his commitment to DAP to give us greater representation in future" is really a side reminder to this.

    1. I have been one of Eli's strongest supporters, but that doesn't mean I won't criticize her for going to Taiwan to hunt for frogs.

      Khalid may be a good business leader but he is politically spineless.

    2. Aren't these MMM ever tire of putting their heroes on such high pedestal ? Even 'bright, solid and hardworking' can have flaws and when such human rights proponent momentarily chuck her principles down the drain and goes a-froggie-hunting, then expect to be reprimanded. And we all put in our 2 cents protests against AA in order to support MB Khalid to retain his position but that does not mean we are blind to his infamous swayback-ness.....these people must remember what goes around comes around and to even try to hide behind the royal robes for their own treacherous games is the pits.

  9. Frankly, I am wondering what if this is Perak 2008 instead of Selangor 2013. One just got to look at the reaction of these PKR leaders. Including Lee Boon Chye, Chang Lih Kang, that 2 melayu clowns who lompat2 & the great syed husin.

    It's fair for DAP to get only 3 excos & 1 speaker but it's not fair for PKR to get 1 or 2 exco.....That's slated last timeduring 2008. I am lazy to pull out the history. You can go & google or ask kaytee to pull out a file of how PKR complain, cajole, threaten etc etc etc.....Of getting what they want......It reeks ketuanan......because of this, I am extremely pissed over this incident because PKR & PAS have never treated their allies with respect
    The reason why we have all these shits is because PKR/PAS has refused to yield melayu seats even if they don't really stand a chance. One good example is in Penang. A Malay Business Council chairman by the name of Rahmat proposed that DAP should field its melayu candidates......You know what the fucking reply from PKR & PAS......FUCK OFF.....Go through tons of history how PKR & PAS bullied DAP.
    Luckily ALLAH got eyes, ALLAH punished PKR/PAS folks kaw kaw. See Azizan lost the state govt & his health. Hadi Awang till today can't capture Terengganu even though stadium runtuh.....It's very divine one. Now this reeks hypocrises & unjust. I bet selangor will go too

  10. Hahahaha.....Kaytee, yuo are going to be shiok

    But then, Azmin Ali may become the leader

    1. No my dear looes, time and time again I've told you I have nothing personal against Anwar except I don't like him as a politician principally because he was an UMNO minister for years without uttering a good word but has the brazen bullshit nerve to shout reformasi ONLY when he was kicked out of UMNO.

      But even Anwar is better than Azmin Ali who is far more terrible. BUt it seems Azmin's power is on teh wane - see

      I left a comment on RPK's site as follows:

      Azmin and his 'inner coterie' (Saifuddin Nasution, Nik Nazmi, Zuraida Kamaruddin, etc) have been exactly why I refused to support ABU. Whatever, if this is indeed the beginning of Azmin's downfall, then it's beautiful music to my ears, wakakaka. However, Azmin is not exactly the type who will give in graciously. Expect a dirty internal war in PKR, though I would urge Dr Wan Azizah as party president to ensure that the party polls is NOT delayed as informed by Saifuddin Nasution that would only prolong Azmin's power within the party.


    Turkey's Erdogans bare their Mullah teeth...

    Staunchly secular Turkey is slowly but surely being Talibanized by the Islamist party.

    PAS would likely be much worse...\

    A vote for DAP is really a vote for PAS... as the final outcome of the Selangor Exco fiasco shows.