Monday, May 20, 2013

Selangor exco saga continues

Malaysia-Today - Tony Pua lupa ada 2 pilihan

As we all know, the Pakatan post-election agreement was for PAS to get 3 excos plus the speaker position (the latter previously held by DAP), DAP to get 4 exco positions, and PKR, apart from filling the MB position, gets 3 exco positions.

PAS' Khalid Samad now claims that Pakatan negotiations on filling up the exco have ended up with 2 plans.

The first plan, according to him, was there would be 5 Malay exco and 5 non-Malay exco.

Again according to him, the second would be made up of 6 Malay exco and 4 non-Malay exco.

So the first will see PAS providing the 3 Malay exco plus 2 from PKR, while DAP provides the 4 non-Malay exco with one from PKR.

OTOH, the second requires, according to Khalid Samad again, that PAS to provide 4 Malay exco with the remaining 2 from PKR, while DAP can only provide 3 non-Malays with 1 more non-Malay from PKR.

If you see Khalid Samad's argument or purported Pakatan agreement, then regardless of Plan 1 or Plan 2, PKR gets:

(a) the MB position as a special-to-holder for Khalid Ibrahim (agreed to and supported by both PAS and DAP, and ironically disagreed by PKR), and

(b) 2 Malay exco and 1 non-Malay exco.

Thus, PKR gets what it wants on the exco, regardless.

PAS also benefits from Plan 2 as it improves its exco standing with Plan 2 at the expense of DAP - assuming Khalid's revelation on what was negotiated has been correct.

The Speaker position which DAP held in the previous DUN session, and supposedly to be taken up by PAS instead of an exco position, will be taken up again by DAP at the loss of an exco position.

But there are two issues involved, clouded by constant sly references (by both PKR and lamentably now PAS) to the Palace as if HRH has made a decision at the expense of DAP.

FMT via M2D reported Khalid Samad's statement: Beliau menjelaskan pilihan yang menjadi pilihan baginda mungkin daripada enam calon Melayu dan empat calon bukan Melayu di mana PAS mendapat empat tempat di dalam Exco Selangor.

The two separate issues would be (a) Pakatan negotiations and (b) final approval by HRH.

If we may reiterate, Pakatan negotiations ended up with firstly, PKR getting the MB position in person of Khalid Ibrahim which HRH has approved, and secondly, PAS getting speaker position and 3 exco, DAP getting 4 exco (after surrendering the speaker position) and PKR getting 3 exco on top of MB position.

The Pakatan intra-coalition negotiations would be independent of HRH's approval as that would be part and parcel of a coalition sharing of the exco positions, provided of course it doesn't clash with HRH's personal preference on the exco make-up.

doubt HRH would want to interfere with intra-coalition negotiations on sharing of the exco positions. HRH will only be interested in who'll be the MB and exco members as these people will be running his state for the next 5 years.

If HRH wants 6 Malay exco, then it's clear PAS and PKR should provide them with 3 each. DAP continues to have 4 exco as agreed.

In other words, both Pakatan negotiated agreement and HRH's approval will be met.

Thus the only cause for change to Pakatan's agreed sharing of the exco positions would only be in a situation when even a combined PAS-PKR contribution could not provide 6 Malay ADUNs for the exco.

It's not the case here.

Khalid Samad's argument is faulty because on the basis PKR wants to put a non-Malay (and to f* with everyone else), DAP has to surrender one of the 4 exco positions to PAS to fill the 6th Malay exco.

Why shouldn't the 6th exco member come from PKR? Why only from PAS at the expense of DAP?

All these have nothing to do with HRH. Please stop using his name to justify intra-coalition hijacking.

It's PKR's problem foisted, as usual, onto DAP, of course with PAS benefiting.

Could that be the reason Khalid Samad talks like so?

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  1. KayTee,

    Can you imagine if PR were to win the GE13 the other day? I believe by now, they haven't finish their quarrel over who should be DPM (more than 1 assuming they all agreed that DSAI should be PM), thereafter, who should be Finance, Home, Foreign, Trade etc Ministers before finally going back to the same old racial composition argument.

    Unless they shape up, I really do not think this bunch of PR people deserve a chance to run the country.

  2. Yes, imagine....had PR formed the government in the last election....just imagine the utter chaotic spectacle the rakyat have to witness when these UBAH leaders bring out their knives against each other.

    Before the election, we have been singing the mantra.....between the devil and the deep blue sea. Now after the election, this mantra is still valid. Dengan Umno, kita mampus. Dengan PR, kita pun mampus. It's all a mater of how fast we mampus.

  3. The Rakyat absolutely must not ever allow this bunch of idiots - DAP, PKR and PAS the chance to run the country.

    It will be an absolute disaster for Malaysia.

    1. in Pakatan where the 3 members are equal there will always be disagreements and disputes but hopefully settlements.

      in BN where UMNO is lord and master, what can the the mandore parties do but keep their mouths shut and their hands open for handouts

    2. Yes....with PR there is a smidgen of hope, in fact more than a smidgen. But and this is huge BUT......DAP no matter how equal, will have a hard to prevail against PAS and PKR as these latter both parties have elements of hardcores who think they have the 'right of way' each time, using their melayu-ness and so-called inborn priviledge. Equality means to incorporate the element of fairness, but how fair is fair when they use the royalty to their they will use their 'official' religion' and next thereafter, their bumiputra-ness ....

      It is untenable to deal with men who are define EQUALITY according to their own whim and fancy.

  4. Sorry to say, your optimism regarding HRH attitudes is misplaced.

    1. Have to agree 100% with Anon 6:15 pm. Malaysians never learn. Ten times bitten, and yet come back for more the 11th time....

  5. Frankly speaking, I don't really give a damn on what HRH says anyway. In the first place, I fully agree based on the state assemblymen that each political parties would be reflected on the exco composition. Hence, I simply do not understand PKR Exco composition. By right, since PKR got 14 aduns, with MB in hand, PKR should be allocated with 3 excos. I agree PAS should have 4.

    Hence.....DAP (4), PAS (4), PKR (3).......Case close

    If that HRH wanna have more malay excos, fine.....PAS (4 melayus) + PKR 3 (melayus). Case close lor. Ah so, simply because PKR wanna be multiracial, so DAP got suffer hah......FUCK YOU!

    The same thing happens in Pahang, NS & Kedah, resulting PAS lost Kedah because PAS keangkuhan......And Allah is punishing the PAS mullahs. NS can't be snatched by Pakatan. Thanks to one fucker called Kamarul Abbas......Time to step aside for PKR NS for DAP NS.

  6. the gaffe guy who know's11:03 pm, May 20, 2013

    Kaytee,nothing is not fucked up,not with Azmin Ali around.This clown is overdue for a career change.The faster he gets the fuck out the better it will be for everyone.Good riddance to bad garbage.

  7. What's this Malay and Non-Malay? I thought Pakatan subscribes to a Malaysian Malaysia. But when it comes to fighting for seats in the EXCO PAS and PKR still falls back on the Malay and Non-Malay argument? That's shows how committed PAS and PKR are to their own words. The sing 1 tune when before election and another after.

    1. This is the typical "cakap tak serupa bikin" ala-PR for you. Remember Hannah Yeoh's ceramah where she said "When we the Pakatan tells you we are united, we mean it".

      With this unproductive bickering going one, can we now tell Hannah - BS?

  8. Lets say we have the hypothetical Prince of a faraway fictitious Muslim Principality. The Prince is head of Islam of that said imaginary Principality, but has been regularly bedding a beautiful and highly desirable socialite - who happens to be unmarried and a Non-Muslim - two Big No-Nos, especially for a titular religous head.

    That would make the hypothetical Prince susceptible to duress from the operatives of the Supra-Caliphate of which the Principality is a member.
    Now, this Principality happens to be a very important source of Dinars , which the Operatives of the Supra-Caliphate covert.
    The Prince is being regularly "encouraged" to interfere with the Principality in ways which may destabilise or at least make life difficult for the Administrators of the Principality.

    Anyway....just a fairy tale about a far away mythical Principality.

    Any resemblance to any actual people or events anywhere in the world is purely accidental and unintended....

  9. Ever man and his dog seems to be getting on this act. The latest of course are the arses from the discredited MIC and useless Gerakan both of whicha re trying to cause trouble by asking that DAP appoint two "Indians". They know that DAP will only appoint its representatives that it considers suitable.

    I could be wrong...maybe this lot of MIC and Gerakan idiots are really quite smart and trying to see if DAP will accept failures like them. But I also do not see how any DAP representative will have any credibility if supported by these failed politicians.

  10. Kaytee Kia,
    As I have said all along, easier said than done about this unique M'sia. Ask a Malay Muslim of what constitute Satu M'sia, Bangsa M'sia, etc M'sia, he will list 1001 things. The Chinese another 1001 things,
    the Punjabis, the Bidayuhs, Ibans, Semais, and the Nepalis ( yes...there are Malaysian of Nepalis origin, the ex Gurkhas, don't you all remember ?) presenting a gamut of ideas and wishes.
    But nothing beats this clown Nuar, just play to the circus, oops I mean gallery!

  11. Are these excos working for their own races or for rakyat of Selangor? Why all the chinese exco must come from DAP? PKR chinese cannot lor?

    1. PAS gets 3 plus speaker, DAP gets 4, PKR gets MB (worth 3 excos) and 3 excos = total virtually 6 excos for PKR.

      From these sharing, please give HRH, as claimed by PKR and PAS, his 6 Malay excos. Why penalise DAP of one?

    2. Again if you wanna be multiracial. Simple!

      PAS (4 melayus excos)
      PKR (2 melayus excos + 1 chinaman exco)
      DAP ( 4 non melayus exco)

      Case close! You means MB is seperate one hah! You mean MB not exco.....Sorry, in this anon fucking mind, MB is an alien from MARS.

      So tell me tell me you Fucking CB......How many melayu excos? Wanna use your CB hand to calculate? Tell 6 > 5. Plus, PKR got one chinalady or man exco what! FUCK YOU LA!

    3. one thing about looes - you can depend on him to be colourful wakakaka, with colourful language

    4. Perhaps, I should use the Allo Allo style.....Lagi best


      I love it when Michelle always says


      Even though Michelle has said it many many times.

      It's the time when french & english not in loggerhead which started 700 more years ago. Strange bedfellow heh! Who can forget Italians when they switch side whenever opportunities favour them.

      Who doesn't love the Italianoes? Captain Bertolini! I love Allo Allo as it gets very R(A) towards the end