Sunday, May 05, 2013

Planned Messiness?

I'm putting the latest poll results right at top of this post to facilitate your reading.


I have to admit my initial elation about Perak was a bit premature. Looks like both PAS and PKR couldn't come up with the goods.

I believe in the post election wash-up, PKR and PAS must face facts that they shouldn't bite more than they can chew, whether this be in Perak, Kedah, NS, Sarawak or Sabah (including Labuan).

I personally would like to see Balik Pulau and Bagan Serai given to DAP, tho' of course I doubt PKR will be that generous or realistic.

BN has achieved 112 federal parliamentary seats to stay for another term in Putrajaya. Looks like Anwar Ibrahim's dream of becoming PM has been shattered.

According to MKINI's tally, BN has won 97 federal seats. It needs only another 15 to win a simple majority. PR has only 41. I think from these figures we have to grudgingly come to the realization that PR won't be in Putrajaya tomorrow.

FLASH - latest MKINI tally for BN = 111

But PR has retained rule in Kelantan, Penang, Selangor. It's still unknown in Perak but the chances for PR are pretty good.

Unfortunately PR botched its chances in NS where PAS lost all 10 seats it contested, and PKR didn't come up with the minimum required 8 to form with DAP's 11 a simple majority.

It has lost Kedah, and I regret to say most Chinese don't have any sympathy for PAS, the major PR party there.

Wonder what's going on in Raub where Sakmongkol AK47 is standing as a DAP candidate.

There are 36 state seats in NS. DAP contested in 11 and won all, which means for PR to govern NS, it needs another 8. PAS contested 10 and lost all, including the one seat it won in last election. Can PKR come up with 8?

One of my observations is that PAS is not very well accepted in some places like Sabah (including the FT of Labuan), Sarawak and obviously NS.

Hvaing read about PKR's leadership problem in NS, I have a sinking feeling PR may not get to govern that state.

very happy to know Patto's daughter sweetie Kasthuri Patto has won Dr Rama's old parliamentary seat of Batu Kawan in Penang with a 25962 vote majority. Indeed the daughter of her illustrious father. Syabas sweetie.

Blast. Just went for a snack and found out on return young Chua Tee Yong scrapped through in the final count for Labis, winning by a majority of a mere 353. Chua Snr should be pleased for his son, and I congratulate both son and dad.

Also bad news that Greenie Wong Tack somehow lost to Liow Big LIE by also around 350 votes. THis wqas one MCA loss I was looking forward to, but dash it. Looks like my razor won't be needed.

Good news - Ali Rustam will lose Bukit Katil. 

Looks like Nurul has won Lembah Pantai tho' there's as yet no direct official result, but indirect indications from news that RNC has lost.

Anwar won PP by majority of nearly 12K

Good work by 2 PKR blokes, Dr Tan Tee Kwong and Khalid Ibrahim who won Wangsa Maju and Bandar Tun Razak respectively.

Whoa man, Bukit Bendera in Penang has always been a Chinese heartland constituency, and Zairil Khir Johari (DAP) has just won it with a marvellous humongous 32,778 vote majority.

Syabas Zairil, your dad if alive would have been damn proud of you.

yet another DAP Malay MP

Another piece of good news. Ibrahim Ali lost in Pasir Mas, which means both Perkasa candidates sponsored by Dr M kalah teruk. wakakaka.

What's happening in Lembah Pantai? Heard FRU are there in force as the tally for the two candidates are pretty close. Last heard Nurul was leading.

Bloody good news - Zulkifli Noordin has been resoundingly thrashed by Khalid Samad in Shah Alam.

But in Bentong, Liow Tiong LIE is slowing catching up with Greenie Wong (DAP). Hope he doesn't.

My fave Bhai has won Gelugor with more than 40,000 majority, though this pales into insignificance when compared with DAP colleague Teresa Kok's majority of 51,771 votes in Seputeh, wakakaka.

The Lion roared but once and won Gelugor, wakakaka

DAP is expected to sweep all its seats it contests in Johor, NS, Perak and of course it has done so already in Penang. Syabas.

PKR has won the Miri seat that DAP had surrendered to it out of goodwill for being allowed to use the PKR symbol when DAP was under siege by the RoS.


Unofficial but Wow nonetheless, PKR First Admiral (R) Mohd Imran Abdul Hamid won Lumut from MCA secretary-general Seri Kong Cho Ha of the PKFZ saga. Anwar had been worried about this one but if the report is true then it's beautiful, and Anchors Aweigh.

OKAY!!!!!! Uncle Lim has won Gelang Patah by a 15,758 majority while my fave PAS man Nizar Jamaluddin wins Changkat Jering, hopefully to become MB Perak again.

But sorry, Chua Jui Meng lost Segamat to MIC S Subramaniam by 1, 204 votes

PAS announced it has retained Kelantan. But it lost its deposit in Labuan, garnering only a pitiful 386 votes. Bro Haris Ibrahim had implored the party to give the seat to PKR but t was too stubborn to accept that it's not welcomed in East Malaysia.

Apparently DAP has claimed victory in all 11 NS state seats and two federal seats it contested. However, it lost Cameron to MIC Palanivel by a mere 80 votes.

very happy Dr Jeya will retain Sg Siput with comfortable lead.

another great news but yet to be confirmed - Pakatan has won Selangor - only dark cloud is who'll be the MB?

It's likely Greenie Wong Tack of DAP will put Liow Tiong LIE into retirement. While counting continues, Wong leads by 4K. I hope no medical magic occurs. Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob may have to cut his ears if Wong wins. I'll lend him my razor, wakakaka.

Unfortunately for Chua Jui Ming, there's only 4K votes to go and he's lagging by about 50-ish votes - still winnable but too close for comfort.

Young Chua Tee Yong (CSL's son) is likely to join his dad outside Parliament as he lags behind DAP's Ramakrishnan Suppiah by 2K

Liew Chin Tong has virtually won Kluang. Uncle Lim is almost past the finishing line first, and sweetie Teo is likely to win Kulai. Once Uncle Lim wins, I'm going to bed, wakakaka

Lim Kit Siang, the finest statesman Malaysia has

Dr M could have been another but like Darth Vader
he chose the dark side of the force

2200 hr
Amazing, the majority by which several DAP candidates have won, especially those in federal seats. People like sweetie Teresa Kok is reputed to have won by a 50,000 majority which remind me of the old Bukit Bintang where MCA cannon fodders were sent there to be slaughtered by Lee Lam Thye - looks like Seputeh is another slaughter house for BN candidates.

sweetie is such a HOT candidate, yummy

Heard that Tan Seng Giaw has won Kepong by a 40,000 majority.


Forgot to add that DAP held on to the federal seat of Sibu and won another federal seat, Stampin in Sarawak. Nurul is likely to retain Lembah Pantai - good on the sweetie

2135 hr
Yahhooooo - when it rains it pours for MCA-Gerakan. Lim GE has announced PR retains rule in Penang with 2/3 majority. Sorry, Miss Muffet, wakakaka.

Chief Minister again

2130 hr
DAP doing bloody well in Sarawak - apart from a landslide victory in Bandar Kuching, it has won Lanang and Sarikei.

Heard Ngeh Koo Ham has won Bruas with 3K majority. Tony Pua is leading fantastically and likely to win, while Uncle Lim is doing fine in GP, and sweetie Teo Nie Ching is also okay. 

DAP also doing great guns in Damansara Utama and Kg Tunku state seats in Selangor.

But I haven't heard anything about Ong KM in Serdang?

Heard BN has won Kedah state by a mere 2 seats majority - if so, not surprise as I have personally heard from Chinese Kedahans they regretted voting PAS in. I think the previous state government interference in Chinese festivals was too much for the Chinese there to swallow.

And once it's confirmed that BN has won, congrats will be in order to Mukhriz Mahathir as the new MB.

Also read my 25 Jan 2012 post Next MB of Kedah

2300 hr
Malaysiakini analysed that on preliminary results thus far, there has been a Malay swing back to BN.

If true, then congratulations are in order for Dr Mahathir for succeeding in his clarion call ad nausem of bangsa, agama dan ketuanan Melayu to Malays. Man still has some good & nasty tactics left, which explains how he was able to rule for more than 22 years, even until now, wakakaka.

2030 hr
Yahhooooooo, Rocket has landed in Bandar Kuching with INCREASED majority from 10K to 20K

DAP is leading in all its 19 state seats, and require only two more from PKR or PAS to continue PR's 2nd term as government of Penang. Eat your heart out, Miss Muffet, wakakaka.

Unfortunately BN (T. Adnan) has won Putrajaya, hardly surprising with an early start of 620 postal votes.

Okay, Sweetie Nurul has now taken the lead (600 votes). Phew!

just love her hat

2000 hr:

FMT tally for states - not sure about its correctness as other media haven't posted any full results yet


1955 hr:
I'm not sure about Free Malaysia Today's (FMT) tally thus far (also at RPK's M2D) which has DAP winning 23 federal seats as follows:

4 in Penang
6 in Perak
2 in Pahang
1 in SElangor
3 in FT 
1 in NS
2 Johor
4 Sarawak

Let's wait a wee while to see whether the above is true.


Dr Rama is doing just fine in Perai and on his way to a second term as DCM Penang. Sorry Uthy, wakakaka.




From Malaysiakini's polling day live report Malaysia decides, but process often 'messy' the common denominator appears to be EC officers insisting on messy and unnecessary procedures which cause long queues, frustrations and hardships to voters, or perhaps in my suspicious mind, "some" voters.

Perhaps an oxymoron here - Planned Messiness - may be appropriate.

It's known the EC lacks impartiality, and has been long suspected of being an UMNO tool. Already voters have shown that the so-called indelible ink could be rubbed off with grass, fortifying the voters suspicion that the ink has along been a joke and not meant to deter repetitive voting by (other camp's) "some".

Nonetheless, let's hope and see whether the determination and mass of voters will overcome the EC's questionable procedures.

Latest: Stupid remarks by EC's Wan Ahmad, who said: "I'm not worried about indelible ink being washed off today because tomorrow you can't vote."

But can't one vote again and again and again today.

Just "a little bit of soap" to wash the ink away
Listen to this once popular song in SE Asia

One commentator said: Bodoh macam lembu.

But I think he's not bodoh; it's part of the EC's "Planned Messiness".

2nd Update: Malaysiakini's 'Someone has stolen my right to vote' reported:

Teo said another voter Chu Moi Moi, 74, was also not allowed to vote at SMK Kulai Besar, as the personnel on duty there claimed that she had already voted earlier. 

The DAP candidate also said another voter Chong Mui Yoong, 52, was not allowed to vote at SMK Sultan Ibrahim as the EC also alleged that she had already voted earlier.

Teo said she has noted all the complaints including Liew’s and Chai’s. 

She also claimed that the EC officer in SMK Kulai Besar told her that the polling station would be closed at 5pm sharp even if there are still some voters queuing, as those voters did not come early in the morning.

"The polling station has seen long queues of voters since this morning," said Teo.

Now, you know why the EC has deliberately messed up procedures to delay the voting so as to cut off still waiting queues of voters.

3rd Update: Malaysiakini's Suspicious voter asks Pakatan for cash after voting at Pandan Selangor. Wakakaka.

Apart from that Malaysiakini also reported that:

Caretaker Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's press secretary Cheong Yin Fan reports that a member of the public has "caught" a Bangladeshi coming to vote at the SRJK(C) polling centre in Air Putih.

my name is Ban Gar Dshi
I was born in Kampung Dhaka in Ayer Itam

The PM of Malaysia is Sheikh Hasina ... ooops ... I mean Najib

The voter, JJ Choo, says he felt there was something suspicious about another voter, who later was discovered as a Bangladeshi with a Malaysian identity card.

Choo went to the EC website and tried to find his name, which was actually registered under another polling centre - Chung Ling High School, in the Air Itam state seat.

He immediately alerted the DAP volunteers on the ground, who contacted the DAP candidate for Air Itam Wong Hon Wai.

However, nothing could be done as the person holds a valid IC.

Kamsiah to Dr M.

4th Update: Free Malaysia Today's Spoilt votes boon to BN? reported that:

KOTA KINABALU: Complaints of the indelible ink being “smudegable” and “washable” have raised fears here that Sabah and Sarawak may likely see a mother load of spoilt votes in its borderline seats.

Fast circulation text messages and MMSes on social media of “smudgeable” and “washable” indelible ink markings has lent credence to reports that BN will “sweep” back into power in many areas considered to go ‘either way’.

Among these seats are Keningau, Penampang, Tuaran, Kota Marudu, Sandakan, Beaufort, Pensiangan, Kota Belud, Ranau and Papar in Sabah and Baram, Saratok, Mas Gading, Miri, Sibu and Lubok Antu in Sarawak among others.

In Sabah, Moyog seat’s State Reform Party (STAR) candidate Bernard Lawrence Solibon this morning said after casting his votes: “The ink has gone off. I didn’t even put anything on it. The transfer may cause stains on ballot papers and spoil many votes.” 

The EC had then defended itself by blaming polling officers for not shaking the ink bottles properly before applying them to the voters.

no f*-ing ink, man


Because the EC has just come up with another excuse, that the Malaysian version of the indelible ink is in fact not indelible because the silver nitrate content (which makes the ink stick to the skin) has been deliberately reduced from 15% to 1% to allows water to seep through so as to enable Muslims to perform ablution as required by the National Fatwa Council.

The silver nitrate cannot exceed 1% so as to comply with health regulation.

The EC can't f*-ing make up their minds as to what bloody f*-ing excuse they want to use.

Meanwhile as we wait for the Bangla-diceyd results, here's a kaytee poem to entertain you, wakakaka:

Hello, my name is Mr Farooq Majumdar
I was born in Kampung Paya Terubong
Which by the way, Sahib, is not very far
Just the distance of a Bangladeshi song

Yes Sahib, indeed I am very very Malaysian
Which is why today I have come to vote
‘Coz there is also lucrative compensation
And I really don’t mind coins or bank note

Best of all I don’t have to go home, I mean
Kampung Paya Terubong as per my address,
And that’s what makes me really super keen
To vote as told, for a citizenship to possess

PM Sheik Hasina

"Farooq, you naughty rascal, come home immediately"

5th Update: TMI's PKR claims agents told to leave Lembah Pantai centre reported:

KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 — Fifteen PKR counting agents were ordered to leave the Lembah Pantai counting centre at SM Seri Pantai temporarily this evening after voting closed at 5pm, the party’s communications bureau said today.

In a statement here, PKR said the reason giving for asking the agents to vacate the premises was to allow the Election Commission’s (EC) officers inside the centre to “rest”.

The party said their 15 agents refused to comply with the request, insisting that they have the right to observe all parts of the voting process, particularly the whereabouts of the ballots at all times.

sweetie Nurul - nice hat sweetie

Sheeesh, they would even try such a lousy non-procedural trick. Pariah!


  1. Came back fr pollling . then had a bath. Noticed tht nearly all the indelible ink had come out, of cos using the ordinary sabun mandi... not soap powder!! Well, my right fingers were stained with black hair-dye (did a little hair-dying yesterday last evening,and I didn't wear a glove), I shd say tht the black hair-dye stains are more distinct than the so-called indelible ink of SPR, even though I had washed the stains a couple of times using soap.

  2. Voted at 9.30 am. 3 hours later, no trace of ink on finger after washing with soap.

  3. Banglas already won GE13...forget about staying up late tonight.

  4. Definitely planned messiness where I was in Kota Kemuning, 3 hours to vote when I was there at 730am, need to check voter details despite having SPR printout, even senior citizen lines not moving. There were arguments between observers & SPR staff, SPR staff patronizingly say we can definitely let everyone vote by 5pm, don't worry...

  5. Voted in the afternoon and got home immediately to wash the inked finger.....just 3 repeated washings, with moderate rubbing using mild hand cleanser......all traces of ink gone !

    1. ;-) listen to the song 'a little bit of soap' wakakaka

  6. Kaytee,well we have to admit it.PR is no match for the mighty Umno/BN.At least go down with 100 seats or more,pun tak boleh.I always said that the Umno clones in PKR will screw it up.Damn greedy as their Umno masters.No wonder they got less than 2008.The PKR just do not have the generals needed for such a large battle.If they had contested 25 seats less maybe they would have won at least a few more seats.

    Anwar did say if the PR did not gain federal power,this will be his last GE.Well.if his words are true then he can take his blue eyed boy with him.The faster this blue eyed boy is gone the better it will be for the coalition.

    1. get rid of blue-eyed boy and PKR will have a good future, with people like Nurul, Khalid Ibrahim, Rafizi. Maybe they should merge with DAP.

  7. The search for scapegoat has started and Najib has set the tone by attributing to "Chinese tsunami".

  8. 1) Mahathir seems to have lost his magic. The two Perkasa candidates he sponsored lost, his call to 'patah' Lim Kit Siang went unheeded.

    2) All those sex videos, slandering of Guan Eng's son, Datuk T trio, Saiful... seems to have no effect.

  9. The people have spoken, oops I mean the Malaysian Chinese have really spoken.....