Friday, May 31, 2013

One good Chinese in Dr Mahathir's eyes

Read this - wakakaka!


  1. They said that particular mamak has 2 tongues in his mouth......methinks most politicians have that, so mamak must have at least 4 in mouth in order to be considered one of a kind.

  2. When speaking publicly, he likes to portray a Malay population under siege from the Chinese, and the dangers of Malays being oppressed by the Chinese. But in private he is buddy-buddy with these same upper-class people. And the sad thing is that the ultra-right wing like to quote statistics of these numerous Chinese billionaires vs less-numerous Malay ones as justification for prolonging the NEP, when in actual fact these Chinese billionaires are part of the upper-class/ruling-class clique ("bourgeoisie") and have no relation to the situation of the common Chinese.

  3. Thank U for pointing us your readers to this article. The readers' comments at the end of the article is definitely delicious!

    1. Yes, thank you KT......agree with Anon 1:12 pm, the no hold bars comments at end of said article blare out the truth....the chinese towkays are proxies, the indian anandas are proxies, and the mamak are crying croc tears that the malays are poor because of these chinese and indian millionaires, hahahahaha