Monday, May 06, 2013

The Morning After - Part 1

Najib has finally got his 'mandate', though from PKR's view, under dodgy circumstances, wakakaka.

A shocked and by now broken hearted Anwar Ibrahim has cried foul as reported by TMI's Crying foul, Anwar disputes GE13 results and will not accept those damning election results.

It's also interesting to note than Pakatan has actually won the popular vote by amassing about 51% share of the total votes for GE-13 but been rewarded with only 40% share of federal seats, whilst BN with 47% of total votes garnered 60% of the 222 federal seats. Only once before in Malaysia's political history has a party with the majority of federal seats lost the popular vote, to wit, in 1969.

But this is a result of a combination of 'first past the post' contest combined with gross gerrymandering where in one federal constituency, only 15,000 registered voters can elect a MP to represent them in parliament while in another constituency, nearly 150,000 voters may only vote for also one MP to represent them. The voter in the former has ten times the say in parliament compared to his/her sardine-zed fellow Malaysian in the latter, who is perhaps a 'lesser' Malaysian.

The job of a truly independent impartial Election Commission, which of course doesn't describe the Malaysian EC, would have endeavoured to ensure the universal suffrage of 'one person, one vote' in a democracy, thus dividing the 222 federal constituencies into lots having an average of, say, 60,000 voters in each [some minor variations may be allowed but subject to justifications, etc].

Kapar would then be divided into Kapar East (or North) and Kapar West (or South) represented by 2 MPs while Putrajaya doesn't deserve to be be a federal seat by itself and would be subsumed under another Wilayah constituency or combined with Labuan as one.

But that's only a pipe dream as the ruling party will never allow such impartial professionalism to come about for the EC. Let me share a very closed secret with you - the EC is in fact UMNO's real fixed deposit, not just some pro-UMNO states.

Nonetheless, I would say, notwithstanding suspicions of UMNO's alleged 'creativity' with the alleged help of the EC, Najib has done well not to let the BN lose and, what more, also in regaining BN's control of Kedah and retaining rule in the Silver State, the latter very much to my surprise!

It's a truism of politics that political parties lose elections, not win them.

While Najib was assisted by the master strategist and tactician, his mentor Dr Mahathir, in not losing the votes of the Heartland, he wasted precious federal seats in overindulging the extreme right-wing element of his party by allowing two losers in Zulkuifli Noordin and Ibrahim Ali to contest.

Ibrahim Ali was undoubtedly a concession to his mentor, but I wonder for the life of me why he had chosen Zulkifli Noordin, an automatic loser from the moment the religious bigot was nominated.

Then he compounded his mistake by marginalizing Ong Tee Keat just on the words of a loser like Chua Soi Lek, a MCA man who lacked objectivity, impartiality and coalition interests insofar as his intra-party chief political enemy is concerned.

Najib was lucky not to lose despite wasting the 3 potentially winnable federal seats of Pasir Mas, Shah Alam and Pandan.

But f* gerrymandering and the popular vote because big business are elated with the BN victory. As TMI reported in its As results sink in, big winners are KL tycoons and Lynas as stocks rally:

Stocks surged as much as 6.8 per cent this morning and the ringgit jumped to a 10-month high, after Barisan Nasional (BN) extended its 56-year rule and fended off a strong opposition challenge that had unnerved investors.

The benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index rose to a lifetime high of 1,808.90 by 9.02am in response to yesterday's general election, with stocks linked to the coalition and its favoured tycoons gaining handsomely, Reuters reported this morning.

Kowtim-ness has been preserved, wakakaka!

Ironically, in the midst of big business breaking open bottles of Dom Perignon, the biggest loser has been MCA, proving a point I made in another post that most Chinese business concerns have been bypassing MCA as they deem the Chinese political party as pretty useless in influencing the UMNO-led government on business and contracts.

And of course to some extent, a fellow loser to MCA is PAS, both of whom merit very little sympathy.

MCA has come to this nadir in its political life, again if I may add but worse than ever before, because of its own choosing. It's a bloody miracle it managed to secure 6 parliamentary seats when it could have lost both Labis and Bentong as well.

Be that as it may, Chua Soi Lek should not have indulged in merajuk-ing (sulking) fashion in attributing the disaster for his party into a disgraceful racial parting shot at its political nemesis, the DAP. It's not just sour grapes but poisonous langsat - indicating a bloody vindictive bangsat mindset.

The reason why MCA has lost so badly has been its reluctance to stand up for the community it claims to represent. As the post-election editorial in The Malaysian Insider said, MCA might as well dropped off the 'C' in its name. And MCA must suck on that!

MCA had believed it could continue to depend on the historically political passivity of the Chinese in Malaya-Malaysia for it to play an equally passive (and crumbs-begging cringing) role in the BN coalition, for the promotion and interests of its most influential lobby group, its crony the Chinese business towkays.

It failed and perhaps still fails to recognize that there is a new generation of Chinese Malaysians who aren't so beholden to the overseas Chinese doctrine of lying (politically) low and quietly working for the traditional 3 bowls of rice.

These new Chinese generation consider themselves first and foremost as Malaysians rather than Chinese and thus want a say in the affairs of this nation, as citizens of their own land. They resent being treated as pendatangs, but they resent even more an MCA which did nothing to prevent the humiliation of their classification as lesser Malaysians.

Needless to say, the new generation Chinese identifying themselves as Malaysians are loud, with some even vicious, vile and venomous, but that's the inevitable outcome of their pent-up feelings, right or wrong or somewhere in-between, of being humiliated, scorned and sneeringly dismissed for decades as pendatangs (thus lesser creatures) and even children of prostitutes.

Unless MCA changes to meet the expectation of the new generation of Malaysians, the party will through its political irrelevance become extinct when the weakening inertia of old loyalties to the Chinese-based party finally comes to a halt.

Yes, MCA lost the election to DAP. DAP did not win from them. And the most striking example of this was when Chua Soi Lek turned tail from meeting Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah and surrendered that MCA seat to UMNO as it had surrendered other seats to UMNO, Gerakan and even PPP. MCA had lost the elections way before 05 May 2013.


There was so much promise in PAS, with the Erdogens showing the softer and more palatable welfare-oriented nature of Islam to a previously suspicious non-Muslims. But alas, the ulama camp within the party couldn't contain their true selves (their real colour) as they sensed overwhelming victory in GE-13, a sense that eventually proved to be incorrect as they forgot that the non-Muslim support was conditional on that softer side of Islamic governance.

They reverted to their passionate obsession with hudud which implementation even within the Muslim World is still being debated, but nevertheless insisted on its legislative implementation in Malaysia's multi-racial multi-religious secular democratic political system. Almost everyday we heard ad nausem of their hudud mantra.

PAS' interpreted Islamic values had also, by its intrusive interference in non-Muslim day-to-day affairs, given cause to many of its erstwhile non-Muslim friends to reconsider continuance of their support for a party which seems to have broken its promise of not applying Islamic laws, values and policies on non-Muslims.

In fact there were already more than adequate warning indications in Kedah of non-Muslim dislike, disgust and disappointment way way back but, alas, PAS unrepentantly continued along its arrogant way.

Many have also been shocked by its thuggish behaviour during the last few days of campaign before the election when its members aggressively confronted both PKR and PSM candidates over disputes in seat allocations such as in Sungai Acheh and Kota Damansara, etc. PAS had then frightened many non-Muslims and pissed off some Muslims by its members' feral behaviour. The non-Muslims' thoughts were "If they are like so now, good lord, what will they be like when they're in government?"

Again I stated that the truism in politics, applicable to both PAS and MCA, is that political parties lose an election, not win it. And that's why PAS lost Kedah and MCA several of its seats. People voted them out, a process which by default has benefited respectively UMNO and DAP (and to some extent, PKR).

Unfortunately for us, Mat Sabu became collateral damage.

As for a few BN losses especially in Johor, the state's former MB, Abdul Ghani Othman, should be conscious of this rather than blamed his and BN's losses on the 'irrationality of voters' (he meant Chinese voters) for voting based on emotions. He stated "Voting with emotion has caused polarisation to occur in Johor, especially in urban areas as shown in the results of 13th polls."

And this has been from a man who in late 2006, a mere 6.5 years ago, rejected the concept of Bangsa Malaysia as totally unacceptable because he stated publicly that a national unified identity was a threat to his cherished Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy).

He even dismissed the Bangsa Malaysia notion as fostering a rojak of races in the country, presumably seeing it as a bastardized mélange by contrast to the superiority of unadulterated Malay race.

He would only grudgingly allow use of the Bangsa Malaysia term provided it was only applied with the Malays as the pivotal race of the peoples of Malaysia - essentially upholding the non-negotiability of Ketuanan Melayu and its Aryan-like concept of Malay supremacy. Thus to him, there could be a Bangsa Malaysia and a bangsa malaysia, with the former capitalised to indicate his pivotal race while the latter in lower case would be the 'nons'.

And he has the brazen nerve to pompously preached to us about polarization in Johor?


Yes, MIC has in (relative) comparison to MCA done well, even though in two of the four seats it now holds, it scrapped through by a mere few hundred votes in each. But a win is a win, even if by one vote.

It's obvious many members of the Indian community still respect and support MIC, despite the party's known lack of care for its Indian constituency. But that would be their democratic choice.

Indians also enjoy the unique position, within the Malaysian context and thus to Malays, of appearing less threatening than the economically aggressive Chinese. Of course on the same token, Indians have suffered and may possibly still suffer at the hands of the authority more than Chinese. But that's for their community leaders to weigh and balance in the totality of their socio-economic-cultural-political situation  and work out, wakakaka, a blueprint.

To be continued .....

See the 2nd part of this post The Morning After - Part 2 published evening of 07 May 2013.


  1. It is scary but hopeful on the absolute silence from Anwar, LKS, LGE, Hadi and even Ambiga.

    Something coming? Not nothing coming?

    1. I think DAP and PAS have accepted the results even if there may be complaints here and there about the process and some EC officers' lack of helpfulness in certain cases.

      Anwar of course cannot be satisfied as it's a bit of a shock to him as he had expected a landslide in PR's favour

    2. I'm not "in the know" when it comes to what goes on in the upper echelons of any political party, but in the case of Anwar - did he seriously expect a landslide? Did any rational higher-up or strategist in the opposition really expect a landslide? To me, it was just bravado - yes, there was that slim slim chance of eking out a slim win, but a landslide is a bit of a stretch of any imagination, no?

    3. Anon,

      Anwar's expectation of a landslide win is justifiable judging from the desperate last minute tactics employed by Najib and co, coupled with many intelligence forecast reports that favoured to PR (which are, of course, subject to a fair election).

      Think about this, if BN is expecting to win, would they only start mobilising the Banglas in the eleventh hour? BN is good in plotting, such a last-minute strategy doesn't look like them.

    4. lets see if dap join us this 8 mei 2013, i think not, perhaps they r now busy drafting application letter to join bn after mca poor show.

    5. tsk tsk, HY don't be so ungracious. Lim KS has already stated publicly that DAP wants AI as leader, either of PR gomen or PR opposition

    6. Interesting idea from HY. I'm more concerned about PAS being woo-ed by BN, with all the current Malay vs Chinese rhetoric being thrown by BN.

      Am still wondering if the less than stellar showing by PAS is due to rejection of their perceived fundamentalism (e.g. hudud), or due to old supporters abandoning them due to them being seen to have compromised on their ISlamic agenda for the sake of the Chinese. I fear the latter.


      that is y i always said i dun see the point if the most principled party win the most seat, be the most kuat, and with the most whatever, the reality is for all to see.

  2. Did GE13 have anything to do with good policies for the people or the country? I thought the results were principally determined by strategically timed and located electricity black outs.

    Good for the electricians. They did well.

    1. a very well-known and regularly employed tactic during vote counting. Was also used during PKR party polls, wakakaka.

    2. One would have thought that the oppositions and even Bersih people would have overcome this strategic black-outs engineered by Umno at every election through the years. What happened to standby generator set, hundrdeds of high power light torches on the ready all carefully under 24-hour guard ? Sheesh....even such simple counter action escaped their feeble minds. Only know how to whine and complain after the bullies have got their ways.... a lot too late by then lah

    3. Standby generator? Good idea but then, who runs the election centre?

      Hundreds of torches? wakakaka

    4. and excel glitch as well.

    5. Better to be armed with will be amazed by what's available now - hi tech power torches that lit up a room like daylight ( don't need no electrical power, just hi power batteries ).....yes, even such torches are better than absolutely NOTHING, a far sight better than just helplessly fuming in darkness while the goons fiddle with the ballot boxes.

      Of course the 'fixed deposit' EC runs the election centre but Bersih could demand such stuff among the many demands like the indelible ink which wakakaka turns out to be anything but indelible within the day.

      Btw, one does wonder why some people, chinese at that too, who so hate DAP soooo much but just worship the very ground of those PKR leaders who are nothing more than Umno goons but morphed into democratic reformasi hypocrites.

    6. is wakaka, not hate, dyslexia is getting more common these day.

  3. All in all, It now proves that the stupidity/nxiety of PAS ULAMAKs + MCA's slave mindset + Anwar's ego X SPR treason acts = Disaster + Sufferings to the Rakyat.

    Today is a SAD day. I am mourning today. The death of our nation democracy is unavoidable, Only the unseen can save us now.

    I only have this to say..
    Happy birthday to Altantuya. May now God takes over seeking justice for her as we the rakyat's fail.

  4. With a smaller BN majority after GE13....I'm afraid Anwar Ibrahim may be planning up his old tricks again soon.

  5. Now that BN has won, we can get to demand the fulfilment of the BN manifesto.

    Among others : revamping of NAP towards reducing car prises by 20-30%. ... Daycare centers for working parents. lowering broadband fees by 20% and guaranteed bandwidth... 1 million houses @20% below market prices... reducing intracity tolls ... increasing equity of Indians and their upliftment via special unit... etc etc

    There are many promises, we should make it into a checklist and at regular intervals from now, rate each item for their results, culminating into a final report card for GE14.

    1. good idea - voters MUST hold political parties to their campaign promises

      however, on your suggestion "revamping of NAP towards reducing car prises by 20-30%" would you prefer the government to improve public transport instead? With an excellent public transport system, there will be national savings in the long run, savings financially, ecologically (health) and safety, etc

    2. Yes, the public transport is a whole chapter by itself, page 11.

      Just that I want to enjoy having a non-national car for once, without paying the exhorbitant prices that was inflicted by a previous PM on our long suffering public.

  6. Whether any PR component party won by default based on your view that elections are to be lost to the ones that kicked themselves in the foot is quite irrelevant. People of all races and classes are sick of government corruption in this country especially in a global climate of economic uncertainties.

    But you are right that the key issue preventing the BN from losing is the gerrymandering of constituencies. One day, and that day is coming sooner than GE14, they will regret dearly for not governing this God-blessed country with righteousness.

    Earthquakes, real tsunamis, wars and disease has overtaken countries that have fallen from the grace of God. The urban Malaysian people have spoken. The rural folks will soon be awakened to the dangers of their political patrons.

    1. maybe we shouldn't drag god into our politics

    2. Yes, please leave god out of politics. Politics by itself is enough to cause massive humongous headaches, we just don't want god to come in to complicate matter even further.

  7. LKS declare Anwar as the leader of the oppo . Karpal wants Anwar as PM (if PR wins)
    Aiyaa Kaytee, hail thy Emperor as he walks down the aisle, but hush... never never ever ask if he had his clothes on or not, wa ka ka

  8. Pakatan Rakyat made solid gains in Penang and Selangor. Increased majorities, and in Selangor, taking seats from BN-UMNO.
    I believe this shows people, of all races and religion, will support clean , transparent government focused on strong administration. Pakatan Rakyat won many additional rural Malay-majority seats in Selangor, defying Najib's racial reaction to the GE13 outcome.

    Now, there may be an ugly, if underground maneuvering by Somebody to install himself as Selangor MB. It must absolutely be resisted.
    Khalid Ibrahim may be a bit of a clumsy politician, but his focus on a simple, hardworking and honest administration is the key to keeping Selangor in PR hands.

    1. It is underground no more. Just go to some pro-PAS blogs, they are openly DEMANDING to be the Selangor MB. Now we why they PURPOSELY sabotage Dr Nasir in Kota Damansara. With the moderates like Sallahudin,Mat Sabu, Dr Dzul, losing their seats and thus their influence, PAS appears every bit like UMNO.

    2. DAP 15 + PKR 14 = 29 > PAS 15, so PAS shut up on MB post!

    3. Incidentally the 'someone' is a PKR person and not from PAS, wakakaka

    4. DAP 15 + PKR 14 = 29 > PAS 15, so PAS shut up on MB post!

      pas 15 + umno 12 = 27 + pkr (katak?) 3 = 30 leaving dap & pkr with 26 seats.....bole ka??? that's they need 1 or 2 weeks. meantime selangor is captainless.....nak jaga rakyat? nak bela rakyat? pooraahhhh.....(they have forgotten their tanggungjawab as 'wakil rakyat'). semua dah nak jadi 'raja'. satu penyamun satu perompak.

  9. Clear to me that PR clearly won the majority of seats over BN in the Peninsula whereas BN has the majority with the inclusion of the 2 eastern states.

    Anwar should be proclaimed CEO of West Malaysia. Najib should be encouraged to move his capital to KK or Kuching to better look after the BN-loving electorates in East Malaysia.

    In this way, theoretically we have best of both Malaysias.

  10. Have a look at this viewpoint:

    1. At one time, not too long ago, did not the chinese 'play dead' come election time ? They don't bother to register to vote, and those who did register, went MIA during that fateful day and some boasted they played mahjong the whole day and these people were excoriated kau-kau left and right......many flayed them for being totally irresponsible and deserving of the government they got.

      To get a better picture, those figures given by Helen Ang should be compared with the last election's figures of those malays who had registered to vote. Maybe the same percentage prevailed for this election too, but because the numbers of chinese registering for this 2013 election were unprecedented, it would appeared as though the malays did not bother.

      Moreover, most of the urban and semi urban malays who came out from their kampungs to study and work in the cities did not bother to change their kampung addresses on their they have to travel back to their respective heartland constituencies to vote, unless EC play some of their usual hanky panky adjustments, wakakaka

  11. PAS has just lost big nationwide, they have to shut up. Khalid Samad will actually be a good choice though, but then he's a MP.

    BTW, here's what i posted in MT:

    I do a walkabout for ABU in several places, I find out some shocking facts about Pakatan:


    In Cameron, they have a last minute candidate parachute from Teluk Intan to fight in a seat that MIC never lost before? By 2012, you should have sorted out your candidate list, and yet you can't give us that!

    In Segamat, PKR has no presence there, no local supports, CJM only tried to bank on a non-existence tsunami in Johor. While Ghani's kamikaze in Gelang Patah has saved BN ass big time in Johor, Pakatan screwed up big time by the seat fight between PKR and DAP. CJM has actually campaign in GP for a long time before he was decided to send to Segamat for slaughter. That Norman Fernandez bugger should have been send to Segamat because DAP actually has strong troop there, instead he was left uncontest and came out to talk shit.

    In Raub, DAP members were not present when Dato Ariff (Sakmongkol) has a ceramah in FELDA area, god knows how he managed to win without ground support.

    In almost everywhere, PKR has highly dedicated members coming from mainly Klang Valley to campaign for them, but have zero local presence. I have high regards for this REFORMASI people, I only felt badly for their unwarranted downfall.

    DAP only know "pacak bendera" and have ceramah in Chinese area. Oh, and this is my favorite, driving around in huge convoy and making their presence known everywhere.

    PAS is the one who screwed up big time. So, end of the day, who's the one that reject HUDUD? Malay or non-Malay? Well, facts, non Malay voted in droves for PAS, while Malay voters scared off by their ultra fanaticism.



  12. I had intense pleasure, as I am sure you did, with the exclusions of foul-mouthed Ibrahim Ali & smoothie smellie Zulkifi Noordin from our august Parliament.

    It does reflect clearly that the brain of the great strategist who supported the twin spoilers of harmonious co-existence has not caught up with changing times.

    Perhaps, you might agree that he is slipping somewhat by backing these two losers. Or, might you think that he has a sense of loyalty? Perplexing.

    1. Dr M has a high sense of loyalty to those Malays who served him unquestioningly thus I believe he was loyal to IA but I wonder about Zul(?)

    2. Ibrahim & Zulkifli are sacrificial pawns in the grand scheme of things.

      The plot : Get Perkasa key figures to contest -> anger the Chinese/Indians -> Create Chinese/Indian tsunami -> Najib performs poorly -> Excuse to oust Najib -> Muhydin takes over -> Mukhriz moves up

      Mahathir has not commented publicly on the GE13 results. Or is he savouring the success of a key step in his plan to get his son Mukhriz on the way to be next PM?

    3. perplexing? it was a smart move to tell the malay umno never back out even if chinese / indian don't like it.

  13. Spot on KTee! But rather shocking is that the pro-UMNO bloggers rhetorics same blah, blah, blah... post elections. Chinese rejection, Chinese tsunami etc... Bodoh!! Don't the cats and dogs (or their masters)realise that this cause the downfall of their beloved leader? Then the leader is stupid enough to feature the missus in the post-election speech.

    First, its not only the Chinese that turned the urban votes, its also the young and/or thinking Malays votes. There are no snatch thieves, assassinations in villages, only urban areas dumbos.

    Second, no, the Malays aren't donkeys ("hamba keladai") of DAP. That is to dispect your fellow community members.

    Third, Chinese & Malays are worried about PAS supremacy. PAS traditionally strong in the heartlands lost big time. Sorry, it wasn't because of "vote PAS is a vote for DAP." The BN machinery overestimated themselves. Its just plain - we cannot except hudud both in urban areas as well as in the heartlands.

    Fourth - MCA just sat silent when Perkosa raped the Chinese and Indians, Christians & Hindus left right and center. Ditch the Don.

    Fifth - The boss let his advisors hand him more rope to....

    Sixth, with the perception of more corruption, abuse of power, lack of spiritual values, UMNO is actually setting up their own Iranian revolution. It pushes the Muslim masses towards the PAS factor. The only holding back the rise of PAS is the Chinese & Indians.

    Go figure dumbbo!

  14. Catching up with some sorely needed rest.....

    Unfortunately, I have deep misgivings about the route going forward.

    Pakatan didn't make it, but BN has sustained major wounds. From a prediction of regaining 2/3 majority and retaking Selangor (actually theoretically possible based on the seats UMNO regained from PAS and PKR) to further bleeding of seats from a massive urban swing to Pakatan. The long queues outside voting centers in all major towns early morning May 5 told the story.

    UMNO , however, has regained a lot of its strength in rural areas. There is already the beginning of a strong push to go back to re-emphasising "Malay First" policies.
    "The Chinese didn't vote for us, so why should we bother with them ?" will be UMNO's attitude.

    Expect a lot of racial shit-stirring starting today until GE14.
    We are going for a rough ride in the next 5 years.

    1. To be very frank. There is a possibility of no GE14. Of course, kaytee still think there is

    2. "We are going for a rough ride in the next 5 years."

      Bring it on then !

      Todate, the average chinese ( we leave the 0.5% towkays, ok ?) ain't got no help from the gomen/ Umno and absolutely zero from MCA. So what is there to lose ? The chinese have already got used to be labelled as pendatangs and even sons of what more could be worse ? Traitors ? Even this label had been flung at the chinese every now and then. Ungrateful.....heard plently of that too, although for the lives of the chinese, they were at a loss as to WHAT they should be grateful for. No sweat lah ....even 50% of the malays got labelled as traitors and ingrates to by Umno...... we chinese got company there, wakakaka

      Najib can take back the Han Chang university approval as well as that RM 1 million grant. We chinese just don't care lah

      For every insult and bullying, the chinese now have an avenue to hit back....just go to WWW lah

  15. what a load of rubbish! the chinese have screw and insulted indian more than the malays! the chinese will be a hypocritecal bigot race .

  16. The Chinese who are so enamoured of the DAP - and that's most of them - should simply be pointed in the direction of DAP for any future help they need from the government.

    Ungrateful and arrogant lot. Let them rot.

  17. Police report against Papagomo

    Papagomo is unaccessible, the cached page: