Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Silence of the lap dogs

M Saravanan, VP of MIC, was particular LOUD in egging the UMNO-led government to punish the Chinese for not supporting BN in GE-13. This anti Chinese batu api acted in total contrast to his MIC colleague Dr Subramaniam who sought to quell UMNO's post-election anti Chinese diatribe.

presumably Saravanan knows what Interlok says of his ancestry

There is no doubt that Saravanan acted ferociously and LOUDLY in his support for Utusan Malaysia, the UMNO media mouthpiece, in the latter's attack against the Chinese.

A reader of Free Malaysia Today, Cabin Ramadass, said: "Saravanan being a MIC leader has done great injustice to the Chinese community by joining the Chinese bashing bandwagon just to get popular with the racist Utusan and with the PM."

Personally I am not surprised by Saravanan's anti Chinese vitriolic because I have someone coming to my blog who claims to be an Indian and is fond too of abusing Chinese. It's just their way of ingratiating themselves with UMNO.

Be that as it was, Saravanan was certainly LOUD against the Chinese.

But now he is as silent as a ... er ... lamb (as in Silence of the Lamb?)

Edgar Lee Masters wrote a poem on Silence more than a century ago. The following is the last paragraph of his poem:

And there is the silence of the dead.
If we who are in life cannot speak
Of profound experiences,
Why do you marvel that the dead
Do not tell you of death?
Their silence shall be interpreted
As we approach them.

Yes, Saravanan who had been extremely LOUD against the Chinese is now startlingly silent on the murder of N Dharmendran.

Dharmendran was not an Indian gangster or unemployed vagrant, two groups of Indians whom police (and a former Home Minister) blamed for their criminality whenever they perished under mysterious or unexplained circumstances in police custody. FMT's Cops delaying murder probe informed us that:

Dharmendran, 32, an Indah Water employee was arrested on May 11 shortly after lodging a police report that he was involved in a fight earlier that night. 
The father of a two-year-old daughter was held at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters and was sent to HKL, where he died, on the night of May 21 due to an alleged asthma attack. 
However, the post-mortem revealed that he had died of blunt force trauma. The family was also horrified to discover that his body was covered with bruises, while his ears and ankles were stapled.

Employed by Indah Water, he must have been surprised by the police arresting him after he had like a dutiful citizen made a police report for being involved in a fight. From the FMT report, it's obvious he was tortured before he perished, in all likelihood from the blunt force trauma.

Imagine the horrors he underwent - his body was covered with bruises, while his ears and ankles were stapled. What beasts or barbarians have our once respected police become?

No wonder the most dangerous place in Malaysia is the police station. Please read my post Pagar makan padi - deaths in police custody.

Okay, but what about LOUD-mouth Saravanan? Why is he in this sad tragedy of a murdered Dharmendran quiet as a ... no, not lamb, but ... lapdog!

Methinks he dares not offend his MASTER.

Likewise with another UMNO lap dog Waythamoorthy who is no doubt trying to out-do Saravanan in a (lap) doggie competition to see who will please UMNO most by being most silent.

But Waythamoorthy is not only silent but has already sold away one of his so-called Hindraf central issues, that of Indian deaths in police custody. He willingly dropped this crucial Hindraf issue in his sweetheart deal with Sahib Najib.

And Indian deaths in police custody continue.

Thus, perhaps Waythamoorthy deserves the title of best lap dog.

seen outside PM's Office

Saravanan, Waythamoorthy - their SILENCE is all that more startling because they had very recently been most LOUD against the Chinese.


  1. Shameless opportunists.

  2. An analysis of the GE 13 results for the 89 parliament seats won by Pakatan are as follows:
    1) 37 seats are from areas where Malays make up more than 50% of voters,
    2) 7 seats are from areas where Malays voters are below 50% but are more than Chinese,
    3) 36 seats are from areas where Chinese voters are more than Malays
    4) 9 are from East Malaysia
    So those Chinese majority seats that voted out BN are only 36 compared with 37 + 7 where Malays are the majority.

    What about seats of sizable Indian voters? As we do not have Indians majority seats, we can only look at the top 10 or top 20 for indications:
    5) Top 10 Indian (where Indians make up 20.0% to 29.5%), Pakatan won 8,
    6) Top 20 Indian (where Indians make up 16.4% to 29.5%), Pakatan won 15

    Perhaps those pollies should make some meaningful analysis before commenting on this tsunami or that

    1. Very clearly put ! But those hell-bent on finding scapegoat ( as usual the Chinese makes perfect punching bag throughout history ) facts and figures are trifling matters, especially if they don't support their views.....see how they insisted up till today LKS was the mastermind and at the scene of May 13 mayhem although undisputed fact puts him in Sabah on that fateful day of May 13th. Or take the case of Asli reports by Dr Lim Teik Ghee about the bumi equity share todate.....and scores of other FACTS which were just simply swept aside, ignored or simply shouted down ( in MSM their voice is the only voice allowed ).....

  3. Sarawanan and Waythamoorthy made their bones licking politicians asses.Only now it is licking Najib's ass.These are all mandores who sell their fellow Indians in return for positions and financial gains in the ruling regime.Real pariahs.They will sell [deleted] too

  4. This is a terrible state of affairs in Malaysia. Never before seen (except in banana republiks) that politics/position equates to massive wealth. Some pro-BN bloggers have alerted that jostling for power in Johor, Negeri etc alreay happening with the new appointments.

    Likewise, what is so different with MIC. There is already rumors that Subramanian wants top position and it looks like Saravanan will either support him or Pavel based on the fact of what he can get which is most likely the number #2.

    Therefore, whipping up more bad sentiment augers well for this situation.

    The Indian community is now left without a leader since Samy stepped down. Waytha's role is left to be seen but it looks like a muted one. Mr. Nambikai is under fire by all & sundry. One Ah Jib Gor isn't going to make an Obama. Hindraf's plane is in flames.

    But before PR gloats.... one need not go so far as to see what is happening in Selangor but to say... same2. (Dr. Xavier's followers are camped at DSAI house). Malaysia has fallen to the dogs of war.

    The rest of us who "tsunamized" the GE 13 - romanticist

  5. When these yindians ever learn, so now I am absolutely sure that PKR wanna have the deputy speaker

    I wanna puke when I read Khalid Samad's twitter

    4 (PAS) 3 (DAP) 3 (PKR) + 1 DAP speaker baru adil

    Your CB? This flur has forgotten that Khalid (PKR) was the MB who also happens to be an EXCO

    It should be

    4 (PAS) + 4 (PKR) + (3+1) DAP

    The fucker PKR wants to have deputy speaker.......That makes it 5.

    Again how many seats PKR win hah?

    This is another bullshit reasoning by Anwar. It's Anwar who armtwisted the royalty nong nong time ago. It's very easy to armtwist HRH......Pass legislation in restricting the HRH's bills. No overseas trip for you.....kaotim

  6. I have expected long long time ago. It has nothing to do with racial quota or even HRH. It's something to do with PKR's greediness. Lo & behold, what had happened to kedah, will repeat again in selangor?

    Allah is very fair one. Look at what happen to Azizan. With his powderful exco lineup. Ended up losing to Mykhriz

    It's fucking official

    PKR who got 14 elected state assemblymen. Gets One MB, 2 melayu excos, keep Liz (The only thing I agree about) & 1 melayu deputy speaker

    DAP which has 15 state assemblymen only get 3 excos & one pathetic Speaker. I have no offence towards Hannah Yeoh. I believe that she would make a better exco by asking that CB PKR to relinquish one

    The sum is even worse than in 2008 lineup


    2008......Among 13 members, there are 7 melayus & 6 non melayus
    2013......Among 13 members, there are 8 melayus & 5 non melayus

    Don't forget this clown Khalid wanna appoint that fucking CB Nasution as Political liason fucking officer.......Duplicating the job Faekah is doing?

    Frankly, I do wonder HRH really got the guts to do such thing. I do wonder if it's Azmin Ali strategy of losing Perak because DAP Perak will never let go very easily. DAP Perak will say.....Since PKR Srlangor take lion share......Likewise

    DAP......6 excos + 1 Speaker + 1 Deputy Speaker
    ......Finance job under Ngeh, the senior exco




  7. Re : Chinese bashing after GE13
    In a speech by former Courts of Appeals judge Mohd Noor Abdullah at a forum themed ‘GE13 post-mortem: Muslim leadership and survival’ he said :

    "... Article 153 (of the federal constitution) talks of the special position of Malays. It has been 56 years but our ownership (of the economy) is still less than 20 percent. Why?

    Let me be aggressive and say, arrange a strategy where the Agong will instruct that in 10 years’ time, the authorities must ensure 67 percent ownership (by Malays) in three key areas...."

    To his question on why Malay ownership is still 20%, here are the answers:

    1) From Najib himself (Bernama newsreport of June 30 2009) :
    ".... Najib said in the past, Bumiputeras got the shares and straight away they would sell them.

    "At the end of the day the sell-down is enormous. We did our research. Very little shares are still left. So, the old model is not sustainable," he said.

    Of the RM54 billion in shares allocated, only RM2 billion worth of shares were left in the hands of Bumiputeras, he said.

    He said the total Bumiputera equity was only 19.4 percent, far from the targeted 30 percent 19 years ago."

    2) From Mahathir himself (Utusan interview 16 Jun 2002) :

    "... Dulu kita capai sampai 20 peratus tetapi sekarang berkurangan hingga kepada 19 peratus. Daripada 19 peratus itu, 17 peratus adalah yang dimiliki oleh institusi-institusi bumiputera yang diurus oleh kerajaan, bumiputera sendiri cuma memiliki dua peratus. Bukan kerana kita tidak beri, kalau hendak dikira jumlah yang kita beri kepada bumiputera lebih daripada 30 peratus. Tetapi hampir semuanya dijual. Sebab itu kita tidak dapat mencapai matlamat. Sebab orang kita hendak cepat dapat duit. Kalau jual boleh dapat duit cepat. Kalau simpan, tidak merasa. ... "

    So there you have the answers to your question. The politicians know it but make dunno and have recycled this issue countless times.

  8. looes74 - you are so ignorant aren't you ?
    Kedah was lost due to bad administration and an absentee Mentri Besar.
    Terengganu was lost back in 2004 due to religious overreach by PAS

  9. Fucker, go to one corner & fuck yourself. If can go fuck the spider in process.

    Read your fucking 2nd sentence, have I not said that you CB fucker

    Damn, I wasted several brain cells to talk to you