Friday, May 24, 2013

Real reason for PKR delayed party polls?

TMI - PKR mulls delaying party polls

PETALING JAYA, May 22 — PKR is considering delaying its party elections, initially scheduled for November, as the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) anchor party is still recovering from a “fierce” Election 2013 battle, its secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution said today.

The move comes as the party copes with internal strife as its leaders squabble for key posts in the Selangor state government. The party is also seen as failing to get its act together following its first elections that were marred with allegations of irregularities and, in some cases, violence.

“PKR is considering delaying its party polls which are scheduled for November. But the party will have to call for an emergency meeting to gain approval and amend the party constitution,” Saifuddin (picture) told a press conference in PKR’s headquarters here.

Saifuddin added that among the main reasons behind the party’s decision to delay the polls was that its grassroots and machinery had just gone through a “battle” at the May 5 ballot.

“One of the reasons behind the delay is because the party has just finished a fierce battle which was the 13th general election where a lot of energy and resources was spent,” he said.


[and call Shahrizat please to tell her we've found her missing cattle, wakakaka]

Usually political parties delay party elections BEFORE public elections, not after one. So why is PKR considering something so unusual?

Well, let me tell you what I think would be the real reason for the 'inner coterie' proposing so.

Read FMT's PKR grassroots want action against Azmin which informed us:

The attacks against PKR deputy president Azmin Ali escalates as more party grassroots members call for action to be taken him for criticising party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

And mateys, that's probably the true reason for Saifuddin Nasution, one of PKR's 'inner coterie', talking about delaying PKR party polls, to protect Azmin Ali from being voted out of his 
party deputy president position.

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  1. Guessed as much. In PKR, dig a bit deeper Azmin is the reason behind most decisions.

  2. Tired of GE13 and much resources and energy spent?Very surprising for a party that has so much energy to tour nation under banner of Black 505.I thought post general election is the best opportunity to review party performance and seek mandate of members.Big shame for champions of democracy to avoid seeking fresh mandate from members.

    What then is the truth?

    First I doubt PKR has a proper register of members to be used as basis for their party election.Second,Anwar always abhor PKR AGMs.The AGM reminds him that he has never been chosen by members.Third,challenge for President post by Azmin against Dr Wan Azizah.Fourth,challenge of Deputy President post by TS Khalid against Azmin.Fifth,serious fight for posts at all levels resulting in shame for those who won GE13.In total,total destruction to PKR.

    Remember PKR AGM in 2007.Former Deputy President Abdul Rahman Othman was nominated for President.That totally shook Anwar.Anwar was so embarassed when at most divisions where he was pegged against Abdul Rahman,Anwar lost.That was among Anwar's worst nightmare of a PKR Congress.Anwar can never accept defeat and hence the fear of a challenge by Azmin or from TS Khalid.

    So,PKR is just avoiding reality check by delaying their party election.

  3. What Is Anwar Ibrahim Doing in PKR ? ....balls kena squeezed and firmly in the powerful grips of AA. Willing to even let wify and daughter be the sacrificial lambs for that pygmy to surge ahead to satisfy his insatiable obscene ambitions. AA will let his dogs out to subdue those trying to push him out......see the thuggish duo Nasution and Zuraidah in action !

  4. 'the party will have to call for an emergency meeting to gain approval and amend the party constitution'.

    i love to see whether there are real fighters (as far as i know they are all fakes). ahli2 PARTI sendiri pun kena KELENTONG, inikan pulak RAKYAT.