Thursday, August 30, 2007

What would I say for Merdeka!

Were I to choose, were I to be asked
What I think of a malaysiakini report
Of Malaysia being an Islamic state, but
Where its leaders are free of corruption
Fine shining examples, paragons of virtue
A nation clean in every respect and aspect
Where no corruption would be tolerated
Where the police is trusted by its citizens
Where the rakyat has faith in its judiciary
And the head of the anti-corruption, yes
Is free of blemish like a cut blue diamond
I would say aye aye aye on Merdeka day

Were I to choose, were I to be asked
Would I could live in theocratic Malaysia
A country ruled by pious men of worth
Who do not hunt down worried women
Earning a pittance of RM300 per month
To fine them RM50 for forgetting to don
Their tudung to exemplify their superficial
Piety, which does not come from the heart
But from fear of zealots driven by power
Leaders who should be more concerned of
The stench of corruption than faint perfume
I would say ya ya ya on Merdeka Day

Were I to choose, were I to be asked
What Malaysia I want for the future
I would look to Heaven, for an answer
For hell on earth we have now, in this once
Paradise of us, raped by greedy charlatans
False impious messiahs, hungry maggots
Feasting on corruption, and unholy pillage
Raping the land and its forests, polluting
Its once pristine rivers, dirtying its air
Marginalising more of its weak and poor
Dividing its rakyat for the leaders' interests
I would say clean up all the rot for Merdeka


  1. Err....I though we want a secular democracy. The Islamic-state idea hasn't be thought out in Malaysian context so Nay, No, Nahi, Tidak, Non to the very idea of it.

    Although the ruling BN is rotten to the core (or shall I say rotten to Seri Perdana), Islamic state idea is sectarian and will divide the rakyat further.