Thursday, August 09, 2007

50th Merdeka - Shall we fly the flag then? (2)

These few days we have read several depressing news items in malaysiakini which collectively have cast a dark cloud over the coming 50th Merdeka celebrations.

Today’s malaysiakini headline yells out at the incestuous relationship in the Port Klang Free Zone project where billions, not mere millions, were involved.

Such inbreeding seems to be the hallmark of our public funded projects. Trust our system to suffer from all the disorder of inbreeding such as reduced fertility, increased genetic disorders, lower birth rate, higher infant mortality, slower growth rate, smaller adult size, loss of immune system function, etc.

OK, translate that into national development of industry, agriculture, trade, education, etc. No wonder we fear globalization. But we have cause to because in today’s economic and financial world, no nation, least of all Malaysia, can afford to be an island.

We suffer from gross and rampant corruption involving not minnows but huge sharks. But by a wave of a magic wand, regardless of ownership of said wand, the fairy godfather in drag had sprinkled stardust over a pile of stinking faeces to make it appear snow white. The stench remains though.

As Dean Johns, columnist in malaysiakini stated in his article Khairy spanks the monkeys, young ambitious Oxford educated Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO Youth No 2 and fortunate SIL of the PM, should “... get[-] down off his high horse and set[-] to work shovelling a half-century of accumulated crap out of the BN stables. Or employing his keris in some worthy cause like hunting down the packs of predators and scavengers that have lived far too long off the fat of the land by preying on the Malaysian body politic. Or chasing away the herds of swine that are forever falling over each other in their efforts to keep their filthy snouts in the public trough.”

Instead, the young bloke wanted to punish bloggers-monkeys by taking action against one so as to intimidate the others.

Is this then the Oxfordian's priority or sense of urgency for our national interests?

And to add rancid santan (coconut milk) on top of all the glamorous poo, we get this statement from Norza Zakaria, UMNO supreme council member and 'buddy' of SIL. He crooned:

“His English is immaculate, his (thought process shows) he has lots of creativity (and) his assumptions about the (grassroots are) very contemporary - these are the things that (make him) beat the rest, whoever you name. “So out of the few...people that you rely on to become future (leaders), who would you pick? Put aside (the fact) that he is the prime minister’s son-in-law - of course, you would pick Khairy.”

I'll pick a monkey anytime.

Then, our dear Deputy Internal Security Minister Mohd Johari Baharom, who just had corruption allegations against him dismissed by the wonderful brilliant but strangely now-quiet-as-a-mouse AG, has called for police action against a Malaysian-student rap singer for ‘allegedly’ insulting the national anthem.

For goodness sake, what about those allegations of corruption at the highest level, including police officers having assets running into unexplained millions, and alleged consorting of police and crime bosses.

Again, where's the priority?

And which is more important to national interest? The insult to the national anthem by a young student through youthful expression, or the insult to justice, public governance and due process by the multitude of alleged corruptions involving top officials, unexplained deaths in custody, unfettered and publicly demonstrated UMNO racist conduct?

Oh, don’t forget too those two grubs indulging in their slimy sleazy sniping at women for having monthly ‘leaks’, in total insult to their own mothers, forgetting where they emerged from – hmmm, maybe from under a rock like the slugs they are? And mind you, they did that in Parliament.

All these nonsense from our so-called 'leaders'.

Shall we fly the flag then?

50th Merdeka - Shall we fly the flag then? (1)

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  1. you can fly the flag if you want. Me, I find it more worthwhile to attend the merdeka gathering organised by Haris on 25th of august. Anyway, by not flying the flag, I may get some TV time coz thats the threat from the venerable minister.