Thursday, August 23, 2007

50th Merdeka - Shall we fly the flag then? (3)

A letter to malaysiakini, obviously by a Sarawakian, said (just an extract):

Sarawakians are very unhappy with the goings-on in the Peninsula where the politicians there appear to have nothing else on their minds except to harp on racial and political superiority. Sarawakians dread the day when Umno, MCA or even the toothless MIC set foot on our shores.

No, it's not just limited to racial issues - just read my post Decorated soldier living in squatter hut over at BolehTalk to see how our government has treated our former soldiers who hailed from Sarawak.

By contrast, remember that former railway guard now UMNO untouchable-by-law with his illegally built palace in Klang? Then, there's the 32 year old who received an unsecure loan of RM9+ million! The obscene list of contrast goes on ...

It's sickening when a decorated soldier, unlike those protected wonders, has to slum it out in a squatter area.........

If we cannot look after our servicemen who had looked after us, should we be celebrating Merdeka at end of this month?


  1. We should ask the Sarawakians who are unhappy to NOT vote for the BN (read: PBB and partners) this coming election. But no, amid their hue and cry the Sarawakians will play a pivotal role (due to the number of Parliamentary seats) in ensuring the Peninsula BN parties run the Government. So Sarawakians, dont complaint.

  2. God can't help those REFUSE to help themselves.

    It apply to Sarawakian that vote for BN. Alas, we know vote buying is an OPEN SECRET in Sarawak, but it is impossible for BN to buy all the votes. Except city voters that switch to opposition, other Sarawakian can only blame themselves for supporting the corrupted BN.

  3. I was hoping for some suggestions on how we may help those servicemen.