Friday, August 24, 2007

Malaysian Christian Taliban?

Bloke wrote a letter in to malaysiakini titled Keep out the corrupt and the gay.

He started his missive with
“There are two things I find disturbing in Malaysia. Both relate to the inability of some people to accept reality. They live in their own delusional world like the proverbial ‘emperor with no clothes’ and merely parade their shameful nakedness.”

I don’t have problems with his first thing, but his venom in the second shocked me, this so-called Christian who is supposed to turn his other cheek as Jesus had instructed him to.

He ranted against
“the attempts to turn Christianity into some kind of gay circus. The apologists and ‘spinmeisters’ for a gay church paint those who oppose their heresy as unthinking, unkind and uncool Christians who don't know what they are opposing.”

The unmitigated homophobe raved:
"Let me speak plainly. Christianity is not a new fad that needs anyone to think about how it should be practised. It isn’t as if it is a fledgling faith that needs fine-tuning and has teething problems to be sorted out especially in its opposition to sins including homosexuality.”

So 'no fine tuning' required eh?

I thought there was a bloke who did just that, by the name of Paul (or was it Saul?), then Martin Luther, then ........ oh, don’t forget that first bloke who started it all, by the name of Eashoa' ben Yôsēp̄ or Yeshua ben Yusuf, otherwise known as Jesus son of Joseph.

Weren’t they all changers and innovators of God's religion? So I would ask of the author to stop his blasphemy.

God as the Christians believe Him, is the Creator of all, and I dare say, including gays or homosexuals and lesbians. ‘All’ means all - one cannot cherrypick for God according to one’s personal (human or mortal) prejudice.

And the reason why gays congregate together, even in a church of their own, has been and is because they have been ostracised, not unlike lepers, unwanted by people like Steve Oh, the author of that homophobic letter.

And I would tell Steve Oh to stop speaking on behalf of God, who incidentally has refused to talk to anyone since Yeshua ben Yusuf died on the cross for humanity, including unfortunately Steve Oh and his ilk.

Learn to love before you can claim to be a Christian, a follower of Christ!


  1. and u have to use a sensational title to get your point thru? c'mon

  2. The term Taliban has come to signify anyone religiously intolerant. KT doesn't like such intolerant bullies, regardless of their religious affiliation. So teh tiltel is not sensational but rather, quite appropriate.

  3. Aiyo, anonymous, why pick on the title when the substance is the important part. Kudos to KT for taking on the "Christian Talibans" of Malaysia!

  4. KT claims he/she doesn't like "intolerant bullies", but KT himself/herself insults Christian experience by claiming that God "has refused to talk to anyone" since the crucifixion. why can't KT practise tolerance before railing against others?

  5. anon of 5:31 pm - my answer to you in a new post ;-)