Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gerak warns AAB - It'll name (alleged) corrupt senior cabinet minister

In my previous post Hishamuddin Hussein - Others can't do what he did drawing from a malaysiakini report that UMNO Youth warned bloggers they’re being watched I mentioned the incongruity and hypocrisy of UMNO Youth boss, Hishamuddin Hussein warning bloggers “that freedom has its limits and we will not tolerate those who touch on the issue of national stability, harmony, …….. “

I also said not to bother about the two cases sugegsted as triggering off Hishamuddin’s grandstanding declarations, as they (the bloggers) were never the issues.

However, what I didn’t mention were that the issues were publications aired by bloggers (and not the rap version of the national anthem). Those worrying-to-UMNO issues were allegations of unbelievable corruption by RPK in his Malaysia-Today.

While the ‘heartland’ has been fairly reliable, UMNO is anxious that one too many exposé may swing the Malays constituency a wee over to PAS or worse, deny its intention to annihilate PKR once and for all, perpetuating the political life of someone’s ;-) (see, I’m mellowing here).

As if those were not enough, malaysiakini informs us that Ezam Mohd Noor chairperson of Gerak (Democracy and Anti-Corruption Movement) has shown he may be losing his patience with an AAB. The latter has been in his usual mode of elegant silence.

malaysiakini reported that
“... last month, Gerak handed a 632-page report – accusing an Umno senior cabinet minister of criminal breach of trust – to the Prime Minister’s Department. The evidence included police reports lodged by a public listed company director in 1998. Gerak said it took six months to compile the evidence ... the watchdog will also reveal documentary evidence to substantiate its claim, including police reports and statements from the Malaysian Companies Commission.”

“Last month, Ezam said he did not forward the documents to the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) because he had ‘problems’ with former director-general Zulkipli Mat Noor.”

Wise man!

But Ezam stated:
“The prime minister might be too busy or he just doesn’t have the political will to act on the allegation.”

It’s no wonder that Gerak is frustrated with the government’s muted response to the
allegation. Ezam threatened that if AAB still doesn’t act after a second memorandum to be sent to the PM Department next week, he (Ezam) will make public those documents (made up of primary documents and not news paper cuttings).

... assuming he isn’t by then detained for ........ (fill in blank).


  1. Just do it. Gertak saje. As always.

  2. Unfortunately, "The Heartland" doesn't care much about corruption.

    "Kenyang Perut Suka Hati"

  3. Winds in the Willows...

    Just expose the corrupted bastard.. 30 million to pay personal debts...??? Disgrace him.. Or we be a " tutup satu Mata" and Selamat harijadi Malaysia will mean nothing.. 50 years and regressing..

  4. ...but the problem here Ezam pun gertak saja...make noise & he shall be heard,EC is coming & he needs a seat(probably for UMNO). & remember the 4 kotak he brags during the reformasi days..... gertak juga namanya bukan GERAK.