Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wee & the wee weenie minds

A visitor to the blog of my good mate Susan Loone commented that hitherto unknown Wee Meng Chee has now become a household name in Malaysia.

Wee is not longer a 'wee' name, so to speak.

All this fame (of an unwanted kind) has come about, thanks in no ‘wee’ part to our dear UMNO as I had discussed in a ‘wee’ post Negarakuku - no longer a Wee issue, that I posted yesterday in the ‘wee’ hours of the evening.

Mind you, the
malaysiakini article which informed us of Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar saying the government had accepted the apology from the student contradicted in no 'wee' manner another minister's assertion which led to malaysiakini headlining its article as Cabinet rejects apology from rapper.

Perhaps it’s not a ‘wee’ matter of ministers contradicting each other (as was Zainuddin Maidin rudely contradicted by his UMNO colleague), but more of someone making a greater than ‘wee’ fib.

When a minister made a fib, 'wee' or otherwise, it’s no ‘wee’ issue - 'So Minister, please resign' - (sigh), of course I have to sigh a 'wee' sigh - I was just p*ssing 'weeing' in the wind, not expecting any resignation from men of 'wee' honour!

Indeed an unexpected PAS and an expected DAP lambasted UMNO in no ‘wee’ manner about its disproportionate attacks on a ‘wee’ issue involving a wee student, Wee, even to threatening him with the Sedition Act, which is certainly no ‘wee’ matter.

The opposition accused UMNO of what we, the long suffering public already know – that the ethnic based party has been seeking to incite its members and Malays into a patriotic frenzy over the ‘wee’ issue.

And they aren’t playing with just a ‘wee’ fire when they stroked the flames of bigotry - oh, those unscrupulous pollies with their 'wee weenie' minds.

Mind you, I wasn’t too pleased with the DAP as well for not letting the ‘wee’ matter rest after the MCA, notwithstanding its ‘wee’ influence, attempted to mollify the instigated unrest and had (normally 'wee') Zainuddin Maidin playing the ‘nice uncle’ in graciously accepting Wee’s apology.

Yes, the DAP just had to stand on its ‘wee’ pedantic pedestal and upped the ante with Lim Guan Eng stating sarcastically:
"DAP congratulates MCA's success in getting Wee (Meng Chee) to back down and submit to Umno's demands by apologising for his rap video."

The DAP leaders naturally slammed MCA and UMNO in no ‘wee’ way for "demonstrating the extreme lengths and absurd levels that they would go to curb online dissent, stifle diverse views and silence youthful voice." – see malaysiakini's Negarakuku apology: A hollow victory.

Puhleeeze lah, Lim sinseh! It’s all well and OK for the DAP to milk the ‘wee’ issue (as wee-weenie minded UMNO has been obviously doing) when the poor parents of Wee would be the ones facing the potential (and no ‘wee’) threat of some idiots who may choose to be ‘wee’ imitations of Hang Tuah.

Look, Wee had to apologise for no other reason than to take the no ‘wee’ heat off his family. In apologising, he did the right thing by his family, considering those goons could and had even attack an international meet like the Apcet II conference 10 years ago, what more with a ‘wee’ Malaysian Wee family - ;-) just me and my ‘wee’ memory.

The fact of UMNO making a mountain out of a 'wee' molehill is the general election is just a ‘wee’ way away, and those with wee weenie minds want to enlarge their ‘wee’ credentials and even 'wee'-er credibility to win in no ‘wee’ fashion.

Wee has to be the 'wee' sacrifice, at least for a 'wee' more while.


  1. oh wee... i mean oh gee, why so long winded on such wee matter, oh KT? :)

    ok now i shouldn't be so angry knowing our UMNO ministers have such weenie minds.

  2. His YouTube video just passed the 1,000,000 counter. And that version wasn't even posted by him... someone else put it back there after the Wee guy took it down.

    To me, its quite disrespectful to alter the national anthem in such a way. But its his right... and there are bigger fish to roast than targeting a Malaysian Chinese rapper.

  3. Brighteyes said: "To me, its quite disrespectful to alter the national anthem in such a way."

    It's only a song, Brighteyes. Respect is due only to living beings, not dead symbols like flags and other pseudo-patriotic paraphernalia which all of us have been brainwashed for generations into revering (whether the object happens to be the Union Jack, Star-Spangled Banner, the Hammer & Sickle, the Nazi Swastika, or the infamous Umno keris). In the first place, Negaraku was originally a love song named "Terang Bulan"- which was adopted as our national anthem (after it was given a military feel) mostly because the Tunku liked the tune and nobody had a better suggestion. Our national flag - "Jalur Gemilang" - is really an adaptation of the American stars and stripes - and this was somehow prophetic in that Malaysia is in many ways a McCountry, borrowing ideas from here and there and always trying to impress the Mat Salleh visitors (but angrily turning on them when they start criticising us). It's high time we consciously emerge from our racial, religious, and nationalistic tempurungs and gain a whole new perspective as planetary - or even galactic - citizens!

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  5. I have edited what 'meng chee hater' said ... @ 5:06 PM, August 28, 2007

    do not let me see him (meng chee)
    i'll [deleted} him myself....