Monday, August 13, 2007

Hishamuddin Hussein - Others can't do what he did

malaysiakini reported that UMNO Youth warns bloggers they’re being watched ;-)

None other than keris (and kungfu sword) waving Hishamuddin Hussein, UMNO Youth Chief, is pressing for regulatory control over Internet bloggers following two widely publicised cases – don’t worry what those two cases are, because they were never the issues, no matter what Hishamuddin said.

General election is near and the usual stunts a la keris waving have to be conducted to shore up his and his party’s survival.

Because ... get this ...

Hishamuddin unbelievably (but then again, maybe not) said: "Umno Youth warns that freedom has its limits and we will not tolerate those who touch on the issue of national stability, harmony, cultural values and the personality of national leaders."

It would have been hilarious if it wasn’t so pukish.

The boss of UMNO Youth and his keris waving stunts, and with his members from time to time making seditious racist utterances like ‘wanting to bathe the keris in Chinese blood’ has told us he won’t “tolerate those who touch on the issue of national stability, harmony ...”.

Political grandstanding would have been accepted, and laughed off as a norm in the period before the election but when such grandstanding carries threats, warnings, (and on previous occasions) racist comments, these are actually acts of destabilization.

But it’s not that Hishamuddin doesn’t know or doesn’t care, or isn’t aware that regulatory control over Internet bloggers is an impossibility. He deems it essential to his own interests to grandstand anyway. His words will warm the cockles of the heartland – that has been the aim.


  1. he is the MINISTER bah..we are just small potatoes, of course we cant say antyhing thing we want. we are trying to create problems, while he's trying HELP the society ma...

  2. highly predictable balls shaking motion from a not-so-handsome baby faced fool as always

  3. They (the ministers) should really have someone proof read their comments before it's released to the press. Maybe then we'll be able to cut out 70% of the idiotic yammerings that come out from the govt.

  4. sharina,
    If we are "able to cut out 70% of the idiotic yammerings that come out from the govt", then I fear the blogosphere would be a really dull place. We would only have KT's poetry to comment on here!!

  5. In other words,the truth really hurts

  6. ugh! excuse me while i puke (because he used the word 'warn' again). *puking*

    the warning should be directed at himself at his cronies in UMNO youth!!

    GTH, kerismmuddin!!!!

    (GTH is my own code words... if you don't know what it means, tough luck).

  7. Didn't you know they are now the Tuan.
    They are perfectly allowed to do what could get you hauled up for Sedition.

    The British are long gone. They are the Tuan Sahib now.

  8. Hishamuddin has forgotten the BN Manifesto of 2004 whereby, its promises have become a mockery to Malaysians. Page 3 stated: "BN cares about your needs and will seek your views on important issues." Page 6: "Everyone has a stake and a voice in Malaysia under BN"

    Page 7: "Your opinion and views continue to matter as BN endeavors to implement people-centered policies....etc"

    On all these counts, BN leaders like Hishammuddin has reneged the 2004 general election promises and abused the power given by the people to him (and BN) to shut the voices of the people. Based on this alone, Malaysians no longer feel obligated to support Hishammuddin and his likes at the next general election. These leaders have also abused the freedom given by the people to them to lead. The verdict, Malaysians should no longer give their electoral support or vote for these leaders under Malaysian democracy. If this country is still democratic by rule. And Hishammuddin and his cronies should get back to their dictionary desk to understand what is parliamentary democracy. This is NOT a communist country dictated by their threats and lectures. We know our type of democracy, so don't tell us what is freedom and all that shit.

  9. The rakyat in return should warn those in power that we will not tolerate a corrupt and inefficient government. Somebody needs to remind them who put them there in the first place. The problem is the rakyat never does anything come election time because of a lack of a credible opposition or alternative or for any other reasons.

  10. imagine allllllllllll the peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeee...who will unite in harmony and againts the powers that are beating this country to its toes with their corruption free circus. We will once and for all put an end to this sons of bitches.