Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sex slavery in Penang - Police & Immigration 'dunno'?

I read the ‘NBC’s grim tale of sexual slavery in Penang’ as highlighted by malaysiakini with both shame and rage, that today in 2007, with just 20 days to go to our 50th Merdeka celebrations, our country, my Island, has been involved in such an inhuman crime.

Think, if someone were to peddle our loved ones - sisters, daughters, relatives, friends, neighbours - as sex wares for the gratification of strange men, how would we feel!

But the evil that exists in our country is not only in the sex slave trade per se (what a F-word, ‘trade’), but the complicity of our official guardians – the immigration and police officers.

Read this, an extract in the malaysiakini article:

The 30-minute ‘Dateline’ programme detailed the dark web of collusion between the Malaysian law enforcers - the police and immigration officers - and the human traffickers.

“The State Department says that human trafficking and the sex trade it fuels are rampant here. Yet in all of 2006, not a single trafficker was prosecuted,” said Dateline correspondent Chris Hansen.

One victim, Anna, told Dateline that she went to Malaysian immigration authorities for help, a top official there advised her to “go back to work” and called her traffickers.

“I want them to help me - to rescue me - so I can go back Philippines,” she said.

According to Anna, some of the Malaysian police and immigration officials were clients of the clubs where she worked and helped themselves to the girls.

Dateline also revealed that Malaysian officials were notorious for turning a blind eye to trafficking.

“So much so that when victims like Anna show up looking for help, they are often brought up on immigration charges,” it said.

The article goes on to show the sleazy, shameful, sinful and criminal association between the merchants of evil and the Malaysian police.

This has come on top of the Malaysia-Today series of articles by RPK describing senior police officers in alleged cahoots with criminals. The AG may have cleared whoever but we don't consider it kow-tim yet.

And while there may be some honest and dedicated policemen in Malaysia, the rot has set in so deep that, as one says, it takes just one rotten apple to compromise the whole barrel.

I am sure that AAB, Johari Baharum, the IGP, ACA and the AG will do their usual wonderful ‘thing’ – semua bongkam, semua bersih, semua beres.

Ya Pak, semua busuk!


  1. The story of Lannie Ejercito, also shown on the program, is even more disgusting.
    It clearly shows the police working hand in glove with the traffickers.

    From my observation, police in Penang who deal two major "vices" - sex outlets and illegal gambling are heavily corrupt.
    In fact they are inseperable from the crooks.

    The illegal gambling operators only get raided if they are not part of the "Buddy-buddy" group or haven't been paying police enough. Its laughable - these guys walk in and out of State Police Headquartes, have teh-tarik and roticanai with Chief Inspectors and DSPs.

    They only fear raids from Federal police, but these are rare.

    Some members of the Chinese community (and these are mostly ethnic Chinese) think its harmless and its not hurting anybody, but they forget these people are also linked to much more violent elements, and don't hesitate to use thugs as "enforcers".

  2. The only country in the whole wide world with 2, repeat 2 Internal Security Ministers and yet criminals have a field day committing outrages. Must add yet another Internal Security Minister. What about that monkey SIL who loved iphones from the US? He's presently unemployed(unemployable?)

  3. Ya Pak, semua busuk!

    Pak's answer: Semuanya beta tak tau. Beta dah lupa...beta sangat sibuk ni.

  4. The are so many articles that touched on corruption in Malaysia. Do you think that the rampant corruption has anything to do with NEP? This is the SHORTEST path to a middle class even shorter than through EDUCATION. How can we reduce/eradicate corruption if it is deemed as part and parcel of NEP?