Monday, August 20, 2007

Malaysia's most destabilizing political factor

'Negarakuku': MCMC launches probe, headlined malaysiakini. The report continues as follows:

MCMC director Abdul Halim said the case has set a precedent as the subject of the investigation is overseas. Wee, 24, is a university student in Taiwan.

“We will complete the investigation papers. We have to record statements from the relevant parties,” he said, adding that Wee’s family members are expected to be interviewed as well.

I won’t defend Wee for his action though I have often said it’s too insignificant an issue and not worth all the government efforts which could be better expended in crime amelioration.

But why continue to harass Wee’s family? Leave them alone. If the MCMC needs to interview anyone, go to Taiwan and interview Wee Jnr, the bloke who rapped Negarakuku, but not his parents or other family members.

Every time UMNO has a change of leader - whether at the very pinnacle, or at State level, or the worst, in the Youth Wing - or when they are challenged within their own party, or feel they are about to be shifted out of their position by their party, or some form of election is around the corner, those leaders or wannabe leaders would show or strive to show their ethnic credentials.

Remember the ‘Pivotal race’ MB, Najib, Hishamuddin & his keris, Hang Adnan Hulubalang, tebuans, May 13 book and the SIL?

This bigoted grandstanding is the most destabilizing factor in Malaysian politics. Those UMNO personalities would bruise anyone, friends or foes, in their campaign. Ask Raja Bodek of Penang, favourite bum boy the MCA. What we are witnessing for young Wee and his hapless family is part of that grandstanding nonsense.

I am dreading the moment when Hishamuddin goes for the VP post while SIL for the Youth No 1 - if you think this (Negarakuku saga) is bad, just wait for those two 'climbers' to begin acting. And the most traumatic bout of bigotry to be expected would be when AAB retires or gets ousted.

… collateral damage for everyone else. Ain’t no ‘wee’ matter.


  1. OMG, does that mean we have to hope Bedol hangs around forever ?

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  2. We need to ask why a Malaysian youth with talent and creativity feels such disillusionment. It is not his lyrics.. but whether others feel the same, and why.
    I DO. If his words are untrue, we need not worry. If they strike a chord , we need to ask why. The proof is in the pudding so they say. Well, UMNO.. over to you.

  3. Namewee is just a 'diversion'. When the Port Klang Free Trade Zone debacle crop up, both MaChAi and AMNO chose to play up the Namewee issue inorder to 'Blanket-out' the 4.6 Billion Bail-Out of PKFTZ.

    Notice the mainstream media worked as told like a submissive dog but one thing they didn't realised is AMNO tends to 'shoot the messenger and not getting the message' with the Namewee issue. So now MaChAi has created a 'monster' since AMNO are biting hard on the issue and not letting go.

    But the zest of the issue of 4.6 billion PKFTZ bail-out cover-up worked. At the expense of flaming racial discrimination and play up unrest amongst the ppl.