Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chinese regard for AAB plummeted due to KJ?

Josh Hong, one of my favourite columnists in malaysiakini wrote Talent time in Malaysian politics where he discussed the vogue phenomena of the new young guns of politics, Tony Pua and Jeff Ooi of DAP, Vincent Gu of MCA and of course none other than our very own UMNO lang chai, Khairy Jamaluddin or KJ, the world’s most famous son-in-law.

I am only going to quote an extract of Josh’s damn good article, the part pertaining to KJ, as follows:

After all, the Chinese have seen their rights eroded, their position having regressed dramatically since the tragic May 13 Incident of 1969. The minority syndrome of the Chinese living in a country that is slowly but firmly ditching its secular outlooks is too marked to be overlooked.

Whenever they see Khairy Jamaluddin, the egoistic Oxford-graduate whose ambitions are undoubtedly pitched high, the Chinese cannot help yearning for a talented youngling of their own.

As I have often blogged, one of the central pillars of Chinese culture is education – my aunts and mum bombarded my cousins and me during my school days with tales of the poor son of a wretched farmer studying diligently by candle light in a deserted haunted house, and then going on to pass the Imperial exams brilliantly to become the highest level of Mandarin in His Imperial Majesty’s Kingdom as well as winning the devoted affection of the Emperor’s daughter.

... obviously to motivate and inspire us. Well, it worked for KJ but alas, I doubt AAB has any more daughters.

Yes, Chinese do admire a scholar, but somehow I don’t believe this extends to young KJ, because in another malaysiakini article, the blame for Chinese Malaysians' low regard for AAB’s leadership, as found in a recent survey, has been attributed to a series of incidents including the remarks made by DPM Najib, keris cum kingfu sword waver Hishammuddin Hussein and his deputy, the one and only KJ.

KJ came to Chinese notice sometime in August last year when Chinese newspapers published news of KJ alleging the Chinese community would capitalise on UMNO's weaknesses. See my post Did Khairy Jamaluddin bad-mouth Chinese community?

As we know, the sorry saga ended up with an immortal line from Erich Segals’s ‘Love Story’ being paraphrased as ‘UMNO means never having to say sorry’.

Was/is KJ then a bigot, the typical UMNO extreme right racist?

He himself denied that, saying his best friend is a Chinese.

I actually believe him because his accusation of the Chinese community capitalising on UMNO's weaknesses came shortly after his unexplained and embarrassingly 9.2 million strokes of luck, which I blogged in 'Lucky' Khairy Jamaluddin.

‘Twas the typical UMNO masking exercise in classical Sun Tzu fashion – ‘feint towards the east, act in the west’, a distraction to hide your intention or action.

Hmmm, maybe they studied Sun Tzu in Oxford? Can Tony Pua confirm?


  1. You are absolutely correct KJ is NOT one of our favorite people. Also not in our list of favorite people is that kris waving thug, in fact most AMNO leaders aren't very endearing types.

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  3. strange that KJ must be associated all the time with oxford ? he may be a good student or whatever but then there are thousands nore like him right ! so please do not associae people with their degrees but only by their actions.

    people must be judged for what they are and not what they have or havent for god's sake!

    attack him for himself not for his father daughter or FIL nor for his oxford, it does get quite sickening u know

  4. hi team bsg...

    which part of the article attacked his FIL or Nori or Oxford.

    I read through twice..can't find anything "attacking"> Care to highlight?

  5. If you are KJ and has no political base and don't have much money to begin with, how to you create attention to yourself besides parading as a SIL? You either show your intelligence and smartness by doing charity works, etc OR you open your loud mouth and start saying something loud, racial or stupid etc. To me, he used the latter strategy as I have met many smart Oxford boys who really graduated from there.

  6. Is it progress when cannibal use a spoon?

  7. yes! most definitely! 100%. the answer to your Q at the tittle.

  8. by a subtle/emphatic reference/association of Oxford with KJ , and pitching him as undeniably contributing to FIL's sharp drop in popularity/imminent downfall is akin to downgrading oxford (as a whole)in our humble opinion. What we are saying is that there really is no need to drag oxford into this shithole! Yr article's are great & eye-opening nevertheless( otherwise we won't even comment ) so keep it up !

  9. Honestly, I think KJ is not a racist guy and having been raised and educated abroad, he is fully aware about racism, the importance of fair competition, the dangers of subsidies etc. I truly believe him when he says his best friend is a Chinese. I even believe that he actually despises Malays who are ignorant and rent seekers. However, he is an opportunistic guy. He knows that to climb the ladder in UMNO, one has to be seen to be ultra-nationalist, gung-ho about the Malay race and all that. What I don't know is whether he plans to reform UMNO and their mentality when he finally reaches the top. But if one has reached the top disguising as a racist and receiving the support and patronage of racists, can one actually turn around later and say, 'look, I was only pretending' and not get torn from their seat of power? Imagine Hitler riding on all the racist sentiments to become Fuhrer and suddenly, he says, 'Mein Folk, I only pretended to be a nationalistic German because I realised that was the best way to get to the top. Now that I am Fuhrer, let's close down the camps and ghettos, scrap the Nuremberg laws and embrace our Jewish brothers'. Would he even last a minute?

  10. Any Chinese who has graduated from the local universities will undoubtedly had done the same at Oxford if given the opportunity to study there. So there's nothing great about Oxford U as if only a few certain people could graduate from it

  11. Agreed with anon at 12.04. KJ is an opportunist, a parasite that feeds on the current UNMO deep-seated insecurities. Najib and Hishamuddin, whose fathers would give them kick up the a*se if they could, are personification of these insecurities. With no political acumen or talent, and with intelligence of Pak Pandir, they believe their salvation lies in riding the crest of KJ's hate machine.

    Heirarchy is a big thing in Malay tradition, and KJ knows this. Perhaps, KJ honed his manipulative skills in Oxford where public (fee-paying) school boys still rule the roost. Some may have come from Eton, that bastion of old social hierarchy.

    The UMNO leadership - permissive father-in-law plus disapponting sons and grandson of true Malaysians - must see that KJ is a malignant cancer that is killing the race relations in Malaysia. Sadly, they are more concerned with their own rice bowl.

    Time to vote them out, for the sake of the country.