Saturday, August 25, 2007

The insidious 'Bo ...' in Malaysian system

When Dr Mahathir coined the Malaysia Boleh slogan, he wanted to build into our psyche, especially that of the Malays, self confidence, the confidence that comes from self esteem, and consequently the will to succeed.

But alas, like most noble stuff he had in mind, he was let down by the very people he trusted - I am afraid he just has to chew on that. I am sure by now, the retired human dynamo must have realized that Malaysia during his time was led not by a necessary team but by a one-man juggernaut.

If Dr Mahathir had only surrounded himself with more capable people instead of avaricious sycophants, I wonder where we, our nation, would be today?

His inspirational Boleh has degenerated into Bodek, Bodoh, Bobrok, Bocor, Bohong, yes, all his hopes Bolos and Bobos.

Take for example, as reported in malaysiakini, the former AG and now Chairperson of Suhakam, Aby Talib, had to chide the Chief Justice for not stopping the rot in th judicial system where judges have not been able to come up with written judgement.

Abu Talib said : “It’s entirely up to the CJ (chief justice) to move (on this). (Stemming) the rot is in his hands. It’s (only a matter of) whether he wants to exercise the powers or not.”

In other words, the Chief Justice is, as he ought to be, responsible for stopping the rot in the system he heads. Has he?

And if not, what does the Chief Justice do – instead he attempts to introduce Syariah laws into our civil courts, by arguing that common laws should be done away with.

That’s an example of Dr Mahathir’s Boleh degenerating into ….. you choose which of the ‘Bo…’ would be appropriate.

Remember that police inspector who was supposed to interrogate Tian Chua, and was made to look like a bloody fool by the PKR Info Chief?

Another non-Boleh, if we need to use that terrible word of ‘non’.

Abu Talib also criticized our dear wonderful AG, Gani Patail – I needn’t say anything more as I had said enough.

And as for the IGP – is he Boleh? In a way I suppose he is, because under his watch, he Boleh allow the crime rate to shoot through the ceiling, into the highest stats ever seen in our nation’s history – now, that’s most certainly a record for the Malaysian Book of Records!

And of course, according to the Boleh logic of Boleh-land the government has, as always, rewarded such ‘Bo… Eong’ people like the IGP.


  1. Well, since no one has said it yet.

    Malaysia? Bo lah. :)

    That's what I thought off the moment I read the title. Of course, you'd have to be familiar with Hokkien to get that. :P

  2. Mahathir the one-man juggernaut and Mahathir the sycophant connoisseur were just different manifestations of "Mahathirism". In his single minded pursuit of his agenda, he had zero tolerance for people who disagreed with him.

    Look at the Deputy PMs who differed from him - they are all just "ex-Deputy PM" now. Progressively, he became surrounded by "Yes-Men", as these were the once who could survive. He may have created a legend for himself, but in the process created a culture, not of competence but conformism in the nation's body politic.