Saturday, August 04, 2007

Not guilty, we're British!

Well, here’s British bullsh*t at its best.

During the height of the 2005’s subway bombing in London, over-gungho and totally reckless British Met police cold-bloodedly executed Jean Charles de Menezes. The innocent Brazilian electrician was shot seven times in the head by police despite not offering any resistance when apprehended.

He was pushed to the ground by a policeman and straightaway MURDERED!

Finally after two years of investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), the British example of our proposed IPCMC, the inquiry has found that a senior police officer knew of the mistake, but deliberately kept the information from his superiors and misled the public.

Al Jazeera (using an Agencies news source) informed us that ‘... the report added that there were serious weaknesses in the police action and said that de Menezes was not given the proper chance to protest his innocence in the moments before he was shot dead.’

‘"The IPCC investigation team understands that Mr de Menezes did not refuse to obey a challenge prior to being shot and was not wearing any clothing that could be classed as suspicious," the report said.’

That, my friends, has been the sum of the findings - oh my mistake, yes of course, the IPCC also cleared Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, of any misconduct - presumably its main objective.

And anyway, what was the penalty for the senior police officer?

He was criticised.

Good lord, that's far too severe!

And get this: ‘Last year, prosecutors decided that no individual officer involved in the shooting should face criminal action over the incident itself, but that the London force should be prosecuted as a whole under health and safety laws. The trial is due to start in October.’

' ... no individual officer involved in the shooting should face criminal action over the incident itself.'

Jolly good bloody show, old boy – yes, it may not be cricket, old top, but Queen & country you know, just show those dagos the stiff upper lip! We're British!

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