Thursday, September 01, 2016

WWII Jap-trained Judge?

MM Online - Cells should have mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches to make criminals fear prison, says retired judge

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 1 — A retired judge has proposed the setting up of a Special Court to dispose of serious crime cases expeditiously and with the appropriate penalty, probably within a year. [...]

Mohd Noor said heavy punishment should also be meted out to the offenders to prevent them from repeating the crime.

“We usually mete out punishment from light to heavy, for example imposing a fine, then imprisonment and, finally, whipping.

“The laws must be amended to provide for the heaviest sentence to be meted out first followed by the lighter ones. Only then will people be afraid to commit crime; they fear the punishment,” he said.

Referring to the prison system, Mohd Noor said no prison should provide “VIP amenities” to inmates and, if there was such a thing, it should be stopped at once.

“Some people commit crimes simply because they want to enjoy the ‘benefits’ available in the prisons.

“These prisoners do not repent. They know that going to prison means free food and sound sleep.

“It is not that I want the Prisons Department to be aggressive or beat up prisoners. The department has to make the prison an uncomfortable place so that prisoners regret committing crimes and detest going to prison.

For example, a prison cell should have mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches that can be a bother for prisoners,” he said.

It's amazing that such monsters still exist today. i wonder about his judgements when he was a working judge.

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  1. Maruah bangsa di jejakkan.

    The eventuality of promoting brain death sycophant, with only ketuanan indebtedness to position of authority.

    There r many, lying deep behind the scene, waiting for chances to give their two cents worth - preferably after their official retirements so that their dedak WONT be affected!

    Long live ketuanan Melayu!!!