Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Decided and confirmed, Moody as 7th PM of Malaysia

Malay Mail Online - Dr M tips Muhyiddin to be PM if opposition wins

Dei Tambee, ayam His Imperial Majesty Emperor Asoka Mahathir of fundamentalist Islamic Malaysia 

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 27 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has named Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as the opposition's most likely candidate to be prime minister.

The former prime minister said this was contingent, however, on Muhyiddin being confirmed as the president of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

“At the moment we are not saying anything except that if the opposition wins, the most likely prime minister will be Muhyiddin,” he was quoted as saying by The Star newspaper.

Dr Mahathir also added that the chairman of PPBM must be consulted on policy matters to ensure that the prime minister does not act unilaterally.

He claimed that the Cabinet was not sufficient safeguard against this as ministers were beholden to the prime minister.

The former PM is the chairman of PPBM.

“The future prime minister will not have a free hand because in the new party (Pribumi), we have not only the president but also a chairman,” he was further quoted as saying.

Hear that, Ambiga Sreenevasan, Maria Chin Abdullah, Lim Kit Siang, Azmin Ali, Tian Chua?

The chairman of Pribumi has spoken, and not only that, he has re-affirmed his status as the man who decides who becomes the PM of Malaysia and as Chairman of Pribumi, the man who must always be consulted by the new PM and all future PMs on government policy matters.

BTW, a word of advice. Mahathir's family possesses longevity genes, wakakaka, thus he could be around until 150 years old (just another 60 years, wakakaka), like a 142-year old Indonesia Bapak who was interviewed recently. Dirgahayu Bapak! Wakakaka.

In other words, Mahathir as the Chairman of Pribumi is even superior to the PM of Malaysia.

But we shouldn't be surprised. After all, once he lamented he picked two wrong successors.

Have you got that again? Two successors, not just one. Two successors meant that after the 1st successor was kicked out, he Mahathir was effectively and automatically the 'real PM' (de jure or de facto, it didn't matter and he didn't/doesn't care) who decided on the 2nd successor.

In real terms, after he sacked the 1st PM, AAB, he was the 'real PM' who selected Najib to be the 2nd PM, as his (Mahathir's) successor.


Which retired PM in the world can or could have the distinction of two consecutive successors?

Only Mahathir, because he and he alone can decide who will be his successor as PM, again and again, as he's now doing with Muhyiddin.

In doing so with Moody, Mahathir is indicating indirectly he is the Perpetual PM of Malaysia, only taking a back seat from time to time as he desides who should be his puppet.

Oh, BTW, Malay Mail also reported "The former prime minister said this was contingent, however, on Muhyiddin being confirmed as the president of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia", meaning that if Mukhriz is eventually selected as deputy president of Pribumi, and Moody is not confirmed as Prez of Pribumi, then Mukhriz will be kicked upstairs to become the 7th PM of Malaysia, and oh, also the President of Pribumi. Correct?

Hear that, dumbos?

And as Ramkarpal Singh Deo said: “The question of working with Dr Mahathir is an unimaginable disaster waiting to happen."

Heard that, Lim Kit Siang?


  1. For a period of 14 years after he "Retired" as Prime Minister , Lee Kuan Yew retained virtual Veto power over major decisions made by the Singapore government, and had to be consulted on any major moves

    I can't say that was a bad idea.

  2. as what dato' salleh said keruak stated, "The reality is that it was baseless from the start, a pure publicity stunt to manipulate public perceptions. Part of Tun Mahathir's plan to sabotage 1MDB and damage Malaysia's economy to unseat the democratically-elected government. And all this for selfish political reasons, just to benefit his son Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir".

    and what more can i say about lks and dap? kamu serupa.. ha ha