Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Confucian teachings on education

According to the QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World University Rankings this year, University Malaya (UM) has moved up from 146th ranking to 133.

Congratulations. There is great rejoicing in Malaysia today at the news.

BTW, what's the ranking for some of Sing's, China's, Japan's, Korea's, Taiwan's and the unis of that lil' weird island called Kong Kong? Check 
here. My uni UNSW just made it into the top 50, wakakaka.

Remember what I said about Confucian teachings on education? If you don't, do read my post SJKC is growing to refresh yourself.


  1. Glad to see my university, University of Manchester, is number 29, still one of the Top universities in the UK, and in the world.

    I have to emphasise that for me and the other intelligent, brainy, hardworking and disciplined Malays I met there, it had absolutely nothing to do with Confucian teachings, and a lot to do with the New Economic Policy.

    We lacked nothing in brains and competency vs. any of the other races there, but certainly lacking in funds.

    That is why , to this day, I fully support the party that ensures the continuation of that policy to assure the Malays of academic access.

    And I totally oppose the party such as DAP that promises to their Chinese supporters to remove the special position of the Malays.

    1. no one said Malays aren't intelligent just as many others of all races in the world are (like Obama and many Aussies) but in GENERAL we must ask why Malaysian universities aren't in the top 100 when our lil' red dot neighbour and Hong Kong could get more than one of theirs within that. REcall UM was once one of the top in the world, especially its medical and engineering faculties.

      Secondly the DAP does NOT intend to remove the NEP but only to ensure that the scheme helps deserving Malays and bumis on the 'needs' basis, not just give to the rich and undeserving ones.

  2. tis is "world-class education" indeed.

    too bad this ranking ignores the biggest M'sian university of all - universiti umno. wakakaka...

  3. There are over 20,000 universities in the world. Hence, for UiTM and UUM being ranked 701+ i.e. similar to University of Salford, Ohio University, Miami University, University of Southern Queensland, Charles Sturt University,Edith Cowan University, Australia Catholic University, etc etc.. should be commendable still. BTW UM was given a 5 Star rating and UTP a 4 Star rating; congratulations to all.

    1. congratulations if you are happy with our uni's being below the world's top 100

  4. saya tak lulus darjah 6.. it is fine kalau some of u readers and critics want to call me blur sotong...

  5. Ranking creates a target for competition, which in turns promotes excellency, a key ingredient of standard uplifting.

    Spreading into general domains, this academic ranking indicates the cultural, social & industrial maturity of the associated group of people.

    Individually, it means very little - as indicated by the fact that useless Bush jr is an ivy league graduate & Newton is an oppressive physicist despite his achievements.

    So what if u r a graduate from a top 100 school, yet yr thinking/behaviour proves conclusively u r a poorly finished product!

    It's a hidup dibawah tempurung thinking that it's OK since there r others universities,like ours, rank outsides the top status.

    U have conveniently 'forget' that some of them,as mentioned, might not rank highly in this profile, & yet they could be top scorers in other fields.

    Just like, certainly, any bolihland's public tertiary institutions in syok-sendiri-ism score is in the high 10!

    Do think carefully before u shout bolih & it's OK to be where u r now. What's the use of jaguh kampong dalam bidang siax2? Maru shja, betul?

  6. BTW, sakmongkalAK47 is backed at