Friday, September 23, 2016

Mamak tak boleh percaya?

From Malaysiakini (extracts):

do you don't mind being called 'mamak tak boleh percaya'

not if you don't

Towards the end of his time with Umno, former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim would defend his boss Dr Mahathir Mohamad in public, but criticise him in private, said a party veteran.

"He would openly defend (Mahathir), but in private or among his close friends and political friends, he would criticise Mahathir from government policies, to his race.

"He always referred to Mahathir as 'mamak tak boleh percaya', 'untrustworthy mamak'," Umno's Lenggeng assemblyperson Ishak Ismail wrote in his witness statement in Anwar's defamation suit against Khairy Jamaluddin.

Ishak added in the statement that the term 'mamak' was at the time considered rude and insulting.

'Mamak' is a colloquial term used for Indian Muslim.

The irony is Anwar himself is also a mamak, wakakaka.

But many mamak tend to work extraordinarily hard to extinguish all semblance of their Indian heritage. One of them, a friend, confessed to me they were ashamed of having Indian blood, which if emphasized even in jokes among friends, would affect their bumi status and also their marriage potential to Malay women

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  1. so Nurul Izzah has got 'dkk' lah.. hence also a 'mamak tak boleh percaya'lah?