Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Azmin abandons Anwar?

In yesterday's post Decided and confirmed, Moody as 7th PM of Malaysia we discussed how Mahathir as The Chairman of Pribumi has decided on the person the opposition will appoint as PM and also how he The Chairman Mahathir must be briefed by the extant PM (Moody, Mukhriz or Azmin) on proposed government policies before those may be allowed to be launched.

PM under training, PM and disposal nappy

what do you think of the party flag? 

This step was what, alas, the current PM neglected to do so for months on ends until The Chairman Mahathir was exasperatedly compelled to voice out publicly that Najib did not even brief him, at one stage, for a staggering six long months (how dare Najib? wakakaka).

Additionally The Chairman Mahathir has 'royally' proclaimed Muhyiddin Yassin as PM-anointed, as he once anointed Anwar, AAB and indeed even Ah Jib Gor, wakakaka.

Many have questioned Mahathir's unilateral (could Mahathir be other than 'unilateral'? wakakaka) decision on Muhyiddin when others weren't consulted or had agreed.

But the only thing going for Muhyiddin in Mahathir's eyes is that he is not only compliant (as AAB and Najib were supposed to be. wakakaka) but has always been "I am a Malay first" person, as Mahathir himself has been. And that would have please Mahathir lots. Come to think of it, both Mahathir and Muhyiddin are like peas in a pod, the ultra Malay pod.

Indeed, Mahathir had chewed Najib once for giving way to Chinese by far too much, unlike Muhyiddin who only gives way to delicious Chinese 'meat'.

Except possibly for only nyanyuk-ish LKS, the DAP does not agree with Mahathir's choice of "I'm a Malay first" Moody for PM, preferring an old favourite, Anwar Ibrahim.

Unfortunately for Mr Manmanlai, other than his family and faithful DAP, no other opposition or so-called opposition leader supports his PM-ship.

PAS has rejected him (completely if not openly). Now, I am not sure whether Pak Haji Hadi Awang is wary of him because the ulama chief believes, like Mahathir does, that Anwar is immoral(?), or is still personally jealous of him because years back the late PAS President Fadzil Noor wanted pandai-cakap Anwar rather than dull boring Hadi Awang to be his successor as PAS president, or is just plain ambitious to become PM himself thus considers Anwar as an annoying competitor.

Then Mahathir does not want Anwar to be PM though he wants Pakatan's support for his Pribumi, hence his appearance in court pretending he was there to support Anwar.

I think Mahathir still hates Anwar for 2 reasons, to wit, (1) Anwar as Finance Minister refused to help Mahathir's son and his shipping line during the Asian economic meltdown, and (2) Anwar attempted to treacherously oust him by using a stalking horse by the name of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who now has the last laugh over the two. And it's real deep, very very deep hatred.

I reckon Mahathir's hate for Anwar has nothing to do with sodomy lah, wakakaka. Mahathir has been a man who didn't and still doesn't give a shit about such human weaknesses - weaknesses I suspect he welcomes in Anwar as something to use against that man, wakakaka, as he had.

Just (IMPORTANT: No 1 Reminder) don't f**k around with or jeopardize his son(s)' future, which Anwar, AAB (or rather someone else, wakakaka) and Ah Jib Gor have been perceived by The Chairman to have done.

But we arrive at what I want to blog as a point of potential interest to discuss with you, that in reading the latest news across the board, what with Mukhriz calling for a united opposition under the moniker of Barisan Rakyat and The Chairman Mahathir announcing unilaterally that Moody will be its anointed PM and Azmin Ali stumbling forward to support that, but with the DAP cold-shouldering Mahathir's pre-emptory announcement because they want Anwar rather than low-brow Moody, it would be reasonable to believe that Azmin Ali might have abandoned Anwar Ibrahim for Mahathir.

To the lifeboats everyone in PKR, Women and Children after me, the numero uno. Wakakaka.


  1. The testing of candidates
    The potential to be prime minister
    The Old Man Q will try
    He still hasn't learned his mistakes
    He never picks the better ones

    Mohawkdin can't be the choice
    He hasn't got the material to be one
    He may be good in grouping others
    He has his bad stories while as MB

    Anwar is still in prison
    Even if the election is called next year
    There is no way Anwar could become prime minister
    The Amno baru makes sure he stays in Bamboo River

    The Old Man Q tries to make his move
    Before the pact to make an impact
    Bee Anne is currently has cracked in its walls
    Though its leaders will deny it

    The coalition of equals never happens
    These coalition partners are treated like crumbs
    They know it but they want to enrich themselves
    They aren't thinking of the people or nation

    The change will come to this nation
    It has to happen for our nearby countries have changed
    The ruling elites are feeling the heat and worried
    They think they are great but fall they will face

    1. Yes indeed..!
      sodomites, and
      unfaithful spouses,
      should be remorseful
      and devoted
      about changing..
      there will be haze of
      hypocrisy, sodomy,
      and infidelity fallout
      in a political marriage,
      can harm
      the People,
      and kill
      the Nation!

  2. Anwar is out of sight, hence out of mind.
    In politics , that is as good as Dead.

    Even so, I'm amazed, how Anwar, who is supposed to be a prisoner is fully up to date in real-time on current issues, and also able communicate his views to the outside world in near real-time.

    I'm quite sure there are Anwar / opposition sympathisers at every level of government (including the Prisons Department), but seems like there must be some prison rules being broken almost on a daily basis....kakakakka...