Sunday, September 25, 2016

Letter to Sara Petra

Dear Sara Petra,

You have just urged MIC members to join Gerakan Party if they find the MIC doesn't help them.

Just as a matter of curiosity, is there any non-Chinese Gerakan Party members, say Indians, in federal parliament or any state DUN to effectively represent the MIC members who want to leave? Senate backdoor appointees by the PM don't count, wakakaka.

But I have to admit I haven't check. Perhaps you can humour me.

Have you ever considered the truly multi-racial DAP as an alternative party for those poor over-looked MIC members?

If Gerakan Party is as multi-racial as you suggested, please look at the DAP's federal non-Chinese MPs and state ADUNs which follow below.

For your kind perusal, and alas, to Gerakan and MIC mucho embarrassment, sorry lah guys, wakakaka.

Members of Federal Parliament (MP)


1. Kasthuriraani Patto - Batu Kawan
2. Zairil Khir Johari - Bukit Bendera
3. Ramkarpal Singh - Bukit Gelugor


4. M. Kulasegaran V. Murugeso - Ipoh Barat
5. Sivakumar Varatharaju Naidu - Batu Gajah


6. Mohamad Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz - Raub


7. Gobind Singh Deo - Puchong
8. Charles Anthony Santiago - Klang

Senate (not appointed by PM, but by party through states won)

9. Dr Ariffin Omar
10. Chandra Mohan S. T.

State Assemblies

Negeri Ssembilan

11. Arul Kumar a/l Jambunathan - Nilai
12. Mary Josephine Prittam Singh - Rahang
13. Gunasekaren a/l Palanisamy - SEnawang
14. Veerapan a/l Superamaniam - Repah


15. Tengku Zulpuri Shah b. Raja Puji - Mentakab
16. Kamache Doray Rajoo - Sabai


17. Tanasekharan a/l Autherapady - Bagan Dalam
18. Ramasamy a/l Palanisamy (1st ever Indian deputy Chief Minister in Malaysia) - Perai
19. Jagdeep Singh Deo a/l Karpal Singh - Datok Keramat
20. Sanisvara Nethaji Rayer a/l Rajaji - Seri Delima


21. Sivasubramaniam a/l AthiNarayanan - Buntong
22. Terence Naidu a/l V Raja @ Raja Naidu - Pasir Bedamar
23. Sivanesan a/l Achalingam - Sungkai


24. Edwin @ Jack Bosi - Kapayang


25. Rajiv a/l Rishyakaran - Bukit Gasing
26. Ganabatirau a/l Veraman - Kota Alam Shah

Goodness, that's more than two dozen. I know it's embarrassing to MIC that we have far more Indian representatives than the so-called Indian Party.

As for your recommended Gerakan Party I suppose you'll have to re-check with them to see their multi-racial credentials.

I'm aware that the DAP is not perfect but given all its human errors the party still shines and out-classes the Gerakan by a zillion light years.

Your sincerely,


p/s Mah Siew Keong, the president of Gerakan Party, in a by-election in his home town of Teluk Intan, with all his hairy experience and home town advantages, could only overcome young 1st-timer sweetie Dyana Sofya of DAP, by only a mere 238 votes.

The BN secret skunkworks with fabricated photos of Dyana in bad light to conservative Muslims voters (using photo of a bikini-ed Filipino actress who looks like her) helped Mah scrapped through.

right photo was of Filipino actress passed by BN skunk works falsely as Dyana in bikini during by-election campaign - sangat kotor lah

when shown the false represented photo, Dyana responded with great humour, saying (words to the effect): "I wish I have her body"

DAP's Dyana Sofya - what a great gal, our future

Sweetie Dyana is anxiously waiting for GE-14 to rip Uncle Mah to shreds, wakakaka.

she doesn't have nor need a so-called 'reformasi' dad to make her glow 


  1. Why trying so 'hard' to highlight a wet in the ear sweet young nothing (SYN)?

    This is NOT a normal SYT, whom we usually like!


    BTW, is this one of yr assymetrical proposition to launch yr sifu's pet daughter's sopo writing career?

    Good try. But an alternative harder push is required. Bcoz yr write up has just firmly categorized her as a true SYN!

    1. re your "BTW, is this one of yr assymetrical proposition to launch yr sifu's pet daughter's sopo writing career?" wakakaka you are always finding fault with my post, my comments and me in every which way.

      always looking for imaginary faults, wakakaka again

    2. What about thinking out of the box to catch a skillfully cooked scheme?


  2. You forget that Sara Petra, like his father , is Anti-DAP.

    1. hence my letter to inform her the DAP is truly multiracial via my statistics, and far better than Gerakan which I admit has a few Indians members but I believe no representative in the Dewan Rakyat or state DUNs

    2. it seem almost every malay is anti dap except the appointed n dedak eaters, dap truly multiracial. we shall thank lge n his fanboy, yr superior type chinese achieve something fantastic no one could achieved in the past.

    3. it's not just MIC and so-called multiracial Gerakan embarrassed by the DAP having so many Indian representatives including Malays and Sabahan, but also so-called multiracial PKR, wakakaka


    “And my reason for mentioning Gerakan to those Indians who are disillusioned with MIC is because Gerakan does not play hate politics like DAP." - Raja Sara Petra.

    The truth hurts....