Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rave and rant - gerrymandering in progress

Good news, Kapar has been reduced to being a 100 grand (instead of 150 grand) constituency but a big chunk of Pakatan supporters have been deliberately shifted away.

Bad news, Petaling Jaya Utara (TP's constituency) has been raised from being a 85 grand to being 150 grand constituency, and re-named Damansara. Why re-named? To confuse Pakatan supporters?

Needless to say TP is mad as hell.

Bullshit news, Putrajaya remains at 18 grand.

The above have been proposed by the EC in a process known as sardine-ization of nons and increased weightage of Malay voters, where the voting power of 1 pro UMNO voter in Putrajaya is worth more than 8 of DAP's supporters, wakakaka, basically, the UMNO's twin pincer strategy of 'suppress and promote'.

For eons we have complained about the size of Kapar, where at one time Kapar would have made 10 Putrajaya. But the remarkable shameless dedak-driven Commissioner of EC has deliberately repeated the crime of his predecessors. in making another 'Kapar'.

A federal constituency should ideally be around 80 grand, thus Kapar plus Petaling Jaya Utara (100 + 150 grand = 250,000) should have been delineated into 3 constituencies of approximately 80 grand each, but alas, that would have given Pakatan an extra federal seat.

The Commissioner of EC should be given the Erwin Rommel's award for political atrocity. Guess what happened to Rommel in the end, wakakaka. Allah swt will judge you and your evil crimes, wakakaka.


  1. When an official organisation carries out a reprehensible act, I usually go Up the Chain of Command to assign accountability.
    Exception being if the act was purely for personal gain, which in this case it is not, though there may well be personal gain involved.
    The Malaysian EC Commissioner is nominally independent, but in reality beholden to the Prime Minister.

    So...responsibility for this nefarious EC action rightly goes up to Ah Jib Gor.

    Motto "Stay in Power by Hook or By Crook" (usually by Crook)

    1. of course, it's the UMNO's same old same old

  2. So what r all the Joe M'sian going to do anything about it?

    Like some commentators have said - change the govt via election lah. It's peaceful & democratically correct!

    Others put in their 3cent worth - by asking the rakyat to persuade their elected representatives to revolt & raise non confidential votes in the Parliament to kick out the pests.

    See the futility in these no brainals?

    Hello there, u r asking people, to use a legal procedure to kick out a rotten administrator, who is manipulatively controlling the very same processes to his advantage!

    Forgetting, that M'sians, as a whole is politically naive & complicated by racial & religious inconsideration, through & through.

    How stupid, do u think the Joe M'sians r?

    Yr indoctrinated religious zombies?

    Yr dedak dependent ketuanan freaks?

    Yr InfCom meme-ed blur sotong?

    Oooop... don't forget those do-gooders with breeding hearts, shouting about thinking out loud for the good of the M'sia so that bolihland WONT follows the path of Arab-spring consequencees!

    Sometime one has to make sacrifices which r painful but short term, as comparing to spiralling down a path of no return like M'sia NOW.

    Avoiding any painful acts just bcoz one has to be a peace-loving intern, to cover all GOOD expects of the issues;

    - For a present & urgent pestilence, u talk about past toxic deeds. As if there MUST be a comparison to justify the current stage of affairs.

    - For a lack of capable & competent leadership from the opposition, u go for the current rouge regime by justifing that a known devil is better than a unknown angel.

    - Forgetting that if one doesn't try & engage in an on-going process, then where does that unknown angel going to surface?

    - Or for that matter, to learn & cultivate a possible alternative, via a bath of fire? No pains no gains, right?

    So u champion yr cause by yr silo political-correct perspective understanding of the issue? Or by yr udang-di-belakang-batu manipulation?

    U romantically EXPECT that the current failing state of bolihland can be reversed via a similarly made-believed process of her '57 independence - by the grace of the pommie colonialist via tabletop negotiation, without the insistent insurgencies of the MCP?

    Didn't I say politically naive?

    Dream on lah, till there is ONLY memory to reminisce while u r residing in a foreign land. Hopefully not as a refugee!😠