Thursday, September 08, 2016

Islamist clerics want to punish non-muslims as well

MM Online - Don’t exempt non-Muslims from hudud, Muslim scholars suggest

Non-Muslims should not be exempted from severe hudud punishments if the controversial Islamic penal law is implemented in Malaysia, religious scholars suggested in a forum discussing the issue today.

According to the panellists, exempting non-Muslims from punishments prescribed for Muslims would create an unjust system, which would disturb the peace, ultimately defeating the original purpose of hudud itself.

“Should Ah Chong get a lighter punishment than Ahmad, although they both committed the same crime? Where is the justice?” said prominent religious cleric Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin.

“I differ from Kelantan’s enactment. I agree with Brunei … we have to prescribe the punishments to all.”

The tiny, oil-rich nation of Brunei passed hudud laws last year and will begin enforcement from this year.

“Even non-Muslims must also get hudud punishments like Muslims … Hudud is meant to keep the peace. How can you keep the peace if non-Muslims can choose their punishments?” said Dr Mushaddad Abdullah, from Putrajaya-backed Institut Wasatiyyah Malaysia.

It's coming you bloody kafirs and Dhimmis. Next you can't eat your favourite BKT. Then you'll have to circumcise as well, and before too long you'll be in masjid praying to Allah swt with the ketuanan race, sorry, in a side room in the masjid after the women's room.

Even our favourite Islamic cleric Dr Asri Zainal Abidin has joined the mob who wants to punish people kau kau.

Much as I like and respected Dr Asri, I have my wee doubts about him when 3 years ago he criticized the Thaipusam procession in Penang which had been going on donkey years with mucho support from Chinese and the Poms - for more, see my 2013 post
Dr Asri - blood versus coconut water.

From the same MM Online - According to the Shariah Courts (Criminal) Jurisdiction Act 1965, the Islamic court cannot sentence offenders to more than three years in jail or fine them more than RM 5,000. It also cannot sentence offenders to be whipped more than six times.

How the hell will the ulamas be able to frighten the shit out of Muslims, let alone non Muslims with such restrictive punishment (even though our founding fathers saw fit to keep the syariah courts in a subordinate position to civil courts with restrictive punishments because Malaysia is NOT an Islamic nation, contrary to the pompous political announcement of Mahathir).

suppose it's either in the ulamas' genes or in their indoctrination, to wit, to hurt people kau kau by way of punishing them until they beg for mercy and tremble at the sight of ulamas. That's how ulamas get their power, their strangle-hold over the rakyat. And we're dealing out more, much more tax money than RM1 billion per year to keep them in employment.

Aren't our non-Muslim tax money haram to Islamists?

Why don't they look seriously at Siti Kasim's proposal for Malaysians, even Muslims, to choose to be trialled either under universal secular laws or the ulama (not Allah's swt) syariah laws, where syariah laws have been the ulamas' own interpretation, to intimidate people through such threats as hands chopping.

Malaysia is a secular country as proven by our Constitution and the restriction on syariah courts which are limited to Muslim family and Islamic prohibition matters, with very restrictive code of punishments, where as per the Shariah Courts (Criminal) Jurisdiction Act 1965, the Islamic court cannot sentence offenders to more than three years in jail or fine them more than RM 5,000. It also cannot sentence offenders to be whipped more than six times.



  1. the next time any US president wants to talk about human rights, like Obama had with Duterte, please come to M'sia.
    tis is the state of human rights in M'sia, where religious extremism is threatening its own Constitution.

  2. I differ with Dr MAZA. If we agree with him then it will be impossible for tolerance and religious harmony to be achieved. It already appears impossible now, so don't make it worst!

    Our goal is that the syariah laws and its enhancement whatsoever, should only be for the muslims as there is no compulsion in religion.

    OTOH, my beloved KT has been continuously attacking hudud and indirectly on Islam. I would suggest that for a change why not my dear KT blogs on the following:

    1. Pope John Paul II's edict - the importance of christianization of all parts of the world, including the domestic law of the land where Islam prohibits the displacement of religion.

    2. "The attempt to convert muslims must be done in two ways - directions and destructions". ~ Samuel Zwemmer

    3. "Go into all world, preach the gospel to every creature" ~ [Mark 16:15]