Friday, September 09, 2016

Water water everywhere

Water, water, every where,And all the boards did shrink;Water, water, every where,Nor any drop to drink

- The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Recently HRH Sultan Johor (or was it his son the TMJ?) mentioned that it was an incorrect decision NOT to keep water under public ownership.

Malaysians buying Malaysian water from Sinagpore


HRH has been right. There are certain services, especially vital emergency services, which should remain under public ownership, to wit, the government whether federal or state, so that the needs of the rakyat would not be imperilled, ever.

Water would be one of those services, though electricity is not - one could live for a few days on candle light and firework cooking, especially when our country in both wings is teeming with hawkers, wakakaka. At least a bonus side effect will see the elimination any ethnic boycotts, especially by some silly Chinese of the mamak nasi kandar stalls in Penang, wakakaka again.

Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob can continue with his boycott of Chinese goods which have been deemed as haram to Muslim anyway, wakakaka.

God (your of course) forbid we ever privatise the military or the police, and especially the Civil Service, but aiyoyo, you would never know.

Many many years ago, in Hong Kong then still under Mother England, wakakaka, the locals told me about their fantastic fire brigades, where the firemen who were so miserably paid, would on arriving at a fire scene, demand what the Indons termed 'pungli' (pungutan liar).

One would then see Chinese-style bargaining between the cool very relaxed firemen and the frantic (perhaps screaming) owner of burning apartment or house, which if successfully concluded, would finally see water emanating from the firemen's hose, wakakaka.

It was the 'user pay' concept, wakakaka.

The Hongkies eventually became so fed up with their "highly-commercialised" public services, privately "highly-commercialised" that was, wakakaka, that they begged, borrowed and imitated Malaysia's then fantastic model of the successful ACA (started under Judge Hashim) and built their own.

Of course it was successful and you have clean efficient Hong Kong today.

Meanwhile, under our remarkable government in the last almost 40 years since 1981, we crippled our own ACA, and not only that, but as well the Senate (supposedly the voice of the minorities and states against overwhelming federal control - where today it's the other way around), Police, Civil Service, Judiciary, universities, etc, virtually every vestige of public institution, and what's left of the world's most amended Constitution.

Malaysia doesn't need one when the nation's Islamic Majlis eventually replaces all law making bodies



  1. on the bright side, Johoreans get to taste the repackaged shit water (Newater). wakakaka...

    the contrast one gets when comparing a society with no resources against the other having an abundance but mismanages them.

  2. By the way, both Victoria and New South Wales are in process of privatising the water resources.

    The ACA was a functioning, if hobbled Anti-Corruption enforcement agency during the Mahathir years.

    It is ridiculous to talk about the crippling of the ACA and its successors without focusing on Najib.

    No one has done more to neuter the ACA's successor MACC than your beloved Najib, in his quest to immunise himself over 1MDB.

    1. didn't I write "Meanwhile, under our remarkable government in the last almost 40 years since 1981, we crippled our own ACA, ..."? Please read carefully before opening your mouth of hatred

      So what if Vic and NSW want to privatise their water? anyone can do that, but as HRH Sultan Johor said, it's not wise to relinquish some services to privatisation

    2. by the by, if you love to suck Mahathir's like your Azmin Ali and PKR clowns like TC, please go ahead