Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why is Nazri flirting with the DAP?

FMT - Nazri puzzled by MCA’s anger at his efforts to help Chinese (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Minister Nazri Aziz has expressed unhappiness at Seremban MCA’s inability to go beyond politics for the good of the people.

He said his visit to Jelebu was meant only to help promote tourism in the area.

“I went to visit Pekan Titi (in Jelebu) as I wanted to help the Chinese there develop their area, (but) instead MCA got angry.

“So how are the Chinese not angry at MCA?” Nazri told FMT in an interview yesterday.

Negeri Sembilan MCA Chairman Lim Chin Fui had on Sunday slammed Nazri for getting chummy with DAP’s Seremban MP Anthony Loke while he was in Jelebu.

Lim had reportedly posted on his Facebook that Nazri appeared to have “forgotten his identity”.

He warned the Umno Supreme Council member that Opposition leaders could be very “cunning” and “will claim credit for work done by the BN government”.

not one to mince his words, he called Mahathir a racist 

Nazri, however, said this was a “stupid statement” as Loke was there on his own accord and in his capacity as an MP.

By doing so, Loke had also shown him respect unlike the MCA-appointed village chiefs who snubbed him during his visit.

“I would have held their (MCA village chiefs) hands, but they decided to boycott me by not coming down to join me during my visit.

“The one who came was Loke. He respected me and came down.”

Nazri added that he would normally let MCA leaders take credit for tourism events in their areas, but in this case he went down himself so that DAP won’t get any political mileage.

He also said his friendship with the DAP lawmaker was a sign of mature politics, in which differences were set aside after elections.

He encouraged MCA to practise the same, by maybe reaching out to PAS.

“If Negeri Sembilan MCA wants to hug (PAS President) Abdul Hadi Awang, go ahead. Nothing wrong with that.

“In fact, I want to suggest if he wants to hug Hadi, kiss his cheeks three times like in the Malay culture."

Wakakaka, Nazri was sure taking the mickey out (made fun) of the MCA.

Actually I sense in Nazri's word more than what he was seen to be joking about.

As Nazri is known as a PM's man and also a likely portent of the PM's inclination, and he has been accused by the MCA of being chummy with the DAP (as he had been Lim GE in 2014), I speculate his actions as a harbinger of Najib's wooing of Lim (and the DAP)?

then in Penang in 2014 

Then in 2014, Mahathir was highly alarmed by Nazri's friendliness with Lim as it signalled Najib's likely intention to dump MCA-Gerakan for the DAP.

I had then speculated that Najib wanted to progress Malaysia onwards and out of a likely coming slump - obviously he doesn't want to be known or seen as the PM of Malaysia who had allowed his country to become a failed state.

Unlike UMNO's hardliners, he has assessed he needs the nons to support him in his development plans.

The MCA, MIC and Gerakan have been monumental failures in their inability to gather support from the nons, so to Najib they're f**king useless. Sorry for my blunt words but I am bluntly truthful.

PKR is automatically persona non grata because of Manmanlai, wakakaka, and PAS is in general, thanks to the ulama (wakakaka) and their desperate need for UMNO to make up the necessary 2/3 to support the Hudud push, already in the Malay Muslim Unity bag.

By simple elimination, there remains only the DAP which coincidentally has enormous Chinese and to a lesser extent Indian support. Najib wants to harness those support (remember Hindraf, not so much for its failure but for the fact that Najib wanted its claimed Indian support, wakakaka).

In short Najib then dreamed of, and perhaps still does, of emulating his late dad's achievement in forming the Barisan Nasional in 1972.

Hence Nazri would be seen, ad perhaps still should be seen as Najib's Head-kicking Heretic Harbinger (in his pally-buddy chummy relationship with DAP, Lim GE and now Anthony Loke) because for Najib to cooperate directly with the DAP would be considered by its hardliners as an act of political heresy, and wonderful ammo for Mahathir and his Pribumi party.

But that's precisely why Nazri had and perhaps still has the vanguard role, to test the DAP 'water' with his toes and to also take the flak (friendly fire) from the anti-DAP UMNO-ites or Mahathir and his Pribumi's.

Najib of course doesn't necessarily require the DAP to join the BN, but to cooperate in bipartisanship on a number of development fronts.

But recall back in 2014 how Dr Mahathir's withdrawal of support for the Najib government, as reported by TMI on 18 August, sure as hell put a stop to Nazri's suspected coziness with DAP. 

My speculations tell me that, with Mahathir now out of UMNO and in fact its foe, and DAP not on so friendly terms with both treacherous PAS and PKR and also facing the competitive danger of a new Pribumi, Nazri could well be back on track, wakakaka.

Indeed 'tis all to the chagrin and anxiety of the MCA and Gerakan, wakakaka.

with Eli Wong (PKR), Teresa Kok (DAP) and Bruce Lee (MCA, wakakaka)


  1. Nazi is an intelligent guy whose chosen career path to success is serving a highly corrupt and racist regime.

    No doubt along the way Extremely well fed with Dedak.

    So you get a Chameleon-like creature in Nazi.
    One moment he sounds like an OK guy.
    Next, he is the worst, lowest kind of UMNO idiot.

  2. Is the Najib Administration reaching out to DAP ?
    Not in reality.

    All Federal Government funding in Penang other than major infrastructure contracts (which are run directly by Putrajaya) , are controlled by the State Development Officer.
    He is Najib's Imperator in Penang. Since money/funding is power, the SDO is more powerful than the Penang Chief Minister.
    He is an appointed Civil Servant, but in reality a Highly Politicised official, essentially carrying out BN/UMNO political work.

    To add insult to injury, the State Government and local Government - MBPP and MPSP - have to get approval for Federal project funding from BN appointed Federal Coordinators, who are all UMNO, Gerakan and MCA politicians. In the irony of ironies, the duly elected Penang State government has to Kowtow to unelected , often rejected (lost in the last election) BN apparatchiks.

    This system was originally created to sideline the Kelantan PAS state government decades ago, but Najib has considerably build it up to the monstrous , Unelected, parallel BN Penang State administration that it is today.

    Trying to marginalise Penang and Selangor amounts to cutting your nose to spite the face. Penang is Malaysia's 2nd largest export manufacturing powerhouse. Intel, Motorola, Flextronics,Jabil, Siemens , Sanmina, Sony, Toshiba, Agilent, Honeywell, all have major operations here.

    It would be like if the US Federal government tries to marginalise California or New York State, their two mightiest economic centres.

    It would be the stupidest thing to do, but that is what the Najib Asdminstration is doing.

    I haven't even started on the matter of the Najib Kleptocracy.