Friday, September 09, 2016

PSM - a cry in the wilderness

From MM Online (extracts):

PSM's logo too militant looking; should have stuck to its previous logos - see the 3 images below 

Boestaman's Parti Rakyat Malaya - mainly Malays members

Labour Party Malaya - mainly Chinese, Indian and Eurasian members 

Parti Rakyat and Labour Party merged to form Socialist Front Malaya (Barisan Socialis Malaya), the first truly multi-racial egalitarian party - they self extinguished itself prior to the general election in 1969 in a boycott of the polls

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 9 — Opposition parties should contest under one common logo in the next general election as newly formed parties like Amanah and Persatuan Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) are still not popular, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) has said.

PSM leader S Arutchelvan also claimed that the reason why the Registrar of Societies (RoS) had granted PPBM provisional approval so quickly was because Barisan Nasional (BN) believes that the new party will “complicate” seat negotiations with other opposition parties.

“The logos of Amanah and Bersatu are still not popular. The best way for the opposition to overcome this issue is to apply to register with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) a coalition like BN with a common logo.

Wakakaka, the actual truth is poor PSM has been the tiny one marginalised all along by Pakatan with its own logo. Pakatan had ignored PSM as an annoying flea to which Pakatan was unwilling to sacrifice seats.

Only in Sungai Siput the Pakatan people countenance PSM's Dr Jeyakumar to stand there to get rid of Samy Vellu, but in general (with one or two exceptions) has largely ignored or abandoned PSM to its own device.

PSM has been no match for Pakatan's Tai-Koh behaviour, let alone BN, so contesting under one single opposition logo will benefit PSM most.

Damn it, Aru, good-hearted as you and PSM may be, it's a very cruel world out there.

The Malays don't want socialism even though unknown to them, Islam has been one of the greatest socialist movements in the world.

The Chinese still remember how socialism was treated unfairly and harshly in Malaya/Malaysia and foolishly mistaken by Malays for communism.

Perhaps some of the down-trodden poverty-stricken Indians have some hope and expectations for PSM, that is, if they haven't yet makan dedak from MIC, wakakaka.

I hope you (Aru) and PSM will be successful.


  1. Even the poor downtrodden Indians - Malaysia's equivalent of 1950's American Negroes, don't support PSM.

    Michael Jeyakumar was reelected Sungai Siput based on his personal dedication as well as his standing under PKR, which is far more acceptable to the general public than PSM per se.

    By the way, if Malaysia is doing Damn Bloody Fine, as someone claims, why should ordinary people support Parti Sosialis platform ?

    1. Dr Jeya had no choice but to use PKR logo for his Sg Siput election because at that time the PSM logo was NOT approved.

      Except for those already owing their allegiance to MIC and DAP, you're wrong in saying poor Indians don't approve of PSM. In fact if there is any party Indians don't approve of, it's PKR for the rotten way the Indian members of PKR have been repetitively mistreated in your party.

      REgardless of whether people are doing fine or not, they can support any socialist party, as is happening in NZ and Oz.

  2. My impressions from talking to actual Indians in Malaysia (not blogging from Sydney) is that many Indians luv the extent some PKR branch meetings could almost be mistaken for MIC events, if not for the minority of Malay and Chinese faces.

    As for Aussie Socialists, I recall my discussion with an Aussie Derivatives Trader who called himself a dedicated socialist. I was told he earned nearly a Million Aussie Dollars a year, owned a house in Mosman and drives a Lexus back in Sydney.
    There is a whiff of hypocrisy about such people who profess to be Socialists...