Tuesday, December 01, 2015

A kitchen sink called Anwar

FMT - Khairuddin says guilt not the issue in his support for Anwar (relevant extracts):

Bring back the 'good olde days' lah 

PETALING JAYA: Umno dissenter Khairuddin Abu Hassan has denied that his call for Anwar Ibrahim’s leadership was prompted by feelings of guilt for sparking the political persecution that led to the jailed opposition leader’s downfall.

“That is not the issue,” he said in an apparent response to PKR President Wan Azizah Ismail, who speculated yesterday that the time Khairuddin recently spent in incarceration had produced remorse and the motivation to repent.

In a Facebook posting today, Khairuddin said he was motivated only by the desire to see all Malay leaders united in the interest of rebuilding the nation, which according to him is on the verge of collapse.

In 1998, Khairuddin published the controversial book 50 Dalil Kenapa Anwar Ibrahim Tidak Boleh Jadi PM, which some have argued was the beginning of Umno’s persecution of its then deputy president.

Well, I have to say Khairuddin has been right, though only partially, wakakaka.

I would say he's a man unlikely to have any guilt about attacking Anwar, thus he has been correct in his denial of even that flimsy straw (of morale) to a poor politically drowning Wan Azizah.

But why has he been only partially correct?

That's because I doubt in his call for Anwar to be released from prison he had been being "motivated only by the desire to see all Malay leaders united in the interest of rebuilding the nation" (wakakaka, even my toes are laughing).

Let us never ever forget he's Mahathir's man, and we know that Mahathir has one current obsession, to remove Najib from the UMNO ledaership post and consequently the PM position, or vice versa (wakakaka).

So it would appear that Mahathir is now down to throwing even the kitchen sink at Najib, by attempting to coopt Anwar or more likely, PKR (and perhaps even Pakatan Harapan) in his campaign against Najib.

The English idiom 'everything but the kitchen sink' means 'every possible thing under the sun you can imagine'so when the kitchen sink is also included, wow, that's way beyond every conceivable or imaginable person he would coopt against Najib to now include even his once (for him) unmentionable bête noire Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka.

Wait! Maybe this is an excellent occasion to update his bête noire as being Ah Jib Gor and not Manmanlai, wakakaka.

RPK recently wrote: When Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali flew to London to meet Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad the alarm bells starting wailing like a banshee and the Boffin Boys in Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s office went on red alert.

Azmin meeting Dr Mahathir was not what was of interest as much as the fact that Azmin was there as an emissary of Anwar Ibrahim.

The following day Azmin flew back to Malaysia and two days later he visited Anwar in the Sungai Buloh Prison to report the result of that meeting.

Basically, there was only one purpose for that meeting — which was to see how Pakatan Rakyat (and now Pakatan Harapan) could enter into some sort of pact with the old man. And if so then what sort of pact would it be and what would be the terms of that pact?

All Pakatan wanted was to get into federal power while all Dr Mahathir wanted was to see Najib kicked out of office. So if a merger of interests was possible then a pact would also be possible. It would be what is called a win-win situation.

And in a win-win situation, as opposed to winner takes all situation, it would mean compromises need to be made. You gain some ground but must lose some in return.

One year ago such a meeting of the minds would not have been possible. The very thought of Dr Mahathir making a pact with an Anwar-led Pakatan would tantamount to blasphemy of the highest order, both for Dr Mahathir as well as for Anwar.

But would this be Mahathir's final attempt at removing Najib?

No, I don't think so as the old man will continue to do so until either he or Najib dies, politically that is, wakakaka.


  1. Why do you believe what rpk writes? I don't think he's relevant anymore

    1. did Azmin go to London to meet Mahathir? if he did not, then rpk would be bullshitting

    2. maybe azmin did meet mahathir, maybe not. rpk join them as well? if not, then even if there is meet up, there r still big possibilities what rpk wrote is bs. but we all know u prefer to cite probable bs than wiki.

    3. pkr has the monopoly on bs, wakakaka, since day 1 - eg. bs reformasi, bs 916, bs kajang satay, bs coalition with pas which has rejected pakatan, bs kiram family is angelic, etc etc etc, wakakaka

  2. You are taking RPK's words as gospel truth? Azmin meeting DrM is one thing (even if true) but to extrapolate it to as an "emissary of Anwar Ibrahim" ... "report(ing) the result of that meeting" to Anwar in Sg Buloh is another thing. Is it one of RPK's outlandish tales, or is something that is corroborated? This from a man who come up with stories like "MACC is operating as the fourth member of Pakatan Harapan...." ... "MACC and Pakatan Harapan are collaborating in trying to bring down the government."

    1. don't be so fixated or obsessed with what rpk said or didn't say. we need to examine what happened and ask ourselves why. yes, why did azmin of pkr fly all the way to london to just meet up with mahathir of umno?

    2. according to rpk, ph wan the federal power, so there is big possibilities lks send azmin over to london to talk to mahathir, lks is a mahathir supporter, tis can be proven by rpks cohort, one kt who keep on criticise lks for his love affair with mahathir. azmin for the sake of respecting the 2 old man, he have no choice but fly all the way to london on behalf of dap, to meet up the old man from umno.

      just curious, r u used to work for utusan? u write like one.

    3. "... lks send azmin over to london to talk to mahathir ...?

      I didn't realize you were once an utusan bullshitter

      azmin and dap are at heart enemies, only pretending to be allies on the surface - the last selangor mb fiasco proves that, the current pkr begging to be shagged kau kau by pas concretizes azmin's inert hostilities towards dap

  3. http://www.asiasentinel.com/politics/statutory-declaration-charles-morais/

    Another murder.....another Indian fella makes a controversial SD.....and again the lawyer involved is ......Americk Sidhu....

    Zaid Ibrahim says...tongue-in-cheek...Americk Sidhu is a hero....


    What makes me wonder is why is the IGP jumping up and down like a clown....this SD did not accuse the Prime Minister of anything.....

    Back to the Kitchen Sink....it appears to me PKR is already dead set against Najib, many consider Najib instrumental in crafting the alleged conspiracy to get Anwar jailed.

    So how are Mahathir's actions gaining any traction with PKR ?

  4. Do one need to be a genius or rocket scientist to figure it out, why Mahathir threw the kitchen sink at Najib? Maybe tokio rain would like to comment on it.

  5. The writeup by Raja Petra is rubbish.

    Any time anyone writes garbage which is negative towards Anwar , PKR, Azmin or even Nurul, it gets swallowed by Ktemoc, hook, line and sinker.

    When it comes to negativity towards Anwar, family and people associated with him, Ktemoc is truly a Kereta Sapu or Tong Sampah.

    1. to paraphrase you, anytime anyone writes which is critical of Anwar, PKR, Azmin or even Nurul, it gets blacklisted/dismissed as garbage even though there may be factual elements in the writing, wakakaka, eg, the Kiram Scandal, the London trip, the Taiwan frog hunt, the Kajang nonsense, etc etc etc, wakakaka again

  6. Looks like Najib is throwing in the Kitchen Sink to repel all critics.


    Zaid Ibrahim to be charged with sedition for demanding Najib's ouster.

    Bullshit government, police and AG.
    Calling for the Prime Minister to quit because of xxxxxxxxx is a basic democratic right of political activity, not sedition.

    UK's David Cameron probably faces a call for him to resign every few days.
    Australia's Tony Abbott faced many loud public demands for him to resign, and was finally replaced by Malcolm Turnbull via a party vote.
    Canada's Stephen Harper was very unpopular towards the end of his term, and faced many demands to quit. Finally lost to the Liberal's Justin Trudeau in a general election.
    Its a matter of time before the currently very popular Trudeau faces demands to quit from some section of Canadian society or another.

    The Prime Minister is not an Emperor. He is accountable to the people, and he will face loud public demands to resign if he is seen to be incompetent or dishonest.

  7. azmin is mahathir and anwar in one. in that sense he is strong. yes he could even be the future pm if he decides to breakaway from ph. but najib at present is stronger than him. he is in control. azmin must wait. if he tries to topple najib... azmin akan menyesal.

  8. When it comes to Anwar and the family and Party associated with him, Ktemoc has really what Hokkien say Cha'u Sim Kua.....literally "a smelly heart" or Maleficence.....

    1. wakakaka, ch'au simkua is not 'smelly heart' but more correctly bad (or hard)-hearted, unsympathetic, cruel, nasty-hearted. Maleficence is a bit over the top wakakaka again.

      if I were so, would I have defended anwar in http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2010/03/defending-anwar-ibrahim-wakakaka.html.

      Did anyone else write in to defend him? wakakaka

      And as for sweetie Nurul, please read my post http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/tough-for-nurul-tough-is-nurul.html

      so please don't talk cock. unlike you blind-as-bats anwaristas who believe that sunshine comes out of his arse, wakakaka,, I defend and hentam according to the pollies' antics, wakakaka once more.