Monday, December 21, 2015

Wind of change?

When Pesaka President Ali Rustam said: "Stop giving Kota Raya scuffle a racial tinge", ...

... combined with the 'disowning' of Ali Tinju and his bawdy actions by his association The Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans Association, and his unusual back-peddling from being involved in the brawl at Kota Raja shopping mall, ...

... and also the wonderful news of the appeals court dismissing Jawi's charges against Kassim Ahmad as being unlawful, ...

... is there a wind of change blowing across our nation Malaysia?

Let's hope it also blows down Jakim, especially after a recommendation by Tawfik Ismail to dissolve the unnecessary organization.

Tawfik Ismail is the son of our former illustrious DPM, Allahyarham Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman.

Tawfik reminded us: "Jakim was created during Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's time and seems to serve no other purpose than to intervene in the personal lives of Malaysians."

"What is the purpose of Jakim? Halal certificates? That can go to the health ministries, trade ministry. What else does Jakim do? Print the Quran? We have a communications minister."

"Jakim is an advisory body to the government, but constitutionally it really has no role. Islam is the province of the sultan of the state, it has nothing to do with the government."

"National integration in this country is the biggest challenge. How do you integrate the nation if you are going around this route of looking for faults among Muslims?"

Let the lovely wind of change blow Jakim into the sea.


  1. Those dudes in Jakin are cronies.These useless creeps have never lifted their fingers or sweat eight hours for a hard day's pay.These shameless leeches stick onto their political masters like they were Siamese twins.Hanging on their miserable lives,like they were life supports.It is time to sprinkle salt onto their creepy slippery bodies.

  2. let the lovely wind of change blow jakim into the sea together with the useless jamil khir baharom

  3. During my schooldays,our Malay,Indian,Chinese,and Singh friends followed our Christian friends for midnight mass,every Christmas eves.We celebrate Christmas,Hari Raya,Chinese New Year,English New Year and Depavalli.

    Those were the good old days.Now the religious fuckups are running amok,like fanatics down the streets,stark naked chasing after bitches on heat.

    1. Oh you r so old ah bro. Time to wake up ley. Those grandfather stories r no longer relevant today man. Hehehe.

  4. Ismail Sabri,Ali Tinju,Ikan Bakar,Ridzuan Tee,Jakim and Jawi are making Abrahim Ali looking like an angel.

  5. There are no real winds of change in Malaysia.

    Najib played the race card to the full in the aftermath of GE13, blaming the "Chinese Tsunami".

    Since then various Race and Religion extremists, usually closely associated with the Ruling Party have had virtual impunity in carrying out the agenda.

    A mob forced a Cross to be removed from the exterior of a church and nobody is accountable. No Laws were broken ? Bull.
    A crowd threatened to burn down the DAP Head Office in KL, and "no laws have been broken" because no actual fire was lit. Bull.
    A woman MP was threatened with violence, and and "no laws have been broken" because nobody actually attacked her. Bull.
    A female Muslim employee of a bookshop was dragged through years of legal prosecution just because the bookshop was selling a book on Islam that was declared banned only AFTER the raid on the bookshop. In any case she was acting as an employee of the bookshop and should not have been charged under Shariah, just because she is a Muslim.

    Jawi (sidekick-of-Jakim) apparently never heard of the fundamental legal principle there is no offence committed if there is no legal sanction.

    A mob threatened to riot at Petaling Street because they were unhappy with the racial composition of the traders there. The AG dropped all charges on the leader.

    1. and the king of bull blame all this on mahathir wakaka.

    2. why not anwar ibrahim? Your nemesis will say that

  6. The case on Kassim Ahmad was dismissed on technicalities. But that' s the law. Try doing it again Kassim... let's see lah. On JAKIM... tak perlu ada kot.. It cannot be above the Sultans.

  7. Winds of change.Some people build walls while others build windmills.

    But,in Malaysia,the opposition will start building bomb shelters.Because,come GE14,Jibby and Fat Mama will bomb them so hard that they will have no more place to hide,except in bomb shelters.

  8. tokio rain,as usual,you are back to your rabble rousing ways.Be very careful,or else you and Ali Tinju,together with ikan bakar will be banish by Aunty Rosmah to Zimbabwe,the land of Cecil the lion.

  9. The winds of change is more like the fetid miasma arising from the Prime Minister's lust to remain in power at whatever cost.

    The BN-controlled Parliament just approved, by voice vote, the NSC Bill which gives unlimited emergency dictatorial powers to the Prime Minister; declarable on his own behest ; answerable to no one else ; not subject to any checks and balances ; renewable every six months on the say-so of the Prime Minister.

    It appears this Najib dude has a power lust bigger than Napoleon.
    I can easily imagine Najib reaching for the pen in a situation where UMNO has just lost the majority in the Dewan Rakyat.

  10. There are many Muslims who hold elected office either at the federal or state level or even within political parties. The one quoted in the article is none of these things ... apparently being the son of somebody is more important than being somebody.....