Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Encounters of the THIGH kind

From Free Malaysia Today:

Forked-tongue PAS and a wishy-washy PKR

Mariam Mokhtar

December 16, 2015

Their leaders seem to lack principle, focus and direction.


PAS and PKR are parties which act like fish out of water. They flip and flop, gasping for oxygen. Is it any wonder that more and more Malaysians, including Malays, are attracted to DAP? Leaders of PKR and PAS appear to lack principle, focus and direction.

Last November, the PAS President, Abdul Hadi Awang, denied that he had entered into talks with Umno-Baru to form a unity government in Selangor. The allegation had been made by former PAS vice-president Husam Musa and confirmed by Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad.

Why was this not revealed before the PAS muktamar? It might have resulted in a different outcome, and the conservative faction under Hadi may not have triumphed. The grassroots need to be reminded of the warning by the late Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat that Umno-Baru is a party of “great liars” and that “Umno is like a cat that will pounce, take and then hide with its booty.”

Whilst PKR leaders act like failed peacemakers and PAS’ leaders are more interested in the afterlife, Umno-Baru acknowledges the strengths of DAP.

Umno-Baru knows that the sphere of influence exerted by DAP is increasing rapidly. That’s why it became the target of vilification during the 2015 Umno-Baru General Assembly. Irresponsible Umno-Baru politicians tried to instill fear with talk about the spilling of blood, invoking scenes of violence and racial clashes. This was accompanied by a warning about a party controlling Malaysia that has “no regard for the Malays, Islam or royalty.”

During the lacklustre general assembly, Umno President Najib Abdul Razak extended a hand of friendship to PAS, saying the idea was for the two parties to cooperate in the name of “protecting Islam and defending Malay interests.”

At the same time, Hadi expressed an interest in working with those who could further the principles of Islam, and he urged Umno-Baru to “repent” and return to the Islamic way of life.

Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz, on behalf of the PAS Youth wing, responded positively to Najib’s overtures. He said, “We accept the prime minister’s offer because previously anything that was proposed by the opposition was rejected wholesale by those in power. We welcome the call for closer ties on condition that the cooperation is based on religious values, as religion is a core part of Malaysian life.”

Nik Abduh is not a chip off the old block. He has failed to heed his father’s warning about Umno-Baru. Moreover, Nik Abduh has, in the past, invited ridicule with statements like the floods being “a punishment from God” for Kelantan’s failure to implement hudud.

Then, to confuse matters, the PAS supporters’ wing chief, N Balasubramaniam, claimed that Hadi had told him that PAS had no intention of cooperating with Umno-Baru. He said, “I have confirmed with the president” that there would not be political cooperation with Umno-Baru.

More confusion ensued when the Kelantan Umno-Baru Liaison Committee chief, Mustapa Mohamed, dismissed a statement made by the PAS Deputy President, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, to the effect that Umno-Baru was dreaming if it was thinking of cooperation with PAS. Mustapa said that Umno-Baru and PAS had been collaborating for the past two years.

Which party is to be trusted? Will PAS decide which side of the political fence it wants to occupy? It cannot fall into bed with two opposing factions, Umno-Baru and the Pakatan Opposition coalition, unless this is PAS’ macabre version of a polygamous political marriage.

Is PKR masochistic? How much more of PAS’ betrayal can it bear? PAS leaders are seen as untrustworthy. Moreover, women, who comprise half the total population, have no time for a misogynistic politician like Hadi.

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Was Rafizi Ramli serious when he said that Pakatan Harapan had to “rope in PAS or risk losing the general election again”?

The problem is that the rakyat, including Malays, have this to say about PAS: “Once bitten, twice shy.” Rafizi and his mates need to return to the drawing board.

Mariam Mokhtar is an FMT columnist

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  1. PAS and PKR can go form a pact by themselves.Come GE 14 they will be brutally punished by the voters.After GE 14,these two parties will be irrelevant,as they will turn into mosquito parties or maybe self implode.

    PKR had always been an upside down party,even with Anwar around.Once an Umno clone always an Umno clone.The party to benefit the most in GE14 will be "Big Chicken Liow" and his MCA.The DAP will also be punished in the next GE for their political theatrics.

  2. My mistake.Thanks for pointing it out.It should be the land of the bird,Kiwiland.

  3. Ok lah let’s take it that KT is right. So, as per the bottom visual, wanna have/fuck KT? That’s real cool. Let’s eat drink and be merry.. feel horny. Fuck fuck here.. fuck fuck there.. here fuck.. there fuck.. everywhere fuck fuck.. wakakaka.

  4. What Rafizi and his mates have to do are to spread their legs wider.I am more than willing to donate them boxes of jelly.Tokio rain can chip in by massaging their sore thighs and sore butts if he wishes too.

    1. Jelly? Why jelly? Sounds like u have a lot of experience in this area. Hehehe.

  5. welcome to amanah dato husam.. perhaps you could be the next chief minister of kelantan with kim lge as your advisor..

    1. OK lah, I'll give you a Penny for yr thots, wakakaka

    2. i m delighted you are pleased with it.. ha ha

  6. “PAS must replace UMNO for the sake of Islam and change in the country. There is no shortcut through cooperation with UMNO. …… My opposition to UMNO is not about sentiment but strategically, we just cannot play a supplementary role. Till today, I don’t understand how a unity government [with UMNO] can work.” ~ Husam Musa

    My question: Is Husam’s version of Islam better or different than UMNO or PAS? I wonder?

    Whether Husam likes it or not, and Husam can say what he wants: - UMNO adalah sebuah parti orang Islam/orang Melayu. Di dalam Perlembagaan UMNO Fasal 3, UMNO mesti mempertahan, menegak dan mengembangkan Islam.

    Dan bahawasanya, PAS pula terpaksa/mesti menggugurkan perjuangannya untuk menegakan Negara Islam dan menangguhkan pelaksanaan Hukum Hudud dan terkeluar daripada Pakatan Rakyat akibat desakan dan penentangan daripada pemimpin-pemimpin parti DAP. Sesungguhnya itulah apa yang ketara - prinsip, pegangan dan perjuangan DAP - Islam/Malays/UMNO/PAS must NOT play a primary role in a country called MALAYSIA. And remember Husam, you once said… DAP adalah lebih sebuah parti yang lebih baik daripada UMNO... and perhaps PAS? ish… ish… ish…ish… indeed, you are worse than a forked-tongue.

    Yes, I admit… at the minimum PAS and UMNO share a common Islamic/Malay agenda, and Hadi had once said that PAS could advise UMNO on Islamic/Hudud matters, BUT it never arose that PAS would join UMNO or BN!

    1. even if husam worst than a forked tongue, the fact remain that under hadi, we see a forked tongue pas.

    2. hy.. i can assure you that if you attend a peace conference and dinner hosted by pas you will not be poisoned, captured or slaughtered lah. get real man..

    3. i did la kawan, i never said pas is isis, i merely claim that pas is forked tongue, like any other politicians or political party, no diff. i first thot pas is diff. now have to get real, like u said.

    4. HY…

      Hadi is not forked tongue but he has an open mind to a “Tahaluf Siyasi” with anyone/any party. This had happened before during Tun Razak’s era, and with Semangat 46 (UMNO Asal) and also with Keadilan (Anwar – UMNO Tolak).

      But the following is a classic example of a forked tongue:-

      “terus mendokong konsep kepimpinan ulama” …. “Majlis syura perlu diperkukuhkan agar PAS tidak terkeluar daripada dasar perjuangan Islam” ~ Mat Sabu

      “Amanah sedia ganti PAS di Kelantan” ~ Mat Sabu

      And the following is a classic example of a mother tongue:-

      “Saya ingin mengulangi sekali lagi pendirian DAP yang tidak menyokong perlaksanaan Negara Islam di Malaysia dan perlaksanaan Undang-Undang Hudud oleh PAS. Pendirian DAP ini konsisten dan tidak pernah goyah”. ~ Lim Guan Eng

    5. hasan, i see nothing wrong with what ms n lge said, they r consistent. hadi faction claim ms team close to dap to stir the victimised emotion, which i see not a problem at all when ms team n dap r in a coalition, but can u deny the fact that hadi is pretty "open mind" to umno when pas was still in pr? i have no idea what english word suit this "open mind" better, u might ask kt what word he would use if anwar n azmin did the same?

  7. Lim Guan Eng made that mother tongue statement on 30 July 2012. The statement is confrontational to PAS’ Constitution (Fasal 5 – Fasal 8].

    What is the point of going on then? It is so clear lah. The relationship is already over long time ago. Nobody should care if anybody wants to have an extra-marital relationship.

    But in PAS the politics of consensus is a must. The highest organ is the Majlis Syura. Is Hadi acting alone without the consensus of Majlis Syura?

    Oh by the way Mat Sabu made the earlier statement when he was elected Deputy President of PAS. However, in GE 13 he lost in Pendang. Perhaps, Allah already knew that MS has got a forked tongue. Wakakaka…