Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Compulsory 14 days minimum

Malaysiakini reported that the National Film Development Corporation’s (Finas) compulsory screening scheme, in which local films must be shown for no less than 14 days, was introduced in 2005 to assist local filmmakers to gain a minimum quantum of audience ........ 

aiyoyo, we need you in Malaysia more than ever lah 

........ unless of course the film is a local Tamil language film like Jagat.

So the film’s director Shanjhey Kumar Perumal has complained.

Holey moley, I wasn't aware of the compulsory 14 days of screening.

What compulsory rules will our authorities introduce next?

14 compulsory minimum days of visiting 'Lao Yat 2'?

Even a BN state government, namely Terengganu, had in 2008 abandoned the purchase of Proton Perdana V6 cars in preference for Mercedes Benz, wakakaka.

It was a government policy that all federal and state government cars were to be national cars, and the Perdana V6 was the designated car model for MBs and state excos.

But Terengganu MB Datuk Ahmad Said, on taking over from a poor royal-rejected Jusuf, spurned the Perdana for the German car, and spent almost 3.5 million ringgit in the process.

Ahmad Said's 'Mercedes-Benz-isation' was at a time when the rakyat was asked to tighten their belt, wakakaka.

The DPM, then Muhyiddin, said the cabinet would examine the Terengganu MB's decision to abandon government policy to purchase locally produced cars.

And what was the outcome of that DPM's examination? Zilch, as usual!

But nonetheless, doesn't this 'compulsory' approach in commercial business such as film screening smack of Kim-Jong-ism all over?


  1. I think it is pure commercial pressure on the part of the cinema operators.
    This holiday season is a super peak period, with a fixed number of screens and time slots, competing against the new "Star Wars" movie, the new Snoopy movie , and several other blockbusters.
    Even within the "Indian" market , there is currently a new Shah Rukh Khan movie and a number of new Tamil movies from India.

    On the Proton cars, I remember a conversation I had with a Selangor official who was a party to the Pakatan government decision not to replace the cars with Proton Perdana.
    The Perdana is a decent car for use as an ordinary family car, for example, but it simply does not stand up to the heavy usage that hardworking Excos clock in.
    Exco cars can log in higher mileage than commercial taxis, running from a morning function in Tanjung Malim to afternoon meetings in Sepang and night time talks in Rawang, all in one day.

    Proton Perdanas rapidly fall apart under such heavy usage. Proper maintenance is a factor, but the fundamental durability is just not there with a Proton. That is the fact of it.
    Selangor and Penang all made proper cost-benefit decisions to replace them with Toyota Camrys.
    Oil-rich Terrengganu went for Mercedes, a more expensive option, but I can't argue with the rightness of not staying with Proton Perdanas.

    1. the thrust of my post is about govt compulsion, whether in film or cars, and not so much about the couldn't-care-less treatment of the Tamil film though there is undeniably double standards there.

      mind you, on cars, with our type of ministers and MB-excos, you can sympathize with the policy of compulsion (or at least a list of permitted cars, foreign or local, knowing how freeloading some of those politicians can be, wakakaka

    2. confirmed double standards lah! tgv only screening at bukit tinggi, rawang, tebrau & bukit mertajam and gsc only showing at ioi mall and nu-sentral.. kesian la skp.. nasib baik a low budget movie. i heard that ada quality.. got box office and award winning potential. unkown actors some more? bravo to skp!

    3. Govt compulsion exists in Israel and China. The exact same kind of compulsion has existed in China (as regards film) for a far longer time than in Malaysia. Where is your ejek and wakaka? Or your kaum creates a blind spot for you?

      Cina memang Cina.

  2. Well,it just shows how stupid can a real life moron be.Next,they will be spreading their legs wider than their PKR counterparts.

    These fucking morons are trying really hard to plant the imaginary inferiority complex syndrome inside the Malays minds.I say,"SCREW THEM" kau kau.

    1. What's that got to do with this post? You know the meaning of moron or not?

  3. only muhyiddin n ahmad said? no mahathir? where can.

    1. poor pathetic pariah-ish HY, descending deteriorating and decomposing into a mere guttersnipe heckler of kt, wakakaka

    2. what to do when poor kt could only repeatedly, predictably, and completely shift the blame to people no more in power? all I can do is consistently, continuously n compassionately to retort, debunk n debate the lies, slander n spin.

    3. @HY

      Also no Uighurs and no Tibetans. KT hates it when you make his biases and prejudices obvious. The wakaka is a nervous tic here. Fakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hello kt..? The 14 days minimum screening should be good for jagat la.. the problem is the cinema operators want to screen more star wars and also diwale. just like mohd said wants to drive a benz rather than proton. the issue here is enforcement. will it be zilch from finas? not unlike muhyiddin? perhaps shanjhey kumar perumal should change the name to jahat or jebat or maybe jacquet?

  5. Umno wants the Malays to believe that they have to hang onto the Umno clutches to survive against the other races.In other words the Malays are nobody without Umno.It is time for the Malays to show Umno,that they can stand on their own two feet.And the only way to show it is to show them their middle fingers.

  6. The more I read about the PKR people still screaming for Anwar's release from Hilton Sungei Buloh,the more I think that PKR will become a whorehouse after GE14.A felon serving time,is a felon serving time.There are tens of felons serving time in the prisons in Malaysia.To free one because his name is Anwar,they have to free the tens of thousands whose name is not Anwar.To all these screaming hyenas,go play and fuck your own selves.

  7. I'm somewhat a Social Democrat. A supporter of the Capitalist economic system as well as some judicious regulatory intervention where necessary to mitigate the Tyranny of the Market.
    For example, the loss-making Penang-Butterworth Ferry Service would have been discontinued decades ago , after 1987, if it were not compulsory by law for Penang Port to operate such a service. The current UMNO-crony Port owner is trying to do a dodgy minimisation of the Ferry Service, but there is no escaping its compulsory legal obligation.
    Thank goodness for that regulatory compulsion.

    South Korea's car industry may be a global giant today, but what is often not mentioned is that its domestic car market was heavily protected by a combination of formal and informal barriers for the first 10 years of existence. That was key to their car industry finding its feet in the initial years. What they did successfully (and Malaysia failed to do) was to make very clear to the manufacturers the protection had a fixed time span, and after that they would be on their own. That forced the car makers to focus heavily on cost, efficiency and quality, which never-ending Protected Proton has failed to do.

    It makes sense to ensure local cinema operators, especially the big corporate chains, give Independent local films due airing , otherwise they will be reduced to only showing in Community Halls and Balai Rayas.

    In North America, the market is large enough to support Independent Cinemas and even Independent Cable channels which do carry such marginal offerings, but Malaysia is a long way from having that.

    1. PSC offers an essential PUBLIC SERVICE to commuters, especially those from the north. What ESSENTIAL public service does the film industry offer?

    2. kt...kt.. so just keep importing foreign movies hollywood and bollywood with billions. kill the local filmmakers, investors, producers, artistes, actors, and other ancilliary jobs and talents? do you know how many local filmmakers and investors have to mortgage their vehicles and homes and other assets to produce a film? aiyah.. 14 days only... itu pun tak boleh kah? why you so teruk one? you should attack why there is no cinema in perlis, labuan and kelantan lor!

    3. HK is an island of only 6.5 million people yet it has a thriving film industry for eons. Today it continues to produce movies and TV drama/docu, exporting them to the world. The answer is market force thus a film must appeal to the masses and not rely on Kim-Jong-ism compulsion

      What is the population of Labuan?

      It's not true that Perlis doesn't have a cinema, though I am saying this based on my yester-years in Malaysia wakakaka

      Kelantan? God or Allah only knows

    4. have you not read about hk film guarantee fund and also hk film development council? perhaps you would think that jackie chan and sharukh khan should be amongst the producers of our local film industry.. and that the government should invite many emigre film artists to malaysianised, and perhaps the goverment should also allow soft erotica cium cium kissy kissy scenes in the movies? well afterall you are striving for secularism and modernism and also supporting malays moderate-ism?

    5. secularism and modernism and also supporting malays moderate-ism does NOT exclude soft erotica cium cium kissy kissy scenes - I love them, wakakaka

      kissy kissy P

    6. kissy kissy P? is that cunnilinger? it does not matter whether your tongue twerks or your partner twerks.. and sighing..o sedap sedap nya..lagi abang.. lagi abang...kah kah kah kah

  8. tokio rain,do I know the meaning of moron?Well,I can certainly tell you that you wouldn't know the difference between a pussy and an asshole.Hehehe.

  9. Aiyo...Cina memang Cina, ... this has being going on in Tanah Besar Cina for ages...

    In Malaysia you can already watch the new Star War. Apa pulak dengan Cinaland?
    Star Wars – The Force Awakens,' which opens Dec. 18 in the U.S., will have to wait until sometime in 2016 for a release in the world's second-largest film market.

    Mana lu punya it wakakakakaka ? You ejek ketawa lu punya kaum dulu laaaa.................AIYOYO....FAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!!

    1. dei abangm ini hak negeri Cna bukan negeri saya wakakaka. lu punya negeri mana? wakakaka again

    2. Adodo, then you ketawa apa? Israel pun bukan lu punya negeri daaa,,, you sibuk tulis,,,now this topic is relevant to Cina - an even bigger senyap....AIYOYO!!!

      Lu boleh hantam Israel..apasal lu tak wakakaka Tanah Besar Cina?
      Dua dua pun "bukan lu punya negeri" kan?

      Aiyoyo wakakaka...fakakakakaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. seperti dikatakan, hal negeri Cina hak warganegara Cina. Hal Israel hak warganegaranya. Tetapi bila sebuah negeri seperti Israel serang-menakluk-bully negeri lain seperti Palestine, rakyat dunia juga mempunyai hak bersuara/komen atas serangan liar (international atau x-border) tu.

      Kalau Cina serang negeri lain, memang kita mempunyai hak komen atas serangan tersebut. Tapi polisi filem? adakah ni merupakan atau serupa dengan seranagan militer?

      Aiyoyo, fikiran abang teruh sangat, pergilah. Wakakaka

    4. Your worldview depends on ignoring the hak of Uighurs and Tibetans!

      Mana your article on them?

    5. Wah...Chinese govt policy is also your policy!!!

      This explains:

      So UK no such policy, you can hentam aaahhhh? So respectful of governments!


  10. Eeeehhhh...gua bilang change subject bilang punya wakakaka seems forced and fake laaaaa....the Cina case is even more wakakaka la you fakakakakaa!!!!!

    1. kalau fikiran sdr fokus ke atas hal perkauman, ni tidak bermakna saya perlu fokus seperti ni juga, wakakaka.

      sdr, janganlah terlampau fokus atas isu perkauman lah. Ini hanya akan mencerminkan otak sdr yang "kurang" atau "low level" wakakaka

    2. Now I know I "got your goat"!!!!!!!!!

      The only perkauman is me exposing your biases by contrasting what you write about and WHAT YOU DONT!!!!


  11. You suka sangat tulis pasal Israel.

    Why not this Cina topic?

    Surely this is relevant this article? And a bigger laugh too!

    Surely cannot be you kaum Cina tak suka ejek Negeri Cina government? If you can ejek you punya negeri govt and negeri asing govt , apa pulak dengan Tanah Besar Cina govt? There is a bigger laugh here compared to the Malaysian case.

    Or your kaum got something to do with it? Wakakakakakakaka you fakakakakakaka!!!!!!

    You are so typical as a Cina!!!!!!!!

    1. see my comment above, wakakaka

    2. Tanah Besar Cina seems to be a special case of your non-interference policy on internal affairs.

      Too bad for the UK, South Africa,....and Vietnam if they ever get invaded again by you know who!!!!!


  12. "But nonetheless, doesn't this 'compulsory' approach in commercial business such as film screening smack of Kim-Jong-ism all over?"

    Why "Kim-Jong-ism"? North Korea shows very few foreign movies. Why not Tanah Besar Cina? They do show foreign movies and they do have quotas...Cina ada special for you ka???? fakakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. wakakaka, you've made more than a dozen comments on this and the following posts to tell me I am a Cina, and to insist that I blog on Cina's internal affairs in Tibet and its NW regions. There is actually an easier way - start your own bog and write on what you wish.

    Here at MY blog I write on what I wish and nobody tells me what to write, wakakaka