Thursday, December 10, 2015

Skin-colour conscious minister also thick skin

Malay Mail Online - As all-Bumi IT mall opens, Chinese Low Yat traders admit may lose out on Malay customers.

FMT photo from its 17 February 2015 article
Kit Siang slams Ismail Sabri’s boycott of Chinese New Year joy

Lim KS fuming stated in regards to Ismail Sabri’s racist call to Malay consumers to boycott Chinese businesses:

“He claimed that he had received a tip off that if he attended the Chinese New Year event, DAP supporters may attend too and some may throw objects at him.”

“This is his second reckless and irresponsible statement in a matter of weeks, reinforcing the question as to his fitness to continue as a Minister for all Malaysians in a plural nation like Malaysia.”


Naturally new competitors will diminish the size of the usual piece of business pie. However, I believe competition is good for the buyers.

Unfortunately, the so-called 'Low Yat 2' was borned on a racist note, conceived by minister Ismail Sabri following the ugly racial scenes in July this year when a Malay 'customer' was allegedly manhandled by some Low Yat shop staff after he allegedly seized a mobile phone he was viewing and attempted to scoot away with the unpaid-for device.

The incident became racial because the majority of the shopkeepers at Low Yat were Chinese. The alleged manhandling assumed disproportionate dimension when the alleged thief (or one of his friends) brought his Malay mateys to Low Yat to 'pay back' the manhandling by the Chinese shop staff, though independent observers like a Malay security officer at Low Yat deflated the grossly-ballooned accusations by the thief's friends.

Anyway, minister Ismail Sabri, already notorious for his often unpleasant and highly offensive remarks, did the Hang Tuah bit and proposed/implemented a new 'Low Yat' type mall exclusively for Malay traders in electronic goods, glibly described by many as 'Low Yat 2'.

This is the best part reported by the MM Online:

Despite having only Bumiputera traders there, Ismail Sabri ironically urged non-Malays to support the mall and emulate their Malay counterparts whom he described as “colour blind” in their shopping preferences.

He maintained that the idea of a Bumiputera only tech mall was not racist, and that it was only intended to help the community venture into the IT business.

Not racist?

Recall this minister Ismail Sabri had in February this year blamed Chinese traders, yes 'Chinese traders' and not just traders, for refusing to reduce the prices of goods even though the price of petrol has come down.

He then called on Malays to boycott Chinese traders.

As one of my visitors remarked on the prices of some American-originated fast food, who own those franchise? Chinese?

But Ismail Sabri's statements have been particularly and unduly vile, racist and instigating. If the Sedition Act needed applying, he would have made a damn far more appropriate candidate to be charged under this Act than some poor bloke in Penang who merely used the quite everyday-common word of celaka, wakakaka.

Ismail Sabri's unmitigated bigotry has earned him opprobrium from even his BN mateys in MCA and Gerakan, with former MIC strategy director S Vell Paari saying Ismail Sabri's call for Malay to boycott Chinese businesses was "saddening and shocking".

Vell Paari said: "Why is it that everything needs to be seen through racial lenses? Why couldn't he just label them as errant traders?"

Indeed Vell, because someone has got to be the punching bag to rally the Heartland to those ministers' banner. So don't ever say the bloody Chinamen have no use or role to play in Malaysia, wakakaka.

And now he has urged non-Malays to support the mall and emulate their Malay counterparts whom he described as “colour blind” in their shopping preferences.

They may well be 'colour blind' because the best deal for any goods still gets the customer (of any skin colour), but the minister by his record is not (colour blind, that is) though it has to be said insofar as 'skin' is concerned, by his exhortations to non-Malays to patronize 'Low Yat 2', he is certainly 'thick skin', wakakaka.

F* him, though don't f* traders on the basis of their skin being yellow, black, brown or green, wakakaka.


  1. i think low yat shd chng the name to low qian (con), this plaza is occupied by thief, robber n con man, no different with barisan nasional. low yat 2 must not imitate dap, multi racial is the way forward.

    1. more importantly, low yat must not ape pkr, the most hypocritical malaysian party since merdeka, wakakaka. it preaches reformasi but is actually practising deformasi. it claims multiracialism but is actually a ketuanan party with only certain 'chosen few' at its top, with an inner coterie of specific dna as its leadership. it condemns the EC but exceeds the latter's notorious antics - low yat 2 should be renamed satay kang2, wakakaka again

  2. Well,before this dude kissed asses and became a minister,did anyone asked what was he doing back then? Well,he was a "servicer" at the back alleys of red light district Bukit Bintang.Go figure.

    1. There u go again, fantasising about unnatural sex. U gotta get out of your room more often man. Ismail Sabri is smart, is a lawyer and he loves everybody! Hidup Ismail Sabri! Hehehe.

  3. potential candidate for umno baru vp.

  4. Mengetuk dulang paku yang serpih