Sunday, December 27, 2015

Why some Malaysians love Israel

MM Online - On Facebook, student owns up to ‘I love Israel’ post with apology, plea for forgiveness

I'm not going to comment of the actions of Jonathan Ong Ujang per se, but to give my opinions or observations (unscientifically based as the latter are) on who would likely be Israel-lovers among Malaysians wakakaka.

I notice that Malaysian Israel-lovers would generally though not exclusively, be:

(a) Christians who (presumably) take up the side of Israel for their somewhat misguided belief that there exists a wonderful affinity or religious link between Christianity and Judaism. Some politically clever Jews in Israel, the USA and Europe, lend weight to this belief which has been the cornerstone of the USA's blind support for an aggressive oppressive brutal neo-Nazi Israel.

The reality is Jews (admittedly not all) detest Christians for a number of reasons, the chief two being Christianity's oppression of Jews for centuries and that Yehoshua ben Yosef (Jesus) was none other than a rebellious Judean heretic.

There is no such thing as The New Testament in the TaNaKh (Jewish Bible); there is no such person, prophet, messiah or son of god as Yehoshua ben Yosef in the TaNaKh or any holy book used in Judaism.

To Jews, Christians are NOT of their faith nor race (Judaism is in general a racial religion) and one Israeli blogger (Samson?) even laughed at the attempt of Christians to link Christianity with Judaism, saying Judaism is MORE akin or closer to Islam.

But for politically astute Jews, Christians are ripe for exploitation for their political-economic-military powers and support through their misguided religious belief in the link between Christianity and Judaism.

So Christians' religious-political support for Israel is one-sided but as we know, in religion there is no logic nor reason(ing).

(b) non Islamic non Malay Malaysians who saw in Israel an anti Islamic force and hence an anti Malay force which can provide them a substituted though stupid syiok sendiri satisfaction by whacking the Palestinians/Lebanese (some of whom are actually Christians), thus whacking the Muslims, and thus vicariously whacking the Malays.

They would not realize some racist Israelis hate or at least despise them (the non Malays) as goyims or untermensch (sub humans).

Yes, it's silly to cheer a racist supremacist race (the rightwingers in Israel and their supporters) as 'whackers' of another racist supremacist race (the ultras in the Malay community) even if only vicariously but then who says that hatred or immense dislike is logical or sensible.

I have witnessed this moronic syiok sendiri satisfaction in a Malay university professor when he talked happily and glowingly about the "brave" Vietnamese whacking the "arrogant" Chinese kau kau when those two countries had a border scuffle. wakakaka.

(c) then there are non-Malay Malaysians who love Israel for some unknown reasons, perhaps automatically siding the underdog, the myth of David against Goliath (though modern biblical scholars have indicated that David was a real bloody unscrupulous evil bastard, and that he wasn't the biblical person who killed Goliath but who (or his supporters) brazenly claimed that credit). 


  1. I work in an industry where at an international level, many of the people I deal with are Jews, namely American Jews. And if you bring up the subject, you would find most of Them are Zionists; as in supporters of the State of Israel.

    I have never been to Israel, it being forbidden to Malaysians , except Christian church groups under very strict conditions.
    I have been to the US many times, and frankly, have never found that Jews detest Christians. There are a few mixed marriages among those I know, and for the most part, American Jews and Christians coexists easily.

    You may have been thinking of Ultra-Orthodox Jews, who build themselves a barrier separating themselves from Non-Jews, but they are a minority, not the rule.
    It is no different from Ultra-Muslims who will not have anything to do with non-Muslims. Do you Demonise all other Muslims because of that ?

    I don't love Israel; I just don't see the situation there in black and white terms.

    Israel lives in a very dangerous neighbourhood, where many of its neighbours do not recognise its right to exist, and 4 times in the last 70 years have tried to strangle the country by force.
    If they had succeeded, I have no doubt the massacre of Israeli Jews would have run into rivers of blood.

    They did not succeed, but not for want of trying.

    1. That cibai kaytee has been asking why some Malaysians like Israelis......

      Actually at first, the nons simply bohchap! Palestinians die die la.....Land grab by Israelis.....Fuck cibai kaytee......

      My grandmother's land in KK, Perak had been acquired for what purpose........building carpark........aiyoyo.....

      There are plenty of atrocities committed......Including Armenian genocides.......

      Of course, that cibai kaytee will say.....internal matters.....fuck kaytee la......Tell what does Israel got to do with Malaysia.....

      Furthermore, with relentless bombardment from malaysian government in hyping an unrelated issue plus cibais like kaytee, some nons had enough and decided to do the opposite......

      Come on.......why just stop at Israelis.......

      Indian hindus also doing the things on muslims and I bet with one cock hair, some Indian Malaysians are very supportive of BJP and Nahendra Modi

      Oh.......The Indians there even went further to demolish the.....Babri Masjid ala Bastille Tower's total destruction

      This is a very interesting on Israel and Yindia relationship

      Not just some Malaysians.....but some Yindians and Chinamen.....

      So Fuck Palestine la.........hahahahaha and fuck kaytee

    2. my olde school teacher taught me that it takes a BIGGER niamah motherfucker to call someone a niamah motherfucker, wakakaka

  2. Bruno, please read this post carefully n try to understand what it is about before commenting. We don't want to read your nonsensical references to leg spreaders n butt whackers whom u r so fond of. Hidup Ismail Sabri! Hehehe.

  3. DAP ties itself in knots over the Israel-Palestine issue.

    A DAP Perak low-level officer criticised the Government as politicising sports for restricting the participation of Israeli competitors in this week's International Sailing competition in Langkawi.
    - The Israelis, two of whom are current world champions, may not compete under their national flag, and if they win, the Israeli national anthem will not be played. Israel withdrew rather than accepting the conditions.

    DAP was forced to reaffirm its long standing support of Palestine, and the offending person also retracted his statement.

    PAS , Amanah and all rounded on DAP as being insensitive towards Peace-Loving Malaysians.

    More damage done to DAP's image among Malays.

    And damage done to Malaysia's international sports standing.
    I expect the International Sailing Federation's corporate sponsors will not take this kindly, and future proposals by Malaysia to host international events will get heavier scrutiny on the terms and conditions.

  4. becareful of that satanic whisper lady driver... because your god is not 'yahweh'... perhaps there isn't any salvation or redemption for you. you will lose your many other things.. david's salvation is only for the jews... yes the jews can commit murder and adultery.. and thats exactly what they are doing today..

  5. Jews are taking another closer look at Jesus. "Orthodox Rabbis Bring Jesus Home for Christmas" news at

    1. part of the Jewish brown-nosing (angkat bola) of American Christians to ensure continued US support for Israel