Sunday, December 20, 2015

The new couple

Cium cium cium kissy kissy sayang
We're so deliciously close together
Darling I am now like your bayang
In a country so "perfect" & super

We've gone PAS-t our old quarrels
Our UMs NO longer crossed akimbo
Just forgive & forget our old battles
From today you're my sweet beau

But what about the kaki kangkang
Slut who hangs on to your bahteow
Won't she harass you, her abang
Mind, don't blame her as she's heow

Hey, what about a ménage à trois
We'll play it a la falling dominoes
I think tiga is more syiok than dua
Tho' A will envy our peccadilloes



  1. Is this the "new couple" or the "very odd and ugly couple" of Malaysian politics? PKR and PAS,or Umno and PAS in passionate embrace?I think that these paired dunggus are overcome with the "shiok sendiri" syndrome.Maybe,they should all kiss, forgive and have a threesome?

    1. What's the problem? Ok what. We need the numbers. Hidup melayu! Please buy your next handphone at Low Yat 2. Hidup Ismail Sabri! Hehehe.

  2. Cium cium your lips
    harass your body
    Kissy your nipples
    to escalate
    the tidal in me

    I got lost
    in the forest
    within your legs
    found myself
    in your ass instead

    Got more syiok
    I smile with glee
    and I shout
    omg omg omg

    But O dear Pak Aji…
    don’t suffocate me
    It is always LGE
    never ever was me

    For whatever ever
    please forgive me
    stay la brother
    together gather
    our perfect future will be

    1. Hahahahaha.......Hasan confirmed to be Jibby's wannabe. Wait till Jibby decides to incarcerate all atheists including kaytee over the violation of first tenet of rukun negara. That includes special treatment towards kaytee.

      I am looking extremely forward such event. Where the fuck is my popcorn? Hahahahaha

  3. The enemy of my enemy is my friend lah. Dap seems to be the common enemy. The marriage of Pas and Dap collapsed with the death of Tok Guru. Now, it is everyman for itself. Survival of the fittest at work.

  4. tokio rain,Low yat 2 is a failure from the very start.Ismail Sabri has his head stuck inside the camel's ass,that he cannot see the trees from the forest.Six months free rent and the traders cannot even be competitive.Just like Ismail Sabri,you wouldn't know the difference between an ass and a pussy.Maybe your idol Anwar can teach you.Hehehe.

  5. If Jibby and Fat Mama wants to win GE 14 by a landslide,all they have to do is to put Ismail Sabri,Ikan Bakar and Ali Tinju in a crate and banished them to Zimbabwe.

  6. He has denied saying the "forgive & forget" magic words. So much for
    trying to hope for an UMNO-PAS reunion.

    Anyway even if he did, one swallow does not make a summer. How about
    the others in the party, would they also forgive & forget?

    And in the hypothetical union they are talking about, will PAS be treated like a junior member, which will be deja vu of the events of the 1970s?