Friday, December 11, 2015

UMNO recognizes DAP as principal federal opposition party

Malaysiakini - Umno now pally with PAS, thanks to DAP, says Gerakan (extracts):

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together we'll build a perfect state

Baljit was referring the latest development where BN president and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak confirmed that Umno was cooperating with PAS.

Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has welcomed the cooperation as a "good offer" to PAS, although he wonders if this is acceptable to the grassroots.

Umno Terengganu, via its delegate Din Adam, also urged members not to view PAS as the main enemy of the party due to its Malay support. View DAP as the main enemy instead, he added.

When PAS was in Pakatan, Gerakan and MCA blamed DAP for being in rabba rabba intimacy with the Islamic party. Now that DAP has told PAS to f* off, Gerakan still blames DAP, wakakaka, but then that's the nature of the political beast, which in Malaysia is not so much about Gerakan policies to benefit the rakyat but more about demon-izing DAP as the principal foe of BN.

Indeed, UMNO has confirmed that the DAP is BN"s No 1 enemy. For more see also TMI's DAP, not PAS, our main enemy, says Terengganu Umno rep.

So I must congratulate DAP for finally 'arriving' as the principal foe of UMNO and thus de facto becoming the major federal opposition Party (incidentally also a FACT by virtue of number of DAP MPs, wakakaka, PKR don't be jealous lah, OK? Wakakaka again).

Of course we should also note Ku Li has given his nod of approval - Uncle Lim, dinna ye fret, 'tis Ku Li's right lah! Wakakaka.

OK, so what if DAP jilted PAS into the amorous arms of UMNO. After all DAP is a party which upholds democratic-socialist secularism and Malaysia's civil laws and thus a strict observer of monogamous marriage, while both UMNO and PAS are Islamic in their respective beliefs (at least so says the former, while the latter has made no bones about that) and are thus permitted under their common religion (Islam) to be polygamous.

This means UMNO can openly indulge in dalliances (wakakaka) with both PAS and if willing, PKR too. After all PKR shares not only a common religion but also common DNA with UMNO and PAS.

And if Gerakan and MCA behave kuai kuai, wakakaka, and are willing to bersunat, at least symbolically as they've been for the last umpteen years especially under Mahathir's reign - recall the 929 and 617 Declarations when Gerakan Party President, the late Lim Keng Yaik and his counterpart, the MCA President, Datuk Dr. Ling Liong Sik were the first to enthusiastically endorse Mahathir’s escalation of his stand from his “29 Declaration, that Malaysia was an Islamic State. to his 617 announcement in Parliament on June 17 that Malaysia was not a moderate Islamic State but rather a fundamentalist Islamic State - they too can join in the BN ménage à cinq, wakakaka.

Yes to remind everyone, Mahathir had been the PM who turned Malaysia into a fundamentalist Islamic State - disini saya ingat seorang Cina pula yang memang mudah lupa, wakakaka.

Oh BTW, it was on 01 January 1997, that the PM Department's Islamic Affairs Division (BAHEIS) was upgraded into the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, better (or depending on who you are, more notoriously) known as JAKIM, whose director-general Othman Mustapha has recently declared in an arrogant manner that it would be improper for any party to question the existence of JAKIM.

Mate, when your department consumes RM1 billion of public monies, who do you think you are that the existence of JAKIM cannot be questioned?

But it does raise terrifying omens of what life would be like when organizations like JAKIM rules over us in an Islamic State that's fully compliant with syariah laws (inclusive of hudud) a la Saudi Arabia or Iran.

Yes, also do recall the horrendous ordeal of sweetie Nik Raina Nik Abdul Aziz, store manager of Borders, who was relentlessly pursued by Jabatan Agama Wilayah Persekutuan (JAWI) for allegedly "breaking" a non-existent law at the time of her alleged offence.

Yes, can you beat that moronic but terrifying torturous and traumatic nightmare for poor her? Just how do you deal with such an agency who (at least for a considerable period) 'pursued' her through the process of the syariah courts when it had been f* crystal clear she did NOT break any law or commit any offence.

'Twas indeed a bitter sample of life under the horrors of rule by a kiasu and arrogant priesthood caste who believes in the 3 P's of prohibit, prosecute (punish) and persecute.

Hmmm, I wonder who was the PM of Malaysia on 01 January 1997? Wakakaka.


  1. I have been saying for some time now.The opposition will be licking their chops on GE14 night.

    The opposition fucked up big time after the Kajang satay fiasco.And they fucked up bigger time chasing after the invisible ghosts of 1MDB.To all the opposition leaders who fucked up big time,go shiok sendiri or go fuck your own selves instead.

  2. Weeks or a couple of months the latest,after the Umno convention,Muhyiddin and Sharpie Apdal will ride into the sunset.

    Why is Tony Pua and Rafizi so quiet? No more screaming till their lungs burst about the invisible ghosts of 1MDB? Well,if you want to know the answer.After the boys from Bukit Aman interviewed Justo in his air conditioned cell in Thailand,it will be judgement day for them and their cohorts.Three,five or even ten years in Sungei Buloh?

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    1. my sincere apologies Bogbong for accidentally deleting your comment which if I can recall went like this: "are you kidding? DAP is good at making noises only yadda yadda ..."

      I welcome and appreciate you re=posting that comment.


  4. Wakaka.....i have also forggotten........but ya......DAP is only good at making noises only ma.

    and i think the younger LIM have f****** big time. He should not have attempted to potray and smear Ustaz Hadi and PAS as a liar and cannot be trusted.

    He sure too dumb to understand the majority of malay mind to commit that heinous crime. What ever trust that DAP gain from the malay ground from reformasi days has gone to nought.

  5. yea... i will put the blame on dap/pkr. to them pas is just a sandaran...