Friday, December 04, 2015

Do we have a Malaysian Opposition Leader?

At a time like this, I cannot but help wonder what Wan Azizah, the putative Opposition Leader of the Malaysian Federal Parliament, is planning, strategizing or doing? That is, if she is at all planning, strategizing or doing anything, other than to have her husband released from prison?

what do you mean I'm not doing anything?

see how well I wave my fan!

She allows her deputy president to deliberately ignore the existence of Pakatan Harapan in Selangor ... so as to please PAS, but which will inevitably render apart the coalition (and if Azmin Ali says there is no PH, then what coalition?) and its dreams of assuming majority rule post GE-14.

Really, is there any point in DAP and Amanah hanging on to a hope PKR will come to its senses vis-a-vis the 'bigger picture'?

Wan Azizah seemed to be in a (political) slumber regarding the passing of the NSC bill. 

And she was in a similar comatose regarding her 'admiral too long out at sea', until the political scene went so ferociously pissed off with the outrageous views of her party's Lumut MP that she was compelled to come out (seemingly reluctantly) to say 'something', but then only with a pathetic excuse for the seaman instead of a resounding repudiation and criticism of such a misogynistic medieval mafulat-ish view.

wah, ta'boleh tahan liao lah
hope he's not from Lumut


In the same process she insulted the nation's sailors, perhaps unwittingly but in a terrible sexual sense.

Her daughter was allowed to pose cozily (in sheer unmitigated inexcusable bad judgement) with an alien whose notorious father, so-called Sultan Jamalul (Kiram) III, had already boasted of being responsible for the foreign intrusion in Sabah which saw a number of our policemen slaughtered and mutilated in the most heinous barbaric manner, ... and all these without a word of admonition from her as either party leader or mother.

Then her party VP and Information Chief had the outrageous temerity and effrontery to lecture to us that the Kiram family are not terrorists, thus TC's angel-in-our-midst is completely innocent, ipse dixit, wakakaka.

But what a horrible representation of the party's view of our security problems in Sabah. But then he did bite a policeman, didn't he?

nice bloke? 

As if that was not enough, the kang-kang taxi-sapu party's upper echelon leadership went ostrich-like in its attempts to whitewash the bizarre fact of its party whip in Penang abstaining from an important Pakatan stand against the state opposition motion.

Image result for ostrich head in sand

OK, just hold that lovely position


Can you believe such a bizarre happening, a party whip so undisciplined as to deliberately ignore a party line on a motion? Wakakaka, only in PKR!

But dearie dearie me, just how in the world are voters going to believe in the integrity and reliability of a party's policies and promises when the party, especially its bizarre party whip, couldn't even uphold party discipline and unity on a policy stand in parliament, even at state level?

And worse, the party's state leader Rashid Hasnon was kept completely in the dark by the 5 recalcitrants and their Pearl-Habour-like intentions.

indeed, a day of infamy

Indeed, we can only commiserate with poor Rashid Hasnon, Penang's DCM I, for being embarrassingly played out kau kau by his own party whip and 4 others, and yet, nary a single word of chiding from party HQ which instead went into silly childish damage control with its bullshit on 'conscience voting'.

Ya menwith its bullshit 'conscience voting' (not applicable to Chegubard of course, wakakaka), PKR is now only as good as a bunch of Independents yang masing2 buat suka & syiok sendiri saje!

How can we voters then rely on its stated policies when its individual politician can do what each like in total disregard of party stand?

I think it'd be better (and timely) for DCM I Rashid Hasnon (Pantai Jerejak), Abdul Malik Kassim (Batu Maung), Dr Afif Bahardin (Seberang Jaya), and deputy speaker Maktar Shapee (Sungai Bakap) to review, reassess and reconsider their political future and do a 'Dr Bari', seriously (no wakakaka).

It's timely because the DAP is in need of experienced dedicated and conscionable Malay politicians. And it'll be okay to change party (together with your seats, wakakaka) since the PKR party president Wan Azizah herself welcomed Kamaruddin Jaafar, a PAS MP (Tumpat) when the latter moved over to join PKR, together with his federal position, wakakaka.

Assuming PKR is still in the new Pakatan Harapan, that is, if its sluttish kang-kang self doesn't elope with PAS to Sungai Golok* wakakaka, does PH still hope to takeover Putrajaya in 2018? Taan kookoo lah! (tunggu sj selama2nya)

* in 2010 Star Online reported: An average of four Malaysian Muslim couples solemnised their marriage (nikah) in southern Thailand every day during the first quarter of the year. Most of the cases were polygamy without the knowledge of their first wives, reported Berita Harian.

Surely Pakatan Harapan can find a better Opposition Leader.

Maybe someone like Mat Sabu if Amanah promises to not raise the syariah laws as being equivalent to our civil (secular) laws and not resurrect the hudud issue.

I would even be prepared to accept someone like gasp gulp omigosh Azmin Ali if he is not so kiasu as to continue flirting sluttishly with PAS, to ignore that cohort of ulamas and to focus on building up Pakatan Harapan (minus PAS).

Wan Azizah must be allowed to retire from politics and devote herself full time to the needs of her husband, because with her as coalition leader, Kapal Diraja Pakatan Harapan is still stuck in dry docks, even with an 'admiral too long out at sea', wakakaka.

KD Pakatan Harapan?



  1. without lks n lge approval, who dare to propose anyone other than anwar n wan azizah? dun kidding us la, dap is the biggest impediment for azmin to become mb, wan azizah is the obvious choice to balance the current conceal conflict among all the warlord, dun be that naive la, but no surprise since u r most likely from utusan.

    1. in olden days people like you wear white hoods, carry hanging ropes and move around in ugly packs hunting down people and executing them by way of frontier-style "justice" (meaning no justice), wakakaka

    2. if dap view azmin ali with much suspicions that's because azmin ali behaves with much suspicions, wakakaka

    3. yr first comment is too stupid too merit a reply, yr second one is merely a recycle of the same accusation against any malay that didnt join dap wakaka. stop yr nonsense la, u know dap prefer wan azizah more than anyone else.

  2. Bite a policeman?One can be considered lucky that this dumbass did not bite off while blowing his dick.

    Do not be surprise by the results of the coming GE.Najib will make sure the opposition's house come's crumbling down like humpy dumpty.

  3. I have proudly displayed a cosy photo posed with Marina Mahathir, whose notorious father, Dr. Mahathir is a seriously bad person.
    Now Marina, to my knowledge, has never disavowed her father or his actions.

    Does that mean I have sheer unmitigated inexcusable bad judgement ?

    1. are you equating Mahathir to the notorious alien, Jamalal Kiram, who boasted of sending alien intruders into Sabah? Are you suggesting Mahathir sent foreign terrorists to murder and mutilate our policemen in Sabah? Aiseh, please don't talk cock, okay?

    2. so muslim not suppose to pose photo with any bush? we wish u can apply yr same high horse logic in all case, not when it suit u.

    3. Don't forget Najib shaking hand with netanyahu! The Prime Minister of Malaysia's greatest enemy

  4. Replies
    1. facts need to be stated so blind bats can remember to receive their transmitted echoes

  5. if you like dr bari then you should ask lks/lge to do a sekinchan ikan bakar a la kajang sate and perhaps another a la permatang pauh at po43... soo tat your darling can be a mb and also the opposition leader.. no wakakaka too

    1. he'd certainly be a better mb than aa and a better (far far superior) opp leader than wa

    2. but bari is a malay la, no matter how superior he is, he is still far far inferior compare to the father n son, sel cec pun tak bolih menang, mahu jadi mb, u two dun make me laugh la.

    3. wakakaka, running out of argument? intelligent argument that is!

    4. No Najib is the best according to kaytee

  6. I see a DAP + Amanah group and a PAS+PKR (minus some people after a split) forming. Looking forward to a "merry" GE14.

  7. What is the issue of Nurul Izzah taking a photo shot with Jacel ? It is the father who ordered the assault on Lahat Datu. Is the daughter is on the wanted terrorists list by Interpol. Parliament Privilege Committee acting on this ??????

    1. wakakaka, Nurul can do no wrong ... eh?

      Dear precious Nurul demonstrated an immense lack of judgement, especially for a person touted as a future PM, with her stupid act of meeting and dining with a foreigner, and also cozily posing with her in a photo-ops, someone who not only has close intimate connections with Malaysia's enemies but whose father boasted of sending his ragtag group of terrorists-bandits into Lahad Datu, killing several of our policemen and also horrifically mutilating them in the most barbaric manner.

      As I had commented much earlier in my post :

      Nurul stupidly met up to buddy-pally with an alien who, with her (the alien's) family connections, should be considered an unfriendly person to our nation.



      Datuk Seri Najib Razak was largely condemned for shaking the hand of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the United Nations General Assembly in New York not long ago. Although it was just an act of courteous handshake when two leaders come across each other, PKR’s Latheefa Koya made a feast out of the matter. She publicly expressed disgust with the handshake, saying Najib shook hands with a person who is smeared with innocent Palestinians blood.

      I wonder why is Latheefa quiet now that her PKR associate Nurul Izzah Anwar met up for a gala dinner with Princess Jacel Kiram, the daughter of late Sultan Jamalul Kiram who was behind the Sulu invasion of Sabah in 2013.

      Jacel has blood of cops that protect our country on her hands. Palestinian blood matters more than Malaysian blood, eh? Jacel acted as her father’s spokesperson during the Sabah invasion. In fact, Jacel still insists that Sabah belongs to Philippines, and her election manifesto state that she will fight for the reclamation of Sabah.

      Worse still, Nurul posed for pictures with Jacel holding “Release Anwar” posters. Nurul now can’t say she just bumped into Jacel at a dinner.

      Following the Sabah invasion, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein revealed that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim met up with Philippine’s Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) founding chairman Nur Misuari several times previously. PKR condemned Hisham and accused him of playing dirty politics. Two years later Nurul has just confirmed Hisham’s revelation.

      So, is PKR making a deal with the Sulu Sultanate to present them Sabah if they form the government? Nurul’s pictures with Jacel do indicate a bilateral relationship between them.

      Ironically, pro-Opposition websites are not playing up the Jacel-Nurul dinner date as they did when Najib merely shook the hands of Netanyahu. What happened to the free media and one sidedness that Pakatan always claim to be victims of?

      Now, why would Nurul do that? I provided some speculations in another subsequent post. You've to look it up, wakakaka.

      And then dear Tian Chua bizarrely tried to clear the Kiram family from its association with that horrible act of terrorism in Lahad Datu, presumably to (I suppose) clear Nurul. But the dearest Princess of PKR has apologized for her insensitive act, virtually acknowledging her act of (unnecessarily) posing with Jacel Kiram was stupid act. Nurul has demonstrated damn poor judgement.

  8. The issue should not be about Nurul taking pictures with the self proclaimed princess.It should be about Nurul going overseas,wailing to lawmakers about "Mammanlai" wanting to get special medical treatments overseas.

    May I ask, what is so special about Manmanlai,a convicted felon,whose medical and other privileges must and have to be more special than the tens of thousands of his other fellow inmates? Is Nurul's father,Manmanlai the only one standing tall,among the tens of thousands of inmates in Malaysian prisons, to deserve these rights?Is Nurul doing all these clown acts for the right or wrong reasons?Go figure.

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