Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve bullshit

At Malaysia-Today, I read of the DAP being offered RM1.2 billion by Israel, yes Israel to win GE-13, following which (hypothetically after Pakatan had captured Putrajaya) it would build for Israel a military training camp as a reward for its election campaign donor.

The accusation was made by PAS research director (PPP) Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki .

He raised this in the aftermath of a DAP man, Chong Zhemin, questioning the government’s move of denying visas to two Israeli windsurfers attending a tournament in Langkawi.

But after making that bodoh political faux pas, (adversely affecting Pakatan Harapan among the Malays, particularly for Amanah) Chong withdrew his criticism apologising for not being mindful of Muslim-Malay sensitivity about a Zionist Israel. Chong also re-affirmed his support for Palestine and anti-Zionism.

I offered these comments in the post in Malaysia-Today (typos and missing words there corrected here):

Israel build a training camp here? I've never heard of such preposterous bullshit and which probably has been why DAP didn't bother to answer - why would/should they when the bullshit is so humongously implausible,

But then we need to remember Dr Mohd Zudhi Marzuki, the director of PAS Research Centre is a significant leader in ISMA.

Dr Zuhdi Marzuki second from right

is he an Islamic promoter or an ultra rightwing promoter?

In case you can't remember what ISMA is, it's an ultra rightwing group which had made a bigoted/racist statement last year (2014) to the press about Indians and Chinese being brought into Malaysia by the British to weaken the Malay identity and undermine the community’s birthright to peninsular Malaysia on the pretext of multiculturalism.

So just bear this in mind, he is not just PAS (some of whose members I still have respect for and friendship with) but ISMA (f**k this racist organization).

Fact: Israel lies in the Middle East, where its environment is semi-arid (almost desert) and which borders the Mediterranean. Militarily, it is "tank country" on land with its air force flying in almost perfect dry weather most times. Why the f**k would it require a training camp in Tropical (bloody wet rainy) Malaysia?

Dr Mohd Zudhi should offer a better bullshit which can't be so easily shot down. Pathetic.

If Israel needs a tropical country to exercise in, then there is Philippines (Christian country which it has friendly relations with), Thailand (ditto) and Vietnam. If it needs other than a tropical country there is Australia, India, USA, and even China, etc (all have desert like land), which all have very friendly relations with Israel.

If Dr Mohd Zudhi's "suggestion" is not so sinister against DAP, his silly joke of a bull would have been good for laughs, but knowing how anti Israel some Malaysians are 
(and I admit I'm one of them, though with good reasons and not blind as a f* bat, wakakaka) this so-called "revelation" by an ISMA man is both dangerously unfair and dangerous. But then he is ISMA, isn't he!

We also need to bear in mind that PAS had been an important member of Pakatan Rakyat leading up to and during GE-13. The political perspective then did not foresee PAS breaking up with DAP.

There was even a period when DAP would have campaigned and stood for elections under a PAS flag.

Does Dr Mohd Zudhi remember all this as he is also a PAS member apart from his involvement in ISMA?

Even if PR formed the government after a hypothetically different GE-3 outcome, would PAS and PKR (both as partners in PR) have allowed Israel to build or for DAP to build for Israel such a training camp?

The sheer bullshit of Dr Mohd Zudhi is mind boggling staggering.

Dr Mohd Zudhi should not make such silly but spiteful comments, even against his enemy.


  1. Our politicians,ministers,Napoleans,whether they are from Umno/BN or the opposition,the majority of them are ass holes.They love to get fucked by the Arabian camels.That is why they talk cock.

    1. That's why we should encourage Ali Tinju n Jamal Ikan Bakar to join politics. I had a swell time with them last night ley. Booze on the house. The dangdut girls don't wear underwear one you know. Too bad we can't invite u becos we dont like homos. Hehehe.

  2. Wishing Kaytee and family,and all Kaytee's followers a very "Happy New Year"."Happy Holidays" everyone.Cheers.

  3. It was BN government in Perak when DPM was the defence Minister..Perak BN government want to develop an ASEAN military Park andnear Bagn Datok and approved and supported by that time defence minister..Maybe it is the Government of BN who invite singapore defence instry which got the link with Isreal

  4. KTemoc. You should read RPK's today article "DAP has to prove its innocence"

    1. except the part on kt dun know how to read which i agree totally wakaka, the rest is bs. y dap have to defend an allegation from an idiot? it is not the same with most "accusation" made against najib, which there is great possibilities that he involve, or know about it. only another idiot kt defend his najib wholeheartedly without fail.

    2. HY... you can include me - yea I am another idiot who defends Najib, in addition to my Hadi wholeheartedly without fail.

      You can imagine me like Kid Rock; dressed-up like that and who enjoys an hour black coffee and gluten free muffin by the sidewalk watching life passing by.

    3. Wan, Ill be posting something to match that, wakakaka

    4. The "New" RPK is so full of bullshit, its amazing that some people still treat him with such high credibility.

      He can't draw forever on the pre-2008 stance. Fact is this "New" RPK is virtually a different animal species.

    5. Many Malays consider this a very serious allegation against DAP. It cannot simply be idly swept under the carpet.

      If DAP has any real interest in repairing its image among ordinary Malays, it would do well to come out with a solid rebuttal, not just dismiss the issue as Nonsense.

    6. hasan, i am fine with partisan, as long as we r honest abt it. pls dun sound like that hypocrite anak raja, that always brag as if he is victimised by pr, so cheap.

      defend as u wish to, my crusade is now include pas under hadi wakaka.

  5. goodness gracious... dr mohd zudhi!

  6. Now DAP is getting a taste of the awfulness of mindless, unthinking antipathy towards Israel and Jews that exists in Malaysia. (lets get one thing straight - when so many Muslim Malays express hatred towards Yahudi - it means Jew).
    It is no different from the unthinking, totally unquestioning support that so many Americans have towards Israel.

    I may be a lone voice, but Chong Zhemin's criticism of the Malaysian government decision was correct from the point of view of Malaysia's responsibility as the host of the international event, and its credibility as a prospective host for future international events.
    He was NOT defending the Israelis.

    Malaysia superficially did not deny outright the Israeli sports competitors their visas - that would most certainly been a bridge of the terms of the contract to host the event. Instead , Malaysia made what I would call an offer they had to refuse. No self-respecting national competitor , world champions as well, would accept the terms.

    Israel is a small country, and usually not in world class sports leagues, but these international bodies are usually financially dependent on large multinational corporate sponsors - read American or European Corporations.

    Advertising to the world that Malaysia is anti-Israel and probably anti-Yahudi as well amounts to shooting one's own foot.

    Malaysia in the past has invested very large amounts of money and effort - both federal and state governments, as well as private sector to promote the country as a venue for International sports and MICE events - meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions. With good reason.
    These events bring large numbers of participants, spectators, international press, specialist journalists, tourists. If they have a positive experience in the country, you can bet many will be back someday with their families or friends. In a world of Facebook , their social networks and colleagues will know very quickly about the country.

    Next year Penang will be opening a World Class MICE facility - the SPICE Arena.
    A beautiful, relaxed tropical island with great facilities and fantastic food. I can't think of a better venue for an international conference , on whatever subject matter.
    Except Yahudi are not welcome.

  7. tokio rain,stop kidding yourself.I know you loved partying with Anwar.It is a pity that you are barred from visiting him in Hilton,Sungei Buloh.Hehehe.

  8. The vast majority of Jews are not Haredi Jews/Judaism and they don't care about Israel. They are Secular Jews and to them political correctness matters most, that's indeed their new religion.

    Likewise, most Christians are not Orthodox Christians too. So, that is the main reason they apparently can accept/work with each other i.e. the Secular Jews. They have a common enemy. It is very obvious lah. For what else?

    OTH Haredi Jews and Orthodox Christians are most similar to Islam, especially with the Orthodox Muslims. Truly, they all have same Abrahamic roots.

    Now, lets change topic ok: I wonder whether RPK wants to open or franchise his GOSSIP malaysian & thai cuisine kopitiam? I don't mind investing a small sum and managing the outlet for him here. I am sure Hadi and many Pas members will drop by. Hopefully, HY too.. and anytime HY drops by, it will be on me.