Thursday, December 24, 2015

So this is Christmas?

Every Christmas I'm reminded of John Lennon's song "So this is Christmas?!", sometimes titled "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)".

Palestinian babies killed by Israeli military in Gaza

Listening to his words and seeing the YouTube images, I cannot help but weep a few tears. That's when one couldn't help but ask "Where the bloody hell is god?"

Maybe that should be the song's title.

It's definitely a song for everyone, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Shintoists, etc.

Wishing you, my dear visitors, a Peaceful Christmas & a Safe 2016.


  1. Merry Christmas everyone...

  2. dun blame god la, blame one that is still in power, blame those that can do something.

    i went to a brickfield church last night, i am not a catholic, i am the atheists that try to appreciate all, whether a believer or not. i like how the catholic welcome me even though i am not one, i still recall catholic is one that really try to do something when no one care much abt the orang asli along tapah n ch.

    1. i am impressed. you must try to eat 'nasi dalam dulang' with three or four others.

  3. may 2016 be gentle & kind to us all. merry xmas & yaaamsenggg!

  4. Next Hari Raya Puasa, do an article about the effect of Cina State Power on the right of Uighurs to puasa......fakakakakakakakaka!!!! Then one on the rights of Tibatan Buddhists to openly revere their religious leaders!!!

    You need to work on your BLIND SPOTS ...fakakakakakaka!

    You want to wakaka? Here is an excuse

    "Order No. 5 states that a Reincarnation Application must be filed by all Buddhist temples in that country before they are allowed to recognize individuals as tulkus (reincarnated teachers)."

    Now is the time for your wakakakaka you fakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. hello Lou Pouquimacque wakakaka

      hal Cina yg internal - utk Kaum Cina (warganegara Cina) komen, bukan utk orang Malaysia komen. Kalau Lou Pouquimacque nak jadi kaypohchnee, dipersilakan, wakakaka

    2. Eeehhh, Duta Cina can comment on education in Malaysia?

    3. "hal Cina yg internal"????

      So everything inside "nine dash line" included?

      Kesian Malaysia, warga sendiri pun ikut Cina policy of no comment on internal Cina matters - Tibetans, Uighurs, other claimant of South Cina Sea...kesian....

    4. Who wrote this?

      "At the same time I was delighted because it's always helpful for prominent foreigners to speak up against racism in Malaysia, "


      Foreigners! Hal internal!!!


    5. Hal internal....I don't know which is worse, KT is self-deluded or he is outright lying:

      Or maybe Tanah Besar Cina is "special" him for some strange unknown reason....fakakakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This year Christmas.

    Suggestion: Next year Ramadan, try this for an article

    It will happen again next year. Or Israel and China are special to you in opposite ways?

    Kaum bukan negeri...sure...Fakakakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. see my comment above Lou Pouquimacque, wakakaka

    2. Alamak!!! The siapa yang sibuk with this!!!

      Why not lessons from Cina? Too close to home (nenek moyang of course!!!!)


    3. Wah...genius aaa...occupy the homelands of Tibetans and Uighurs..then everything that happens there is "internal Cina matter"...then KT can say no articles because official Cina policy on internal affairs is also his policy!

      It seems like his blog is more respectful of governments (in the case of Cina) than published newspapers!!!!!!


    4. Apenda ni?

      Oooooo, you policy is special for Tanah Besar Cina.....


  6. KT's "hal internal" is an afterthought.

    It's not something he observes before deciding whether to write about something.

    It's invoked only when you point out that he doesn't write about certain things that happen in China.

    He freely ignores it when writing about things that happen in say UK or South Africa OR FOREIGNERS COMMENTING ABOUT MALAYSIA.

    Wakaka? Hahaha!

  7. There is a problem with Melayu..they are completely upfront about their when Melayu says he is Melayu first, he kena hentam by Cina.

    But Cina lain, cakap: warga lain kaum lain, but all you have to do is simply observe what they do and say and not do and not say. All the benefits of supra-national ethnic loyalties - without the risks of outright condemnation of upfront declaration of loyalties.

    Cina memang Cina.

    1. wakakaka, you've made more than a dozen comments on this and previous posts to tell me I am a Cina, and to insist that I blog on Cina's internal affairs in TIbet and its NW regions. There is actually an easier way - start your own bog and write on what you wish.

      Here at MY blog I write on what I wish and nobody tells me what to write, wakakaka

      You're really one Lou Pouquimacque, wakakaka again

  8. The photo posted was that of Palestinian children killed by an Israeli air strike , in response to a Palestinian Hamas rocket attack fired at Israeli cities. The rocket battery was parked next to the children's home. Human shields basically.
    The dead children were innocent, but I do not see any other innocents.

    Anyway, I fail to see what relationship that archived file photo, tragic though it is, has to do with Christmas.

  9. comments by that handle lupukimak mirrors an intellectual naivete.. who can't argue bloghost's devastating logic and intellectual depth/power on the topics written/discussed...ha ha

    1. aiseh "unknown" that's why I luv you wakakaka

    2. Hahahahahahaha.......Wah! Both Cibai kayteee and unknown wanna get into good books with each other.

      Just like the al kataki embracing hadi sotong

      There are plenty of folks out there knows about kaytee's blind spots and extremely interesting relationship with najib

      If Israel is so bad, why Najib shook hand with Netanyahu?

      Kaytee is a real niamah motherfucker.........hahahahaha

    3. my olde school teacher taught me that it takes a BIGGER niamah motherfucker to call someone a niamah motherfucker, wakakaka