Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Political snippets (22)

Wakakaka, I'm back after more than 3 weeks on the road (hence my short posts with smaller fonts sans photos, pictures or links).

Thought I might start off with some political snippet ;-). Here goes:

(1) TMI - NZ Foreign Ministry says sorry to its government for bungling diplomat’s case

is he more than just a diplomat? wakakaka

The fallout from the diplomatic immunity case involving a Malaysian diplomat accused of sexual assault is being felt in the New Zealand administration with the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) today apologising to its government for the way it handled the matter.

I believe Warrant Officer Muhammad Rizalman Ismail would be better off standing trial in NZ rather than being investigated by a Malaysian military Board of Inquiry, wakakaka.

coments read in TMI, Muhammad Rizalman has already been found guilty (by the readers) until proven innocent, and probably by readers of other online news media, wakakaka, and if assess as innocent by the military Board of Inquiry, will still be found (in fact, even more) guilty by the readers, wakakaka again.

Incidentally, on diplomatic immunity, the USA has been the greatest culprit of all and thus most hypocritical in the following case of an Indian consular officer.

We have been following the very recent case of Indian consular official Devyani Khobragade who was, as reported, detained, hand-cuffed, strip searched, DNA swabbed and held in a federal holding cell in New York. She was arrested on charges relating to allegations of non-payment of minimum/prevailing wage (as per US laws) and for fraudulently lying about the wages to be paid on a visa application for her domestic worker.

Yet when it came to a marine officer in Bucharest with an alcoholic reading of 0.09% jumping a red traffic light in his car, hitting a taxi, and killing (yes, killing) the popular Romanian musician Teo Peter, the USA lifted him out of Romania and refused to waive diplomatic immunity for him to be trialled in the country of his crime. Likewise, American diplomats in Kenya and Pakistan, the former killing someone in a traffic accident and the latter a CIA officer shooting and killing two Pakistanis and another in a road accident killing a Pakistani were lifted out of the two countries. No compensation was ever paid in all four cases.

all 290 on board the civil airline airbus flight perished
 in the USN attack which took place in Iranian airspace, over Iran's territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, and on the flight's usual flight path. The USS Vincennes launched its missiles while within Iranian territorial waters
From Wikipedia, the investigating USN officer Admiral William Fogarty reported, "The data from USS Vincennes tapes, information from USS Sides and reliable intelligence information, corroborate the fact that [Iran Air Flight 655] was on a normal commercial air flight plan profile, in the assigned airway, squawking Mode III 6760, on a continuous ascent in altitude from take-off at Bandar Abbas to shoot-down."

President George Bush (the father) refused to apologise for the downed Airbus (Flight 655) but instead awarded the responsible navy ship (USS Carl Vincennes) captain, Capt William C Rogers III ith the Legion fo Merit.

Rogers was described by his navy colleagues as
 aggressively trigger happy and looking for glory.

Commander David Carlson, commanding officer of the USS Sides, the warship stationed near to the Vincennes at the time of the incident said that the destruction of the aircraft "marked the horrifying climax to Captain Rogers' aggressiveness, first seen four weeks ago."

Craig, Morales & Oliver, in a slide presentation published in M.I.T.'s Spring 2004 Aeronautics & Astronautics as the "USS Vincennes Incident", commented that Captain Rogers had "an undeniable and unequivocal tendency towards what I call 'picking a fight.'"

It took 11 years before the USA paid the victims in 1996, but still refusing to issue an apology.

his hands have the blood of 290 innocent lives 

Hmmm, maybe the USA reckons killing foreigners is not a crime, unlike a foreigner underpaying a domestic help.

From Wikipedia: The government of Madhya Pradesh confirmed a total of 3,787 deaths related to the gas release. Others estimate 8,000 died within two weeks and another 8,000 or more have since died from gas-related diseases. A government affidavit in 2006 stated the leak caused 558,125 injuries including 38,478 temporary partial injuries and approximately 3,900 severely and permanently disabling injuries.

Anyway, back to New Zealand - this has been a country which would even fine the driver of the PM's car and the two police outriders for speeding, even when the PM was in that overspeeding car, wakakaka - read SMH's Court fines NZ leader's motorcade for speeding, so what the f* more with a foreign diplomatic accused of sexal assault and bulgary.

Also read my 2005 post Mach 2.0 Mouth where Mach 2.0 means 'twice faster than the speed of sound', wakakaka.

Helen Clark

(2) Malaysia-Today - Who are you calling extremist?

Stalin was a patriot and hero, until he turned on the west. Then Stalin, too, became an extremist and terrorist but only because he was no longer America’s friend.
renders Anwar Ibrahim irrelevant to America's needs

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is a good man to the United States, Britain, Singapore, etc., because he is pro-American. Because of Najib the United States has a secret defence treaty with Malaysia and they conduct secret joint-trainings.

The day that Najib becomes pro-China and condemns America will be the day he becomes a bad man and the United States will give Bersih and the other anti-government NGOs plenty of money to support their effort in trying to topple the Barisan Nasional government and replace it with a Pakatan Rakyat government.

Good/bad, extremist/terrorist and patriot/hero are mainly a matter of opinion. Was Chin Peng a good man or a bad man? A Muslim who dares fight in the jihad against an evil government is not a bad person or an extremist/terrorist in the eyes of a fundamentalist Muslim. He would be seen as a true Muslim, just like how many Chinese view Chin Peng, a patriot.

a hero who compassionately forgave his oppressors
a terrorist who murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people

guess who is which?

The following 'terrorists' went on to become presidents (or political equivalents) of their nations:

  • George Washington - settler terrorist to the British
  • Jomo Kenyatta - Mau Mau terrorist to the British
  • Menachem Begin - Irgun terrorist to the British
  • Nelson Mandela - ANC terrorist to the supremacist White South Afrikaners
  • Sukarno (Kusno Sosrodihardjo) - PNI terrorist to the Dutch
  • Ho Chi Minh - Viet Minh terrorist to the French & Americans
  • Mao Zedong - CCP terrorist to the Japanese, Americans and Kuomintang

and the greatest 'terrorist' of them all:

Simón Bolívar

  • Simón Bolívar - settler terrorist to the Spanish Empire, and whose original South American Federation of Gran Columbia became the nations of (The Bolivarian Republic of) Venezuela, Columbia (including Panama at that time) and Ecuador; he also liberated Peru and Bolivia (then Upper Peru) from the Spanish Empire and became their heads of state. Bolivia was named after him.

Hey, AG,shouldn't this be a case of sedition too?

Pergi mampus, celaka, kutuk, laknatan, haam-kar-ch'an, perhaps even sial will all soon be legally prohibited words in Malaysia, unless uttered by UMNO, Utusan, Perkasa, ISMA and the usual mob, wakakaka.


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  1. Kaytee,call it politics or just press freedom.Call it whatever we want.If not for the press going to court to have the surpression removed (encouraged by politicians or not) this scandal would have been swept under the carpet.

    Now that it has become headlines news,the Malaysian gomen had no other choices but to send this would be rapist back to Kiwiland.

  2. Only way Rizalman could clear hi name !

  3. fuck u KT,
    UMNO is a special breed. dont u know. dont sideline malays like ZAM.

  4. the mean machine7:11 am, July 03, 2014

    If this animal was innocent,why invoked diplomatic immunity and ran back to Malaysia.Guilty as fucking hell.

    1. Guilty or not, let him go through the process of law !

    2. Mean machine, glad that you never qualify as a judge !

    3. Running away from the scene can definitely be brought up as evidence against an accused in the course of a trial.

      Possible mitigation may be fear of personal safety or self-defence, but I hardly think such an excuse can apply in this case.

  5. Can see Rizal from 'head to toe' !
    But not in Altantuyaa's case.
    The 2 accused are 'faceless' !
    Court order ?
    Wonder why ?

    1. Could anyone provide their images ?

  6. Way to go, prof.

  7. Anwar Ibrahim is a great man....its all a matter of opinion....wakakakakaka

  8. Given the level of publicity and public "lynching" including in New Zealand, I think there is a good case for Muhammad Rizalman Ismail to submit that it would be impossible to assemble a disinterested jury (NZ adheres to the jury system) for his case. His lawyer could have strong basis for a dismissal of the case on grounds that there is no way he can receive a fair trial.

    1. Would it do to try at the ICJ !

    2. ICJ cannot intervene in cases where the state (in this case, either NZ or Malaysia) is able to deal with

  9. How the fuck is a Malay Military Board of Inquiry going to be able to conduct a fair inquiry into an accusation of Sexual assault by a Malay officer 5,000 miles away from New Zealand ?

    Add to that the shameful cover-up attempt by the Malaysian High Commission , asking for the charges to be withdrawn and case documents sealed.
    That by itself marks the Malaysian government out as not acting in the interest of justice in this case, right from the beginning.

    If the case hadn't become a public furore in New Zealand, very likely the Malaysian Government would have swept it under the carpet, like so many other scandals in your country..

    This is such a common standard operating procedure in Malaysia, you made a mistake thinking it is acceptable conduct in other countries.

    1. a military board of inquiry is NOT a court martial and does NOT trial the person under investigation. It only assesses the facts and circumstances related to the case (whether the bloke was/is bonkers, hence there would likely be a psychiatric evaluation) with an eye, in this particular case, on any possibility of a honey trap. It then forwards its findings and recommends to the convening authority, in this case, the Defence Minister who would then speak with the PM and Foreign Minister.

      The decision by the Malaysian authority is to send the man back to NZ to face police charges, implying it has waived diplomatic immunity for the alleged offender.

      In my post above, I've already written on countries, especially the USA, would default into wanting to cover up the misdemeanours and/or crimes of their diplomats. In 1997 a Colombian diplomat in NZ faced similar accusations. Please tell me what did the NZ government and police do? And did the NZ police lay charges against Tongan Finance Minister Cecil Cocker in 1995, and the Jap Ambassador in 1996 and a Mexican diplomat a year later?

      In my post I've been very complimentary about the NZ government especially the one led by Helen Clark, but nonetheless on alleged government cover ups, why don't you enlighten us on the 2002 Corngate case and the Henry Inquiry last year. Yes, what about the 2010 case regarding Georgina Beyer? And allegations about the Wairarapa police?

    2. Kaytee,
      You take up part time law degree hah? I wonder why folks such as Pak Bean and the Lupus still refuse to spar with you. Otherwise, it would be extremely interesting.
      Yeah by the way, you should add Anwar's fingering your sister's cat in your list. Come on! FOCUS on the real CIBAI questions :

      1) Officer committed a crime
      2) Officer cabuted with diplomatic immunity
      3) FO (Not Fuck off but Foreign Office) asked the case to be quashed

      What the cibai fuck USS Vincennes cibai captain got to do with this case? You are no cibai I-ran nor Russian. It's fucking irrelevant here. Just like Hasan may have been an Indian from Brunei. Shooting down of Iran airliner should be compared with shooting down of KAL007.......Kapish!

      You should rather feel cibai malu.......The way FO nowadays is handling.........Me, I stick with former diplomat Din Merican's view. and yes he also complimented that finally FO decided to repatriate that cibai back to Kiwiland.
      Fuck la! We should be discussing on how to bring back our former glory. A nation that's fucking rich.....not just with resource but diversity and knowledge. 2 wrongs do not make one right......Else, you are kaput!

    3. In Singapore, we have a saying.......You can anything you want so long you never get caught. This bloke caught with his pant down and his fly came out from his pants. Then FO made the initial blunders. For god sake......Fuck cibai la, kaytee is an atheist......Admit the mistake and carry on

    4. my dear dear looes, still behaving in low class fashion, wakakaka, very low class lah.

  10. maestro's worse nightmare.2:09 am, July 04, 2014

    Anon 1:39 pm July 03,2014.

    If not for the wide publicity and worldwide outrage,you think the Malaysian gomen would send this alleged sexual attacker and would be rapist back to NZ for a trial.Go figure.

    1. we could argue that (a) the Malaysian government listens and (b) your assertions are only your own conclusions, or (c) the Malaysian government would have acted so regardless. All are speculations, of course very welcome in a blog but nonetheless speculations

    2. Criminal cases should not need to get to the level of political / public pressure for the Malaysian government to do what is right.

      I'm glad the g'ment finally did the correct thing, but its initial behaviour was wrong and shameful, there are no ifs and buts about it.

  11. Not possible to have a fair trial in Malaysia (too far away and many have already convicted him)

    Not possible to have a fair trial in New Zealand (impossible now to appoint an impartial jury , unless they have been living in a cave for the last 2 weeks).

    Move for dismissal of case.

  12. Yankee in Penang11:20 am, July 04, 2014

    There is a world of difference in situation between housebreaking and sexual assault allegedly committed in a very peaceful country, and split second decisions made on very dangerous streets in some of the deadliest places in the world.

    The US officers (and ship commander in the case of the Vincennes) were on official United States government duty, in very dangerous corners of the word.
    They thought they were in physical danger , and rightly or wrongly made split-second decisions to act.

    Some of these may have turned out to be tragic mistakes, but the US government was within its rights to protect its officers who were there in the course of duty.

    Are you suggesting housebreaking and sexual assault are any way related to official duties ?

    1. Rubbish to your defence of the captain of the USS Vincennes. I needn't add a word other than to quote his peers and USN colleagues who saw Captain Rogers had "an undeniable and unequivocal tendency towards what I call 'picking a fight'" and "that the destruction of the aircraft "marked the horrifying climax to Captain Rogers' aggressiveness, first seen four weeks ago.'"

      And rubbish again to your 'split second' decision-making on American diplomats being involved in road accidents in Bucharest, Nairobi and Islamabad which killing locals; one incident involved a USMC officer who was DUI.

      And pray tell me where is it in my post that I suggested that the Malaysian diplomat was in the course of his duties when he was apprehended for those alleged crimes? Or where I had suggested he is innocent?

      At least the Malaysian authorities unlike your USA waived diplomatic immunity for him to be trialled in NZ.

  13. As a teenager, I nearly became the victim of a sexual assault. I had recurring nightmares over the incident for years.

    It makes we want to puke to read Ktemoc's attempt at defending the Malaysian government's behaviour over this alleged incident.

    Wrong is wrong mate. No room for stupid nationalism.

    1. oh I see! and in which part of my post is my "attempt at defending the Malaysian government's behaviour over this alleged incident"?

      you have to answer or you'll be deem a liar or WORSE, someone who can't read well or at all, wakakaka

  14. "Incidentally, on diplomatic immunity, the USA has been the greatest culprit of all and thus most hypocritical in the following case of an Indian consular officer."....followed by long descriptions of USA diplomatic perfidy...yadda..yadda..

    I can certainly read extremely well, including deriving the direction of your arguments, even though you may not say so in specific words. Of course you wouldn't say "the Malaysian government was right" , you'll get torn to pieces here.

    80% of your article (1) , including introducing irrelevant USA misbehaviour (true it may be, but irrelevant to the New Zealand case) was an attempt to justify that the Malaysian government's actions insisting on diplomatic immunity and suppression of the case for the person accused of sexual assault was quite acceptable i.e. compared to American brutality , and even citing past examples of New Zealand's acquiescence in misbehaviour by foreign diplomats.

    1. wakakaka, you're really something, ta'mahu kalah saje ;-)